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 Oct 2017 pH7
 Oct 2017 pH7
read this slowly
in the intent to feel as though
your big toe stands on top of the highest peak
and attempt to spin
sweeping the air
and you are allowed to smile as wide as the sky above
and you may grasp the blades that make your shoulders
feeling safe,
you might feel alone.
 Oct 2017 pH7
Emily B
 Oct 2017 pH7
Emily B
when I began to write
all those years ago

I was amazed to find
that I even
had a voice.

It was a gift
that I never
hoped for.

I only shared light.

There is too much

And then
little by little
I had to write
about the monsters
in the deep.

And my writing
got to be

Those couldn't be
my words.

Don't bury me
in a grave
in a big old box
I've known too much

And so here I am
trying to balance
with hope for a new future

That may be called
 Aug 2017 pH7
Rosa Lía Elías
there are words
hidden in trees
and growing in flowers.
there are words
between people's lips
and in songs being carried
by the summer breeze.
there are words
on our fingertips
and lingering in our ears.
there are words
left unspoken
and there are some
that were spoken
all too quickly.
there are words
in our body  
and in everything
that is alive.
because life is
a combination of words
and we're just trying
to make them rhyme.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías
 Jul 2017 pH7
Jayantee Khare
The thought, the seeds,
When desire gives the needed feeds,
Germinate into saplings, the persuits!
The lush green tree, nourished by the deeds!
And the outcome, the fruits!!

Just like the thoughts!!

The foundation stone you lay,
Use the concrete or clay,
Seasoned everyday,
The built, exhibiting the hard work!
And the result, the edifice!
Just like the thoughts!!
Our thoughts
are the seeds, later come back to us as fruits!
Are foundationof the life,
Build our life,
Same as the thoughts themselves!!
Think good
Think deep
 Jul 2017 pH7
 Jul 2017 pH7
I used to be so hesitant about expressing
the extent of my feelings towards people.
There have been too many instances where
I value and appreciate and love someone
much more than they ever would reciprocate,
and to them I would seem overwhelming,
reckless, and desperate with the way I felt.
I’ve learned it’s too risky to pretend not to care.
What comes next is too uncertain, too capricious.
In the next 24 hours, I could get hit by a bus,
move to another country, I could disappear.
I am young and we are fragile and mundane
and we never know when the bus is coming.
We don’t know who won’t be here tomorrow
or in two weeks or in two years from now.
All we know is the unadulterated here and now
of our infinitesimal existence on this planet.
I love being straightforward and honest, I love
telling people how much they mean to me,
I say things like “you are one of my favorite
human beings to ever walk this earth of ours”
and “you are a strong, resilient, beautiful sunflower.”
I love hands in hands and heads in laps and
kisses and hugs and cuddles and caresses.
I love saying "I love you and I appreciate you."
I need you to know now, in this moment
that I care for you to the ends of the earth, and
I cannot believe that I have the privilege
of knowing you and your story and simply
having someone like you in my life.

I love being unapologetically Harsh.
If I've sent this to you personally, this is for you.

Inspired by a piece written by Rachel C. Lewis
 Jul 2017 pH7
Jayantee Khare
Appreciate people
pronouncing wrong,
They might
avid readers.
Appreciate people
spelling mistakes,
They might
good listeners.
Reading developes vocabulary
Listening developes pronunciation and diction...
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