if we are  
like the sun,
let every person
that orbits around
our life
be changed forever.
by our grace
and our light.
may we never leave
a soul untouched.
instead let us
leave all souls sun-kissed.
that when
our time comes to hide
below the horizon
our rays stay concealed
in the twilight.

part one of this poem is in my profile if you'd like to read it. sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy moving into college.

we think that we own life
when really,
it owns us.
for it is feeble.
a vapor in the wind,
quickly come and
quickly gone.
we think
we are like the sun,
that life moves
around our wishes.
and yet
how quick
are we to forget
that just as
the sun must rise,
the sun must also set.

appreciate every second.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

you say life
has beaten and stung you.
you say it’s left you
without a breath.
you say the rain
keeps falling
that sunlight never comes.
you cry yourself to sleep
every night in bed.
you whine when things
start getting rough
because you really
just don’t understand
that pain is sent
to shape you.
to help you grow,
and blossom and bloom.
for those beautiful flowers
that you see drenched in sun
were once pruned too.

© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

for every tear
that slides across my face
a smile is preparing
to bloom in it’s place.

© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

if you wish to know
where my heart is
run to the mountains.
climb them,
until you reach
the top.
go where the clouds
brush against the
mountain’s peak.
where the terrestrial
reaches up to the eternal,
trying to meet.
there is where you’ll find
my very heart and soul,
for there is where
they are
much closer
to home.

because this world is not my home.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

it is a house of refuge
a place where you can
run away.
a shelter against
the cold winds of life.
a yellow umbrella
for when it rains.
like the flower fields
during spring,  
a little niche
in an overwhelming world.
a secure spot
where your heart
can be at peace.
it is where
your brokenness shatters.
but also where it is pieced
back together
in the form
of simple words.
it is a blank page
and a pen in hand
and the fervent hope
that your prayers
will be heard.

this is what poetry is to me, hope.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

i have nine days
before i leave
the only place
that i’ve called home.
nine days
to say goodbye
to the only people
that i’ve called family.
nine days
until i begin
the beautiful thing
i can call
my future.

because moving to another country is hard.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías
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