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Raven Feb 2018
Sometimes, when the air gets too cold between my lips,
I bury them into the palms of my hands.
And sometimes when I forget I am not alone,
I begin to let go and let go and let go.
My body begins to echo across the rocky walls of my world.
Bashing and clashing back and forth. A blodied body begging for more, no safe word in this unkept, ruthless condition I have brought upon myself. I lay here on stone, on rocks shaped like shark fins breaking through skin.
I begin to end.
Raven Nov 2017
Rest your head, depression.
Wake up with the intention
to live.
Raven Nov 2017
If only the neighbor would
step out of isolation
and say hello to the world,
We all might grow a smile.
Raven Oct 2017
My feet dance with a movement
that glides on the edges of pearly ocean waves
and once ashore, they begin to tunnel straight into
the cold sands of time.
Raven Oct 2017
There is someone who appears uninvited.
I ask this stranger to leave, but my leaves turn to pleads of please  
don't leave me now, dear.  
Fall down, follow me.
We are pebbles being split apart by a child's amusement of
hearing the echos and seeing the ripples at the bottom of a well.
Well, here we are drowning together...oh, she has not let go of you yet.
I drown alone. And you enjoy a life worth living.
This is fair.
Raven Oct 2017
What's to become of this
This excess and motionless
feeling of
What's to become of us two
Our thoughts stay static.
Raven Sep 2017
I find the best way to hurt
is to inhale this precious air and dunk my head in a bathtub
still filling up.
and I can hear the waterfall
I wish to be under
as my ears go under as well,
as my tears dissipate.
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