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  Apr 1 Oliver
Michael Perry

caught between a rainstorm and the waiting sun
ready to push through and make its way
will be a minute or two in-between, seldom seen
otherwise willing to go unnoticed, still if you wait
for that momentary transition, letting it be revealed
by the pureness of the  unfiltered way  it
takes its turn between the rain and sun, and
in that minute transpiring, coming into view
will have its unaltered way with prisms of pure colored hues
and the majestic transition, giving hope to the rest of the day

by Michael Perry
  Apr 1 Oliver
Michael Perry

there are many things
a man needs, not the least of which
is the love of a good woman
so i have had plenty of time
in order to truly make you mine
over the years since we worked out the details
to give our relationship time, you were worth the wait
we let our personalities meld, in the pursuit of love
we took on the years that have come and gone, it now
leaves  us full and without remorse
this love of ours has taken on life
one smile, one tear at a time, so i  don't
make this confession lightly when i say
my life would not have been worth living
if there were no you- there would have been no me

by Michael Perry
  Apr 1 Oliver
Carlo C Gomez
in limbo, paralyzed by inaction
and unsure of how to move forward
moodier and more menacing than ever before
a delicate state of mind is explored
all about seeing the beauty
in the darkness of futility
digging wells and all to happy
to throw us all down there
as images painted on an ancient vase, exploring
what it means to be frozen
in a moment of time for all eternity

  Mar 31 Oliver
Richard Smith
Am I see through
Or am I seen
Does anyone remember
The places I’ve been
The deeds all done
From past to present
Are they noticed
Most likely forgotten
Over time
Your actions erased
Even if mentioned
Met with a confused face
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