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Nikki Ireland Oct 2015
i read an article and agreed,
this word is toxic for you and me.
whenever i try to speak
and bring about a sense of peace
you boy me off without a thought.
you are always too b u s y.
Sick and tired of trying to figure out why one of my life long friends has suddenly lost all interest in our friendship. It's frustrating the hell out of me and I wrote this after giving up on sleep.
  Oct 2015 Nikki Ireland
1:20 A.M.*
hey, I just wanted to tell you I miss you.
read 1:21

no response.
all I wanted was for you to miss me as much as I missed you.
Nikki Ireland Oct 2015
You hide behind your primary colours worth billions of dollars.
While the ordinary man live a life serving for paper, fighting your wars.
  Sep 2015 Nikki Ireland
It’s been a month,
Feels like a new life,
Hopes and dreams await.
There are things that I want, things I feel,
Things that I still don’t know.

A new place,
A new home,
Exciting new things await.
What lies ahead I do not know,
I hope it's worth the wait.

Still afraid,
A little bit unsure,
Many a day I feel insecure.
Seek comfort in all that you find familiar they say,
But that’s not what this move was for.

I will still try,
I will not fail,
Determination is what I seek.
A new phase, a new life,
Is what I would like to achieve.
  Jul 2015 Nikki Ireland
David Hall
if you wake every morning
and do nothing to make your life better
it will not get any better
if you wake every morning
and do something to make your life better
then surely no matter
how bad life might seem right now

it will get better
Nikki Ireland Dec 2014
Once I had a wee brown hen,
it had a wee brown tail.
I sent it for a penny of sweeties it never back again.
Now it's dead and in it's grave,
many a many a day.
God bless my wee hen.
It never came back again.
I didn't write this but rather my Mum sang it to me when I was young. I don't know where it came from or if anyone has ever heard it before but I will always remember it. It's so sad!
Nikki Ireland Dec 2014
Her name was Nicola.
She adored the sky. 

A natural born traveler.
Who loved being outside.

This was her favourite view.
I was asked what my benchmark would say, this was my first response.
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