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Neptune Jul 2015
I don't call the shots,
I am the ammunition to his rifle,
Shooting down barriers that try to block us from our foreign land,
They working for me to pay them attention,
But I'm too hypnotize watching him ****** me,
I'm a human disguise chocolate ******* vampire,
Feeling such a weak monster,
I bit him once,
Now I want him more,
He scoped me right under his spell,
So interlaced with his touch and his serene vibe,
I let him have me easily,
I'm so hot in this cold world,
And he's such a beast in this jungle,
No wonder he's the only king that exist in my third eye.
  Jul 2015 Neptune
Sedoo Ashivor
Twitter has got nothing on me
I'm your biggest follower
Facebook is just pretend
I'm your best friend

Instagram may like your photos
But I accept your every flaw
Whatsapp likes to chat you up
I'm the one you won't ignore

Hello poetry lets you express poetry
And act like such a mystery
But I know every detail you hide
'Cos I'm always by your side

You must be very curious to know
Well, I'm only your shadow
Neptune Jul 2015
This was a twisted night,
I looked naughty at her sight,
He brought me a **** scrumptious babydoll,
Where I took her fully on demand,
Commanded us to kiss,
I felt her lips speak on mines wanting me to make her mine,
He watched us unravel into one of his prolonged fantasies,
In my mind I felt amoral,
But every part of me love the entertainment of pleasure we had,
The night aroma smelled like grapefruit,
And she tasted like a sugar cane,
Such a bittersweet moment,
Move baby move,
Slow baby slow,
She did by my every word,
I had to much control on her,
Like she was my little voluptuous puppet,
That night it should've last longer,
Her curvy body so addictive to hold,
Her heartbeat so quietly beating to match mine,
The way she looked at me as if I brought her back to life of happiness,
I noticed how she fell for me more than I care for her,
But I noticed how I fell for him more,
We made it clear how we felt that night,
He made it clear how he liked it,
Will I ever be the
same without her,
Or is it the two that finally makes me complete.
Neptune Jul 2015
I don't talk much cuz,
Nobody hears me,
When nobody hears me,
They don't see me,
Ignored like a dead floating fish,
Nobody can save me,
Fine then I abruptly say to thyself,
***** every soul that I consider alive,
Away to anyone who blows a smile at me,
Excuse my behavior all of sudden...,
Excuse your behavior that I tolerated since my existence began,
Leave me be I need no help from trouble that caused effect,
Everyone be happy in your place of hell that you danced your way to,
I have no more hands to throw out,
I have no sympathy to deliver,
I lost love when I threw my heart away,
Along with burning my emotions into the atmosphere,
I walked away quietly rebalancing thyself somewhere near this beautiful island,
I will call home,
More than just sand,
More than waving waters at my feet,
Sweeter than cut coconuts juice with a pretty straw,
Calmer than the trees breezed in a restful evening,
Prettier than the morning sunrise til the heavenly sunset,
More rhythmic than dem girls hips sway to a reggae beat,
More deeper than a poetic revolutionary black brotha,
I know what I am,
What I like,
What fits me physically and emotionally,
What makes me smile even through the bad,
Who I love to the endless of time,
What's ok to accept and keep it moving,
I say less now because it's just cheap,
I rather work to earn what's owed to me,
Graciously and humbling to my soul,
I only live for me now,
For my own universe.
For my lost soul's Caribbean women out here stay positive. Keep ya head up always!
Neptune Jul 2015
I never felt sicker like I was cancer it's self,
Two empty souls angry towards each other,
Battling to survive at they're own hand,
I just stare scared to death hoping nobody comes my way,
Being in the middle I can't decide who to protect,
And who I must go against,
She's afraid of his movements,
He's afraid of her actions,
I'm afraid I don't have anyone to hide behind,
At night I pray to thy king of human kind,
To make me oblivious to the evilness,
And slay them with kind,
But lately my body is leaning off a cliff,
And everyone's back is focused on me,
Now it's just me out here grinding with me,
I can feel hell approach at my feet,
Waving in my direction,
I never would've thought it would catch me,
Go through hell as my time was starting develop,
But now I can live lavishly in hell,
I've arrived without introducing myself,
But it's like they already knew me,
As if they were expecting me...
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