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Feb 2018 · 325
Natalie Thompson Feb 2018
once in a while
i catch a mere glimpse of you
my heart starts to ache

why do i see you
why can i feel you near me
you abandoned me

every cold night
you occupy my blank thoughts
my heart won’t let go

you ruined all love
your empty presence kills me
how could you do this
Natalie Thompson May 2015
I want you to see
How important you are to me.
You are my soul, you are my heart,
You cheer me up when I fall apart.
The warmth of your smile carries me through,
The calm and wild of the deep ocean blue.
I am an enigma that's hard to define,
Not at the surface but rather inside.
Courageous you are to take on the person I am,
Normal I am not yet you lend me a hand.
When the depth of my mind starts to pull me away,
You remind me everything is going to be okay.
I am an enigma that's deceiving to most,
Though you look at me and somehow know.
The man over seas broke me to pieces,
And yet the love you have for me never ceases.
I know you understand, I just worry
Mar 2015 · 582
Frozen Love
Natalie Thompson Mar 2015
Up in the mountains in a sand colored cabin,
a deep red couch resides.
Upon that couch sat two frozen bodies
who escaped from the winter outside.
They sat on that couch
with a laugh and a smile,
their lips met gently
knowing they would stay for a while.
They laid on that couch
with their legs intertwined,
he traced the skin of her back
as he swam in her deep brown eyes.
With their bodies bound together,
his lips found her neck.
As their hips and tongues danced away
slow and heavy became their breath.
The once frozen bodies remained on that couch,
wishing for forever.
Their love continues to grow
far apart or close together.
This is a fraction of our love story, because there's more on its way
I love so much, I can't wait another day.
Feb 2015 · 4.6k
At Last
Natalie Thompson Feb 2015
A wave of elation hit me the second I saw you,
and through that revolving door you flew.
I couldn't help but notice the smile on your face
as we held each other in a longing embrace.
The scent of you flooded my lungs,
how good it is to be happy and young.

Hand in hand we walked,
all the way to Top of the Rock.
Admiring the city we stood in that space,
you wrapped both arms around my waist.
Still standing in the corner behind the glass,
I turned with a grin, and our lips met at last.

We strolled over to Bryant Park,
where we laughed until dark.
The times we stared in each other's eyes without making a sound,
made it feel as if no one was around.
We watched little kids play many games,
if it wasn't freezing we said we'd do the same.  

Finally caught a cab to take us to The Met,
there we listened to a string quintet.
We sat at a small table with my dad and his wife,
where they talked all about college and life.
For an hour we stayed, in that beautiful place,
and secretly, our fingers were interlaced.

Back to the apartment with only an hour left,
we rode the elevators without a rest.
Foreheads touching, and mouths pressed together,
you soon had to leave in the cold frosty weather.
When it was time, we said farewell and goodbye,
then you ran back and held me for one last time.
A little brief description of the most perfect day with a perfect guy.
(except for almost dying from frostbite) xD
Jan 2015 · 951
The Five Senses
Natalie Thompson Jan 2015
I cannot see
the emotions of your face
I cannot hear
the sound of your voice
I cannot feel
the warmth of you skin
I cannot smell
the scent of your clothes
I cannot taste
the words of your mind
The miles
are measured with faith
The miles
are measured with trust
I cannot wait
to see the happiness in your eyes
I cannot wait
to hear the joy in your laughter
I cannot wait
to feel the softness of your touch
I cannot wait
to smell the aroma of your hug
I cannot wait
to taste the kiss of your lips
The five senses of you
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
350 Miles Apart
Natalie Thompson Jan 2015
You looked at me, with those gentle
On the balcony of that cold starry
The hours ticked away, filled with our
We hoped for longer but you had to go
Ever since then we've talked, but who
That even though apart, the closer we
Your beautiful words of love fuel my
And they make this long wait totally
These 350 miles won't stand in our
For I continue to love you, every single
I used to be in denial about long distance relationships because how could you love someone you never see?

Now I know I was wrong because not even distance matters when it comes to love.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
I'll See You Soon
Natalie Thompson Jan 2015
January 31st is just around the corner
With hope it will be slightly warmer
I haven't seen you in a while
Your lisp makes me smile
I miss my Long Island New Yorker
Limerick for Michael
because he rocks

...the lisp though
Jan 2015 · 425
Natalie Thompson Jan 2015
What scares me the most
Is this crazy thought of you
Being just like him

— The End —