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Natalie R Jun 2014
A game
A joust  
Shouting voices
Piercing my ears
Incalescent rage
Nimbus darkness
Consuming the soul
What is the point?
What is it's significance?
All for what?
Pride is the impetus we are too ashamed to admit
Admit that it is the cause of
Natalie R Jun 2014
A sudden surge
A cascade
Of blurred emotions
Devouring my soul
Becoming too difficult to acquiesce
Suffering, and diminishing into
of tears

Failing to dissemble,
or eclipse my mental state
Unable to hear the echo
in that cold, musky cave
Reality seems elusive
Hard to grasp
Just out of reach
All because you're drowning in
of tears
Natalie R Jun 2014
Pimple popping
Lathered deodorant
Awkward tampons
Hair in unwanted places
Drunken nights
Failed hangover cures
Flunked classes
Broken hearts
First kisses and first times
Rushes of frustration
These are all
unglamorous occasions
Of a not so florescent
If your an Arctic Monkey's fan, I hope you enjoyed the title :)
Natalie R Jun 2014
These words describe a sensation
A sensation that fashions the soul
Molding, sculpting
The person I am today

A sudden rush
Slamming doors
Crowded, congested
Populously packed into a box
Air tight

Repetitiveness is a quality this one sensation possesses
Over and over

Fearing it
Fearing it's repetitiveness
Repeating all over again
Preventing me
From opportunities
Simple, basic, opportunities
While I'm still stuck
In the box
That populously packed box
All alone

Till my larynx  
Rip and tears
But I'm left
With no response

This sensation
The panic
Has no end
Natalie R Jun 2014
Feelings are broken,
they mend,
and they they're broken again.
It ***** so you've gotta be a man and **** it up,
well with a ****** if you've got one. Breaking.
It hurts.
Hurricanes from hell destroying every inch of your body starting from the heart, the "center" of all the emotional ******* we call feelings.
That breaking is as if your 3Ds died after you beat Pokemon x.
That **** didn't save and is worth a few tears on that $55 topshop sweater all hormonal girls love.
That breaking is as if you stubbed your toe and you just got your nails done, it's as if u got a B+ not an A.
Well you get my point.
But that mending though,
that uplifting sensation you feel after you've hit rock bottom.
Emotional mending is like taking your bra off after a long day at school,
or work,
or whatever your occupation.
Now that's a simile.
Feelings are emotions,
Emotions are feelings.
It's all the same.
it always gets better,
then worse again.
Natalie R Jun 2014
First thing's first,
what he hell is it?
These definitions are endless, and Urban Dictionary ain't providing enough
That one person you meet for the first time,
that one glance,
that one smile, that one kiss.
Is lust mistaken for love?
We're probably all just ***** little ******* who wanna, well, ****.
That sure is what teenagers want to be doing these days.
Endless rushes of hormones,
blood rushing to our privates,
wet pants,
it's a similarity we all share with one another,
privately of course.
But those who chose to keep their "privates" on display are victimized for their over production of *** hormones and endorphins.
Adam and Eve sure has their junk hangin' out,
were they victimized?
Well they're dead and probably not real.
This point is not invalid,
to a degree anyways.
But back to the topic of love.
Love is that warm sensation you feel in your heart,
not your privates.
Love is when you have feelings for someone and they aren't mutual.
Love is when your in it for the long-hall no matter the consistencies.Love is a *****,
the kind that's ******.
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