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Jun 2014
First thing's first,
what he hell is it?
These definitions are endless, and Urban Dictionary ain't providing enough
That one person you meet for the first time,
that one glance,
that one smile, that one kiss.
Is lust mistaken for love?
We're probably all just ***** little ******* who wanna, well, ****.
That sure is what teenagers want to be doing these days.
Endless rushes of hormones,
blood rushing to our privates,
wet pants,
it's a similarity we all share with one another,
privately of course.
But those who chose to keep their "privates" on display are victimized for their over production of *** hormones and endorphins.
Adam and Eve sure has their junk hangin' out,
were they victimized?
Well they're dead and probably not real.
This point is not invalid,
to a degree anyways.
But back to the topic of love.
Love is that warm sensation you feel in your heart,
not your privates.
Love is when you have feelings for someone and they aren't mutual.
Love is when your in it for the long-hall no matter the consistencies.Love is a *****,
the kind that's ******.
Natalie R
Written by
Natalie R  Singapore
     Renukha Selvaraja, --- and Bra-Tee
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