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Natalie R Jun 2014
Is a little ***** 
The alliteration is merely a coincidence 
But it is
Everyone has their own views 
Their own opinions
Their own perspective 
Negative or positive 
Like the moodswings of a mother in menopause 
It's still a *****
Hah just like your mother , jk
Bias is everyone 
Everyone has a bias
It's their perspective 
No matter their age, their IQ, or the amount of muscle mass on their perfectly chiseled body
They have a bias
It's rarely good 
So look out for that *****
It'll bite you in ***
Natalie R Jun 2014
Pressure from someone else is called peer pressure
Look it up, google it, it's a thing
I apologize for the inaccuracy of my definition but you get the gist 
Peer pressure is a ******* ****** bag telling you to **** his **** when you don't want to
It's when "friends" tell you to have your first shot, smoke, sniff of whatever mood altering substance they want you to consume
Just watch a crashcourse, that **** is bad for you okay
It's when you kiss someone you don't want to
When you stay out late after your curfew 
When you sneak out late at night to meet the guy you have a "thing" with but everyone knows your his rebound
But peer pressure
Don't give in 
All your gonna feel
Is absolute regret
Natalie R Jun 2014
That's what we all feel when we think about it
Talking to someone every day
Asking how their day way all the time 
Caring so much 
It's a ******* pain
Right in your ****, not your ******, your ****
Ok some people might like that but you know what I mean
Always caring, always worrying, always wasting 
Wasting time 
With commitment 
The abundance of things you could partake in
If it wasn't for commitment
Maye I'm just a sad and alone loser playing Pokemon all day and no one loves me
This may be my bias
But just think of the
You get from 
Natalie R Jun 2014
Lust or love?
Which is it
That "love at first sight" 
It's a load of crap
Your just ***** , it's true
Thing is, it's simple biology 
Whether your too much of a ******* to admit it or not 
Or maybe your a hopeless romantic wanting your first ever kiss to be under the moonlight, surrounded by rose petals
And again
It's a load of crap
If you could just glance into the future 
With the doors of time left slightly ajar
You'd see yourself 
Cause your friend told you he used you for you ****
Lust or love? 
Which is it
It's lust 
**** it up cause it's the truth

— The End —