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mvvenkataraman Nov 2018
Lord Indira was afraid of a Saint's deep prayers

He was the Lord of the Sky and was worried

As deep prayers would make that Saint go above Him

Normally He used to send a beautiful woman to distract

This time he followed a different tactics to disturb

He took the role of a great warrior to reach the Saint

And requested him to take care of a sharp sword

Until He arrived and the Saint gladly agreed for that

He never returned and the Saint started to sharpen it

As it must be properly returned and he started using it also

He cut vegetables and fruits with that to keep it in use

His mind was engrossed with its maintenance only ever

He even started to threaten animals with that sword

And he stopped praying to God and when he died

He was taken to Hell as he misused the sword

To hurt innocent souls on this Earth in a cruel way

What a technique by Lord of Indira to spoil a Saint

From overtaking him in praying to get more power !

If some one distracts your attention deliberately

Keep this story in mind and be always cautious !

mvvenkataraman May 2016
Time goes slowly in the office
At home, it runs in top-speed
Why it is like that? tell me please
Can't it reverse its act to give peace?
Such a drastic change, I badly need

None wants to love, all love to order
I need a soul who will listen kindly
And pat me when I work **** harder
And not treat me wrongly or blindly
With a heart that is noble and broader

None loved me and I tried with hope
All left me by viewing me as a fool
I could not teach anyone loving rule
As they felt it had absolutely no scope
So my heart became a blunted tool

Tears did wet my bed and hit my head
Sorrow was my only income in life
I was by prayer led to help go ahead
And I also got a kind soul as a wife
But, my brain had a depressive strife

Now, I am okay due to constant prayer
As God without hatred supplies solace
Whenever I ask, peace, prayers deliver
My own soul, I love and ever embrace
Thank you Divinity, I have no shiver.

Life Love Relation Kindness Peace
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Life Means also Strife
mvvenkataraman Jul 2015
Life goes on with a daily dawn
No time to make a single yawn
Many decades have sadly gone
Still, no leisure time is born
Head despite pillows has thorn
To be calm, my soul, I warn
Due to losses, heart is torn
For past debacles, fate, I scorn
I hope during night and morn
But, life is to fear a meek pawn
Rarely, mind, peace does adorn
As, my heart, it tries to ****
Heart tirelessly tries to wisely horn.

Sadly time gets wasted, Joy is yet to be tasted, Day and night soon go out of sight, A vacuum prevails and soul sorrowfully ails, I hope, God will help, By beating agonies to a pulp.
Feb 2015 · 18.9k
Work and God Rule the Sod
mvvenkataraman Feb 2015
Don't lose your confidence
Never distrust Providence
Remove your ignorance
Accumulate tolerance

Patience is a must
Your mind, you dust
Body mustn't rust
Always be honest

Hopefully you live
In God, ever believe
The best, you give
Better to forgive

Choose the right path
To toil, take an oath
God and hope, trust both
Don't die like a brittle moth

God-faith helps thrive
As He makes us survive
Our belief, He does revive
He helps peace to be alive

Take efforts and await
After showing your might
Being happy is right
As joy, you can sight

True efforts never die
They appeal to the Sky
God keeps His eye
Upon those who try

Good luck my dear
Pursue without fear
If hard-work is here
No place for tear

We must hope and live, The best to all, we must give, When we live with joy and mirth, We make Heaven out of this Earth.
Oct 2014 · 816
Happiness in Life-business
mvvenkataraman Oct 2014
Happiness is in our mind
That gem, we can easily find
But, if we are mentally blind
How can we be toward us kind?

We must forget the past totally
If fate had attacked us brutally
Let mind and happiness tally
Tame fate that is a bad bully

Always hope and try to be jolly
Approach life ever cheerfully
Keep your heart with love fully
Never behave sadly or dully

If the problem is tough severely
Never think or act fearfully
Think newly and confidently
A sure way will arrive nicely

Allow not happiness to go away
Keep it with you in a strong way
For you and the World, kindly pray
Definitely you can happily stay

Plant good acts for happiness to grow
Pray to the Lord when mood is low
Try to soothe those having sorrow
Then to give you bliss, Angels know

Good luck for happiness my dear
Happiness kills tear and also fear
Happiness makes peace come near
So, every have continued cheer.

I read poems about being happy, So, I gave to my mind a poetic therapy, They only made me write, As, they only did excite, They gave me inspiration, So, I have made a preparation, Please read my poem, It is inspired by all of them.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Rash Decision Blocks Mission
mvvenkataraman Jul 2014
Never decide all of a sudden
Take time and act shrewdly
In case you take a rash step
The repercussion will be bad

Consult many in the trade
Talk to those whom you trust
Very carefully analyze points
Finally a solution will emerge

Acting based on just instinct
Will take in the wrong direction
It may spoil all your initiative
Animals are only **** rash

Crude decisions end shabbily
Producing lots of confusions
The position may turn terrible
As a result of blind approach

Use brain and also your heart
Here only shrewdness mingles
With your heart's natural mercy
Use this combination to achieve.

Purely I advice my injured soul to bring it under fully control to play a wise role making vigilance do a shrewd patrol.
mvvenkataraman Mar 2014
Never get upset very soon
Be like that cool round moon
It wanes, but grows again
A lesson, so, we then gain

Anger is a wrong thing
Only gloom, it will bring
Replace anger by patience
That will teach joy's essence

When someone is foolish
Be not toward him devilish
If, to you, he is important
Teach him to be prudent

In case that man is unfriendly
Never correct him very kindly
Leave him to learn a lesson
Defeat will teach him my son

Hatred stores in heart displeasure
The loss, even God can't measure
Hatred will make the worst effect
Hating soul is never at all perfect

Doubt will block the solution
And will also cause confusion
Derive a way to arrive at the truth
Getting clarified will always soothe

Cry not, but try ever hopefully
Take all possible efforts fully
Tears will aggravate sadness
Sadness leads only to madness

Pray and do it with true trust
God alone will do the best
God never cheats or hates
But, he finely compensates

Aim high and just go ahead
Let pessimism leave your head
Achieve progress by working hard
A true worker is loved by the Lord

Make attempts in full swing
Success, God mayn't bring
But, he will shape your mind
Then, peace you can find.

Everyday we mourn, But, from that if we learn, A great lesson we earn, Let us accept every turn, And with confidence return, Like the Sun, let our energy usefully burn.
mvvenkataraman Jan 2014
One person is a multimillionaire
Another is a pick-pocket or liar
But all become one in they pyre
Mingling with the God of fire

God's gift is one's birth-place
Everyone, his sins will chase
God of death shows no grace
He will exactly count the days

Decide not man's worth by age
See whether he is in ignorance-cage
To come out, let him just manage
To help him, you have to encourage

One man is a monster
Another is an oyster
Yet another is a master
Let reasoning stop disaster

Knowledge if you accumulate
Great actions, you can emulate
Noble schemes, you can formulate
Let not the beginning be too late

Create, invent and discover
Pray to God for safety-cover
Scent-power is had by a flower
Your aims, do not at all lower

Edison in his greatest experiment
Faced stoically every disappointment
One day he invented the filament
Then light entered into every apartment

In this way, many geniuses were born
They initially walked on pricking thorn
Their brainy heads, crowns did adorn
They were proved to be great later on

Just go back in your memory lane
Had anyone thought of a flying-plane?
Wright Bros were regarded as insane
To mental blindness, they gave cane

By the Almighty, Sun was invented
By Sun, darkness is circumvented
By prayer, agonies are prevented
By sweat, our victories are augmented.

Our aim must be to succeed, A useful life, we must lead, We must fulfill man's need, We must live with no greed, Noble must be our deed, Then peace is ours indeed, Always help is what I now plead.
Nov 2013 · 631
Beauty of Higher Duty
mvvenkataraman Nov 2013
If you refuse to take responsibility
Then you get a lower state only
As great position needs bravery
Only that will sustain your life

In case you are afraid in life
That won’t get you happiness
Your mind will become docile
Coming up is surely impossible

New ventures must be attempted
So that we gain self-confidence
Faith in us will greatly multiply
We grow strong in our career

To attain success gloriously in life
Constantly we must highly aim
By taking suitable risks wisely
We must get super will-power

We must organize life properly
For scoring joy and also peace
Only when life is regulated
All our dreams can be realized.

Coming up in a profession, Needs a correct decision, Otherwise, we lose, Regretting is of no use, Before accepting elevation, Please do proper rumination.
Oct 2013 · 439
Cure through Prayer is Sure
mvvenkataraman Oct 2013
Pray now, to God. your feelings, you convey
Tell only the truth, so that you will feel well
Inform Him about those things that harm
Withhold not your mind, let worries be sold

Surrender in full and rescue He will render
Apply for peace and enough He will supply
Never think that worry will stay forever
As the power to destroy worry, God has

Wish that you have must never be foolish
Sensible desires are made by Him possible
To uplift you, his action will be **** swift
Drop not prayer and ignorantly don't stop

Deep trust in the Lord makes you not weep
Belief in Him will end each and every grief
Mercy is the Lord's one and only policy
Pardon of God removes all the burden

Devotion will always cleanse the emotion
Firm faith in the Lord, let prayers confirm
Resorting to God ends in His escorting
Only God can help us all abnormally.

God-faith cures every malady, To help us all, prayer is ready, Whether man or a lady, Prayer is the best remedy, Prayer helps us bear a tragedy.
mvvenkataraman Sep 2013
Many may discourage your noble ambition
But, due to that, drop not your great mission
To realize it, please develop superb for vision
Go ahead, as you have taken the best decision

It may appear silly when you give an expression
Regarding you goal that is tough for realization
But, if you make a truly marathon contribution
To overcome it, the goal will give sure permission

While pursuing your goal, have no trepidation
Sudden losses will occur to give intimidation
Never allow your goal to suffer dilapidation
Carry on with hope, trust and truest devotion

In respect of your goal, gather all the information
Regarding your hope, give to yourself confirmation
Allow optimism in mind for real faith's formation
Let not your goal suffer at any time deformation

Impossible tasks are finished using great dedication
What is required for achievement is application
Never stop having with God holy communication
Anything is possible through God's benediction.

Form great goals and chase, By toiling in all the ways, Hurdles, you may face, But, surely toil pays, Success you can trace, As hard-work wins always, Sincerity gets God's grace, When genius one displays, Natural Justice plays, Victory is sure, time says.
Jul 2013 · 622
Punishment for Embezzlement
mvvenkataraman Jul 2013
You have wrongly taken my funds
In life you will face only sharp bends

Due to this loss, I am shattered
My concentration is scattered

My heart is very sadly bearing
A place in Hell you are earning

You will be by sorrow attacked
Your joy will be by fate hacked

You will suffer sheer sleeplessness
Your mind will acquire helplessness

Placing you in a drum with oil
God will start to terribly boil

As you have caused me tears
Your eyes, Angels will pierce

All your hopes, God will dash
As you have embezzled my cash

To be tortured, you will be led
God will **** your blood

You will be alive cruelly buried
As you made me feel worried

Never think you can escape
Your stealing is in God's tape.

As a cashier if I lose money, That gives me the worst agony, As my confidence is murdered, Fearing is by me considered, Those who take my money wrongly, Must be punished strongly.
mvvenkataraman May 2013
A kind heart does a beauty
Not done even by the Divinity
It will preserve World's sanity
Achieving among humanity unity

Confidence, it will surely supply
Healing remedies, it will apply
At the right time, it will reply
Its support, it will kindly imply

Love and affection, it will promote
In favor of peace, it will ever vote
Angelic words, it will always quote
To God, life, it will favorably devote

It will show adequate mercy
By including it in its policy
By exhibiting real courtesy
It wil make living nicely rosy

Deepest wounds, it will nurse
By canceling every curse
By removing fully bad stress
Like a mother it will caress.

mv venkataraman
Kindness is the best action, As it will give protection, Implying true affection, Removing every infection, Be kind and considerate, All will call you great, Do it now without being late, Open your heart-gate.
mvvenkataraman Mar 2013
Better to close your mouth when someone is bad
Utter no word to defend or offend or just comment
At times keeping mouth shut is the only solution
By this act we save head and heart aches wisely

Many people do not know how to talk or converse
They simply tear heart by badly hurting our mind
During such occasions, strict silence is desirable
As our peace of mind will be absolutely preserved

We cannot expect great diplomacy from fools
They will stick to their regimen without any wit
And can never understand life's true intricacies
As their rotten thoughts will invariably hurt only

Piercing the heart using vitriolic words is a sin
God looks with contempt at wrong words said
Whenever indecent language is employed badly
That place is surrounded by devils with ecstasy

Devilish words that destroy peace are demons
Deadly emotions expressed indecently shall
******* peace of mind and happiness of heart
As they possess an evil influence to demolish

Use always kind words filled with great warmth
Practice sharing of love and merciful expression
Our duty is to make the atmosphere Heavenly
Surely that holy state is within our full control.

Acrimonious words injure, They are impure, Bad effects are sure, They cancel cure, They never assure, Only kind words help us endure, So to say them wisely ensure.
mvvenkataraman Mar 2013
Life must be carried on with contentment
We must develop an enough sentiment
All our ideas we must try to implement
Doing the best not for just compliment
Efforts to succeed we must augment
Waste not time in useless argument
Go for wise and shrewd agreement
And ever work for World's betterment
We must perform well our assignment
Sending kindness as our consignment
Work hard for our fine goals' attainment
By accepting arriving disappointment
We must make our rules" enactment
Acting always with real commitment
We must obey God's Government

Happiness can be under our grip, For which I give a tip, From us if happiness slip, Our life, peace will skip. Sleep and joy we may lose, Sad will be our views, Shedding tear, we will choose, Only agony we will produce.
mvvenkataraman Feb 2013
God knows how to help us all finely
At the right time, He will nicely strike
His calculations are indeed strange
But, at last, He will make Justice win

He will never act swiftly to establish
As His mills always grind very slowly
But, in the end, He will prove His power
And the World will be greatly stunned

Normally all will go steady despite blunders
They will pursue injustice without conscience
They will act foolishly for temporary gains
God will register His supremacy superbly

Never think that God has remained passive
Such an idea is the worst derivation possible
Nothing can miss His watchful attention
He in one stroke notices the whole Cosmos

So, today, do a justifiable act cheating none
Keep your conscience clean and neat dear
God is supervising all our acts very keenly
Any error will get proper treatment no doubt.

God is noticing, Justice, He is practicing, Think not He is blind, Everything, He will find, Be always honest, God will show in you interest.
Jan 2013 · 2.6k
Do Now With Great Love
mvvenkataraman Jan 2013
Postpone not a good deed due to laziness
That temperament will spoil your mission
Always punctually execute your decision
This will help you a lot in life and business

Any good intention must be soon acted upon
Before your mind makes a negative move
Your worth, only your deed will finely prove
Wisely use the opportunity before it is gone

While taking steps, difficulties will crop up
But, we should not lose heart feeling diffident
We must face all the blocks feeling confident
Without playing, how to aim for the golden cup?

Life means only problems and lots of troubles
Happiness may show its face occasionally
Our happiness alone must triumph finally
Due to will-power, troubles become bubbles

Concentrate to achieve the desired result
Let determination be exercised in full swing
Glory and success, only hard-work will bring
Efforts alone tie achievements to one's belt.

Do not delay and lazily stay, Please start today to find a way, Display your talents when you play, As hard-work will pay, Before starting, please pray to fall not a prey.
Dec 2012 · 713
Courage Wins at Every Stage
mvvenkataraman Dec 2012
Determination must be had to succeed
We cannot live just like that casually
Our mind must possess will-power amply
We must not be prone to temptations

Our goal must be carefully selected
And every moment for it must be lived
We must take steps to fulfill it wisely
We must not ignore it out of disgust

Skillfully by maneuvering toward mission
We must take concrete action shrewdly
Thousand ideas will be given by the World
But, we must stick to our goal to achieve

Enticing moments must be firmly tackled
We must not fall a prey for fate's traps
We must take judgements with real care
Our full brilliance must be displayed fully

In the absence of most sincere efforts
How can we attain glory creating history?
Never approach the goal with a weak mind
Proceed to prove your mind's supremacy.

Reluctant approach is a definite loser
Firm decision to toil brings great victory
Never hesitate, but ever be courageous
Only bravery is the answer for solutions.

Always hope that you can, That attitude creates wonders, Negative ideas, you ban, That will stop blunders,
By making a wise plan, Great acts if one renders, He becomes a great man, To him, fate surrenders.
Oct 2012 · 467
Smart God has a Kind Heart
mvvenkataraman Oct 2012
God must never be resorted to at last
As that is not a good act definitely
God must be always reached fast
As He alone will save ultimately

Start the duty with a prayer told
And during duty also wisely pray
God will make you greatly bold
Stopping you from falling a prey

Prayer must come from the heart
With a faith that is totally true
Never think you are **** smart
So that God need not rescue you

Blunders all commit while living
In this connection, no exception
Pardon, God will be surely giving
That is purely God's sole option

For crime done, punishment is sure
God does not forgive showing mercy
But, for innocent breach, there is cure
God is following a truly merciful policy

Surely the Almighty keenly observes
All the souls that live on this Earth
Those noble souls, God kindly serves
And gives them in Paradise a sure berth.

In God when I believe, I can peacefully live, And also kindly forgive, My mood is positive, I happen to be creative, My ideas are superlative, And pardon to me, God does give, After all Sky is my native.
Sep 2012 · 4.3k
Aim High and Try
mvvenkataraman Sep 2012
Dream high always
Then only you can win
All great ambitions
Can be by faith realized

Hard-work lays the foundation
Hope builds the upper structure
Wishes do lovely decoration
Then life is strongly built

We must make movement
In a constructive fashion
Our mission must be success
That helps realize all our goals

In case we wait for just luck
We will never at all progress
Laziness will surely dominate
Our future is then doomed

We must work non-stop
With a golden motto
If our deeds are supreme
Our desires turn fruitful.

Only by aiming ambitiously, We do acts very gloriously, By attempting seriously, We live on earth prosperously. Efforts do magic, Due to sheer logic, Idleness makes life tragic, So to hard-work, better to stick.
Aug 2012 · 500
God will Guard the Sod
mvvenkataraman Aug 2012
God is there and so do not bother
You will be protected by that Father
He is ready to offer you holy solace
He ever blesses that soul that prays

God will assist you whenever you seek
Due to God, future can never turn bleak
God-faith is the strongest protection
As God alone will take the best action

During night, we live under the Sun's shade
By this, God's mercy is with love displayed
When darkness sets in with a plan to spoil
God has kindly given Moon to the holy soil

Spring and Rain and cool breeze are given
To imply how will look that sacred Heaven
Music, food, love and relation kindly indicate
That God alone is ever great without debate

Pray to that Lord and obtain ample rewards
Peace and prosperity with bliss he awards
In case you have not so far approached God
Now go to Him and ask as His heart is broad.

God exists and rules, Praying heart he cools, He is to the mind visible, If that mind is sensible, When God is sought, Peace is surely got, God loves to bless, As He is never careless.
mvvenkataraman Jun 2012
Western music,
Gives real kick,
As the sound is thick,
Inaudible is lyric,
Still it does a holy trick,
It makes heart tick,
May cure mind that is sick,
Dancing lessons one can pick,
One's attempt will in due course click,
Pleasing sound is basic,
It puts the foundation like brick,
When music is rhythmic,
Not erratic, Its power turns mystic,
The resultant effect is hypnotic,
Western music does magic
Helping lives that are tragic
The reason is pure logic,
Perfection stuns a critic.

When I hear Western music, My joy turns terrific, As it regulates my thoughts' traffic, All my mental wounds, it does lick.
May 2012 · 2.9k
Eye that Great Sky
mvvenkataraman May 2012
Have you watched the vast Sky?
Do you allow yourself to do this?
Are there any chances in life
To make you provide extra time?

In the morning, before Sun-rise
The Western Sky will be bright
With wonderful display of clouds
A beautiful look, Sky will have

When Sun comes graciously
What a wonderful light display!
Announcing His nice arrival
Clouds will run ecstatically

In the evening when Sun sets
Like a shy girl's lovely cheeks
Eastern Sky will be romantic
Giving red carpet to the Moon

After hard-work done for that day
Sun will go elsewhere to do duty
Twenty four hours are His service
No rest at all and so truly unique

All the stars come during the night
To give us joy and peace and hope
Their twinkling will be remarkable
They only preserve our happiness

The Sky is a place of real bliss
As rain and light come from there
Heat also is by the Sun generated
Moon is a boon supplying wonder

Today watch the Sky for a change
You will be flooded by thoughts
A new idea will emerge in mind
Surely this will act as a remedy.

Sky is a common gift, One's mood, it will lift, Watching it, if is a habit, Sorrow can never hit, It is a pleasurable view, It will make ideas new, Watch it now at least, Give to soul a great feast.
Apr 2012 · 803
To Track Peace Using Knack
mvvenkataraman Apr 2012
If determination is in my life wanting
Surely circumstances will be daunting
I will be lacking the spirit to achieve
Great ideas, I may not then conceive

If my mind wanders without firm aim
How can I expect a very good time?
The very purpose of living is for peace
What is the use, if joy and mirth cease?

Whenever my mind gets terribly upset
Self-confidence proves to be an asset
Unfortunately if I lack in solid will-power
My performance will turn out to be poor

Loss and defeat if give me great fear
Surely I will submerge in flood of tear
On the other hand, if I give up not guts
Mind gets peace and I eliminate regrets

God is there to give company for me
And console my soul if it feels gloomy
Prayer is there for giving divine solace
I am sure that happiness I can trace

I care never about those ups and downs
I regard defeats as just circus clowns
I can at any time overpower them surely
I rely upon my skill and the Lord purely

Precious peace all seek, Normally mind is weak, Only when we boldly speak, We can reach the peak, With a mind strong like teak, So be not **** meek, Let not courage leak.
Feb 2012 · 2.0k
Calmness Stops Gloominess
mvvenkataraman Feb 2012
By keeping true calmness
Our mind functions well
Ideas are very progressive
Soul takes complete rest

Calmness gives clear ideas
Brain is very well nourished
Heart is devoid of friction
Body feels greatly jubilant

When emotions are serene
Classic will be the feeling
Joy permeates one's mind
Ecstasy and thrill are plenty

Whatever may be the news
View it in the right perspective
Digest it without any tension
Acceptance gives equanimity

Provocation must be denied
Extreme patience exercised
Will give enough confidence
Calmness wins without doubt.

Calmness is the best tonic, Due to it, we never panic, That is a wise technique, To make our goals click, So, soon, calmness you pick, That is the holiest trick, To make heart healthily tick.
mvvenkataraman Feb 2012
When you are attacked by boredom
You are invited by devil's kingdom
In case you yield to the pressure
You stand to lose Divine pleasure

Every job will bore one at last
We must with dexterity outlast
Fun may be absent many times
Expected joy, soul never claims

None can win ever or lose always
All have surely their glorious days
When failure comes and attacks
A shrewd soul, prayer alone backs

After doing a particular work or task
We must ask for more and not bask
We must derive peace and celebrate
The Almighty is there to compensate

Let us make up our mind to hard-work
Surely our life will never at all go berserk
If our motto is to do duty with sincerity
Our mind is given by Heaven true clarity

Today, make up your mind to do the best
Do your portion skillfully by being honest
Rewards and results will stun your life
God will rescue you from every strife.



TYPE mvvenkataraman IN URL
In case comes in life chaos, My time I will pass, By forgetting the loss, Following contentment-laws, This is because, I trust in God-boss, Who knows who I am and I was, He will help me win the toss, By rectifying my flaws, Saving me from devils' jaws.
Jan 2012 · 730
Money Makes Life Sunny
mvvenkataraman Jan 2012
Preserve carefully your savings
Do not buy unnecessary things

You work hard to earn wages
Frugality only has advantages

Spend, but waste not earning
As it may lead to mourning

Give to others with true control
What you give be not the whole

For you, reserve a major portion
For God, some funds, apportion

Be ready to give merciful alms
As God's heart, it surely calms

Forget not poor souls' orphanage
Helping people with different age

Buy food for birds and creatures
To reduce their daily tortures

Making a reasonable donation
Will give to holy Angels elation

Be careful dear in your spending
So that agonies will be ending

No tree gives us money sir
So let your spending be fair

If money is carelessly spent
Poverty only will come to hunt.



TYPE mvvenkataraman IN URL
Whenever we spend our salary, We cannot be carefree, Going on a spending-spree, Will take us to penury.
mvvenkataraman Dec 2011
Pray and develop faith
In God have real trust
God alone will rescue
His love only is genuine

Prayer made with hope
Will fetch the best results
God is by prayer pleased
He has true helping hands

Prayer is never ineffective
It will help in its own way
Prayer purifies the soul
Prayer performs miracles

Prayer when is delivered
Solace fills the full heart
Our mood turns steady
We cultivate patience

Prayer is a miraculous tool
It will plow our praying mind
Bringing peace-crops in heart
God and prayer make life safe.


Prayer is the best solution, To succeed in your mission, When prayer is used, Peace is produced, Prayer alone will ever escort, To give heart healing comfort.
mvvenkataraman Nov 2011
People may try to confuse
To be confused, you refuse
If your confidence you lose
You will be of really no use

All the facts, they will distort
Making your happiness short
By spoiling your kind heart
They will try to act smart

Your mind, they will poison
In case to them you listen
Please be a shrewd person
Or else no bliss dear son

If you give them your ears
They will destroy all cheers
Submerging you in tears
By instilling into you fears

Handle them carefully dear
In case they come very near
What they say, do not hear
Hope I am no **** clear.


Many confuse for pleasure, That may give you pressure, Your peace is a treasure, Whose worth you measure, Never lose peace please, Or else mirth will cease, If joy you love to increase, Put for all a safety crease.
mvvenkataraman Oct 2011
The early morning is so fresh
My mood is greatly uplifted
Everywhere I see brisk try
The chill is heart-warming

All the birds joyfully chirp
They believe that they can
Search somehow hopefully
Food for them and family

Squirrels run with ecstasy
Chasing their companions
Their joy is unfathomable
What a spirit is displayed!

Cows are calm after duty
Trees continue their work
Breeze touches all coolly
Sun begins His wonder

After doing His cooling act
Moon hands over job to Sun
Stars now watch all in mufti
Sky now monitors curiously

O- Human beings- Be happy
Nothing you lack at present
Take steps with real hope
All problems will vanish

Efforts alone bring reward
No doubts, you develop
For every step now taken
Ample scope surely awaits.


Morning is always a joy, Hope let us employ, Dawn will daily come, Hurdles let us overcome, By saluting the dawn, Let us start work, not yawn.
Oct 2011 · 4.2k
Cry not, but Sincerely Try
mvvenkataraman Oct 2011
When you are very much upset
As something you could not get,
Absolutely no use if you regret
Surely worrying gives no outlet

If a great ambition you possess
Efforts must be made in excess
All your toil, success will assess
Then it will reach your address

If you simply weep and are sad
You make devils feel **** glad
In case hard-work is by you had
You turn all adversaries go mad

First learning is to sincerely try
Sweats alone achieve, not cry
All are watched by the vast Sky
From birth to that day they die

Never retreat and form a circle
As that will create no miracle
Face every obstacle and tackle
Heart of God, your efforts tickle.


Taking steps to win, If you now begin, Success comes in, To greet you in your cabin, Fearing is a sin, It makes scope thin, It is for losses the origin.
mvvenkataraman Oct 2011
Do well the present task
Never carry the gone past
Worry not about the future
Utilize very well the present

Past may contain mistakes
Which may cause anxiety
Future is unknown always
Present alone is at hand

Learn a lesson from the past
And rectify the defective action
If your action is shrewdly solid
Future brings you great glory

Nobody always wins in life
Everyone faces at times defeat
None also ever loses only
Success and failure alternate

Losses are not at all in life final
Failure is not a permanent feature
Never at all drop your noble dreams
Believe firmly that you can achieve.


Worrying is of no use, Have optimistic views, Forget the dead past, Hope in future is vast, Try to reap victory, Never foolishly worry, You can win, Now boldly begin.
mvvenkataraman Sep 2011
Pray for peace of mind
Love and be very kind

Support a noble cause
Prevent possible loss

Be at no time selfish
Let helping be your wish

Convey kindness always
In all the possible ways

Never be to anger prone
Behave not like a stone

Console those crying in pain
From others' gloom never gain

If possible help you offer
To help those who suffer

Move away from bad elements
Never hurt others' sentiments

When friendship you can't keep
Make not cuts terribly deep

Pray to God before retiring to sleep
Always trust in God you please keep.


Living on this Earth, Many times denies mirth, If our study is in depth, Life may not have worth, But before reaching death, For in bliss no dearth, Certain truths we must unearth, To deserve in Heaven a berth.
mvvenkataraman Sep 2011
Let your ambition be big
Using efforts you must dig

Plant properly your plan
Work hard for a long span

Use sweats to properly water
Often service brain-computer

Let your feelings be bright
Care the plant during night

Regularly check its growth
Let mind self-talk soothe

Guard the plant from danger
Be a very good self-manager

Severe storm may come
To harm may come some

To discourage by plucking courage
Many may try to strongly damage

For that give never room
Let your ambition bloom

One day will sprout out fruit
Then the target you can shoot.


Optimism promotes dynamism, Enthusiasm makes success blossom, Try and also aim high, Fly to touch the Sky.
mvvenkataraman Sep 2011
I am now not that rich
That is my main hitch

I love to generously now donate
But, bad is my monetary state

I feel terribly sorry for this
A wealthy life I sadly miss

But, in my heart I have a desire
To do good before I finally expire

My heart now requests pardon
For giving the site undue burden

One day I may be financially sound
With a solid monetary background

I will never behave like a stingy miser
I will donate lovingly by being nicer

God will make my days surely bright
On that day I will have donating delight

I have indeed a very broad mind
Enough wealth I do not find

Take from me this sincere promise
I am waiting for wealth to give a kiss

Now please give me an exemption
Let my poems do space-consumption

Hundred percent the trend will change
On that day assistance I will arrange

I sadly now make a honest request
To allow me to write in right earnest

My words come from my heart
One day I will definitely comfort

I beg you to forgive me now
I am happy that you allow

Wheels of fortune will turn
In my favor to kindly return

Thanks a lot for the kind permission
May God bless us in our mission.


I am trying for the Nobel Prize, Hard-work is the price, One day it will surprise, Swedish Academy will praise,
It will make my purse nice, My donation will be big in size, My poor state I now criticize, To earn well I am not wise.
Aug 2011 · 1.5k
Brave Soul Only has Control
mvvenkataraman Aug 2011
In case is had colossal guts
What one wants one gets

When there is bravery
There ends slavery

Surely a brave man
Executes his plan

When boldness comes
Hurdles, soul overcomes

Courage you now bring
I will make you a king

When fear you halt
You rectify a fault

Brave people achieve
As plans they conceive

Dig for worry a grave
And tackle fate-wave

Boldness always wins
As doubts it surely pins

Courageous people
Alone can topple

Anything that is adverse
In this vast fine Universe.


If guts one has, He will be A-class, If fear is by one had, His action will be bad, Guts or fear you choose, What you love, you use.
Aug 2011 · 1.1k
Pearls Wisdom Hurls
mvvenkataraman Aug 2011
When your view is totally different
Give to none shocking current

Calmly indicate your position
By telling the present condition

Never at all behave venomously
Use God-given wit enormously

Even if you are completely right
Refrain from waging a stiff fight

You may be in fact perfect
And you may be correct

Here only employ precious wisdom
Be not a slave for conceit's kingdom

Offer your ideas very politely
Let your act be made rightly

Never jump to quick conclusion
To avoid possible concussion

When truth stays at your side
Show true humility, not pride

Quietly if you plan to deal
For you surely all will feel

Harsh approach never helps
By that, only hatred develops.


Differences of opinion, Will surely arise, But, if we are wise, We can form a Union, We only must act, To create tryst, By gathering fact, We must do the best.
Aug 2011 · 7.8k
Being Bold is Gold
mvvenkataraman Aug 2011
Only when efforts are taken
Defeats can be easily broken

When mind suffers from fear
It opens the gate for tear

By indulging in self-pity
We may blunder in duty

When we are too much afraid
We lose even from God aid

God wants us to be brave
Then only He can save

Boldly enter into the bout
Let hope finely sprout out

Just by making up mind
A way one can surely find

Honest efforts fetch glory
Hard-work brings victory

Never think pessimistically
Ponder over practically

It is very easy to soon retreat
But, success refuses its treat

Courageous steps achieve
So a bold plan, try to weave


When fear grips, I give self-tips, Pray my lips, Making Temple-trips, I give mind drips, Even if fate whips, My soul bears all slips.
Aug 2011 · 681
Plunge Never Into Revenge
mvvenkataraman Aug 2011
If heart is full of hatred
Body cannot be sacred
Soul by sorrow will be led
No sleep at all in the bed

If we develop one enemy
He will poison our anatomy
More powerful than an army
This applies to you and me

If we cannot tolerate another
By treating him as a brother
About him we will ever bother
Only ill-will we will father

Just forgive and kindly forget
Then peace of mind we will get
There will be no need to regret
Love is the best and safest asset

In friendship extend  your hand
Giving a place in heart-land
Your mind will be calm and grand
As everyone you can understand.


Be a friendly person, Use will-power to reason, Learn from experience lesson, Pains of others, help lessen, Please love all under the Sun, Really bad is none, Let assistance be done, Reduce World's burden.
Aug 2011 · 562
Allow not Sorrow to Grow
mvvenkataraman Aug 2011
Kindly bear with every insult
And digest the bad result

Blame none, but only God
Ideas are that of the Lord

Your heart may feel terrible
Due to others being insensible

Still wait exercising true patience
Never give room for sad emotions

Others have made a blunder
Now only you must ponder

Repeat not their mistake
Forget the created ache

Having a forgiving tendency
Will save in an emergency

Fools store sorrow in the heart
And derive unwanted discomfort

The wise erase it in one sweep
And a happy heart they keep

No use in brooding over
And developing bad fever.


When you are hurt, When words are curt, When people throw dirt, Make soul wear an iron shirt, In this way, Be alert, And tragedy you avert.
Jul 2011 · 961
Life Rife With Strife
mvvenkataraman Jul 2011
Life on this Earth is very brief
We get mirth as well as grief
For this Cosmos God is the chief
He knows when to give relief

He puts soul into the body
To watch He is ever ready
He at last gives a remedy
Occur tragedy and comedy

He controls the entire Cosmos
He is truly the exclusive boss
He is in charge of profit and loss
Inscrutable are His Divine laws

He exercises fullest control
In the placement of soul
None knows His ultimate goal
He gives to every soul a role

Surely we can end an ant
Or destroy a helping plant
Or a mantra we can chant
Alms to the poor we can grant

Our freedom is wisely restricted
Actions are by our will effected
Noble souls are by God protected
Truth is by Him perfectly detected

The smallest creature also moves
Soul is there it strongly proves
In this way our doubts God removes
Our trust in God like this improves

Death makes the soul exit
Birth helps the soul visit
To live God will permit
Its need, end will submit

What pleasure God derives?
Why a soul here arrives?
Why God creates lives?
Why forever nothing survives?

Answers can surely be one day found
But, a soul must reach the burial ground
Its body must never at all move around
Great revelations will come to astound.

At times I think of death, Which will give no mirth, As one must leave the Earth, Compulsorily after one's birth.
Sep 2010 · 569
Gone Is Thorny Agony
mvvenkataraman Sep 2010
My heart is severely bleeding
My brain is sincerely pleading

Both are by my soul affected
And by cruel World are infected

All are selfish to the core
Justice all blatantly ignore

They use ways that are unfair
All insults they want me to bear

I can surely call them highly peevish
As they make me terribly feverish

I am forced to suffer huge loss
Deepest regrets they easily cause

Their hearts contain poison
They hate me under the Sun

In case I throw a sad protest
My action they seriously detest

My sorrow has alarmingly grown
Away from peace I am thrown

My heart feels the worst pressure
My anxiety cancels all the pleasure

Ultimately to God alone I appeal
I hope via Him I will win the deal

God alone is my last resort
I believe in His giving comfort

Though at times I use profanity
I know God makes my life pretty

Only when God is by me trusted
In life I get truly interested

Human beings will easily cheat
But, God alone will kindly treat

That powerful force will act
After gathering every fact

To Him when I wholly surrender
He will take care of my blunder

He will surely offer great solace
Safest path my life will embrace

All evils God will finally massacre
He will no doubt give soothing succor

Only God will never double-cross
He will definitely arrest every loss

So I now pray and hopefully wait
A solution via God I will soon sight.

Deep sorrow , Hurts my heart, None to comfort, Minds are narrow, I am no smart, So my troubles grow, I do praying part, So God will protect this fellow.
Jul 2010 · 1.1k
Health Is Real Wealth
mvvenkataraman Jul 2010
Through proper eating habits
A strong health you can secure
Stop foods that are culprits
As they drive you beyond cure
Fall not into disease-pits
Pray to keep your heart pure
Walking is the best exercise
Taking you to bliss to be precise
And making you perfect in size
When you have crossed young age
Being cautious is very very wise
Before ill-health causes damage
Be towards your body very nice
Avoid unnecessary medicinal dosage
Hoping God always blesses in disguise.

My age is fifty now, To be health I vow, I do exercise with love, Hope a long-life God will allow.
Jul 2010 · 714
No Need Of Greed- I Plead
mvvenkataraman Jul 2010
Control your mind absolutely
And chase your goal resolutely
When temptations interfere
Never allow them at all near

By using colossal will-power
Take bath in patience-shower
Try to get that which is a must
Your mind this attitude will dust

Greed will invariably spoil
It leads to a useless toil
Contentment preserves
As it perfectly serves

When your desires increase
You gradually lose peace
Which is the most precious
So in your needs be cautious

Not that you must never expect
But, limited needs greatly protect
If your wants severely multiply
For them reply you can't supply

In that case sets in dejection
Takes place worrying action
You bring sorrow to a halt
If you realize greed is a fault

Greed will end in agony
Making feelings thorny
Develop enough attitude
That is actually fortitude

Only by constant practice
We gain peace with ease
In case desires are reduced
Peace in plenty is produced

Of course ambition is necessary
But it must not make us worry
Due to great level thinking
Ignorance man is sinking

Today make a list of your desires
From your mind if greed expires
There is born bliss in plenty
Always pray to the Almighty.

I console my soul to reduce goal to stop in bliss a big hole so that peace of mind is whole.
Jun 2010 · 1.3k
Anger Means Deadly Danger
mvvenkataraman Jun 2010
Postponement of  your anger
Will bring an effective solution
Delay makes mind stronger
By putting an end to confusion
With patience if you linger longer
Before you turns meek your emotion
Decide by being calm and steady
Provide mind time to study
Side with truth for a remedy
When your mouth is closed
Half the problem is solved
When your concern is disclosed
Your problem gets dissolved
When self-discipline is imposed
To help you God has resolved.

When anger is born, Hearts are torn, Peace is gone, Man becomes a pawn, He will scorn, Very tough it is then to ****, This is what wise men warn.
mvvenkataraman May 2010
Face the task, do not retreat
Silently perform your portion
With hope let heart be replete
Success to you God will apportion
Taste life whether bitter or sweet
This will help in peace-promotion
Bad comments make all very sad
Mad attitude must not be had
Glad thoughts to peace of mind add
Calmly if duty if you discharge
Peace will steadily flow
Against you none can charge
Even if you are very slow
Scope for success is really large
This fact you must surely know.

If we work calmly, We can proceed firmly. If we silently perform, Joy and peace we can form. A quiet attitude proves we are shrewd.
mvvenkataraman May 2010
Do well what you really know

And perform an achievement

Say to dilemma a firm "no"

To avoid foolish bereavement

When courage and guts you show

Success makes with you an agreement

Decide by thinking with wisdom

Died many who owned a kingdom

Denied is peace if you reach stardom

Let what you do at present

Be very lovingly well-done

Despite agonies, living. do not resent

With faith and hope bear the burden

Slowly and steadily make the ascent

Success will flower to surely gladden.

Things will surely happen, Our wit let us sharpen, Our heart let us open, Let our love and guts deepen.
mvvenkataraman Apr 2010
I see the body there
Their agonies all share
And express that they care
The death they could not bear
They curse the Air
Saying leaving is unfair
They feel that loss is a nightmare
They pray for God to repair
To cremate the body they prepare
They sympathize with the body's pair
To treat the body as God they dare
All hearts the sad scenes tear
Time to stay they generously spare
Such sympathy was very rare
This I can strongly declare
My pains were to all fall of hair
About my pitiable plight all were aware
O- Human beings- Please be beware
During my living you all gave a scare
Now love you kindly wear
Not knowing I went where

When I was available
I found living impossible
Though I was capable
My problems were incurable
The World was responsible
For making my life unmanageable
I was facing severe trouble
But the World was not helpfully reliable
For my downfall, World was liable
They made my life terrible
Though my condition was horrible
And I looked meek and pitiable
They found me to live unsuitable
My credentials were to them doubtable
My peace was just like that lootable
Though my malady was treatable
They made it appear formidable
In spite of my actions being laudable
They commented that I was insensible
After end, I am to all of them agreeable
O- Human beings- You are incorrigible.

The World commits mistakes, Giving lots of aches, One's heart it breaks,
After end amends it makes, But before that God takes, End puts for agonies brakes.
mvvenkataraman Apr 2010
Writing is a waiting game
May not come soon fame
One's hope time may tame
Let exist will-power flame

Normally a writer is poor
In poverty he will shiver
Having ever worry-fever
Goods, a writer will deliver

He will have an empty purse
This is a general curse
He will have none to nurse
Still, he will love the Universe

His life will have only miseries
With full of very sad stories
He knows not the joy of victories
He will lack basic necessaries

He will be a firm optimist
And in love a specialist
He will never show his fist
He is first in God's dear-list

What he has, he will donate
Is he not truly great?
He will challenge fate
Driving it out of gate

He will have a helping tendency
He will assist in an emergency
To benefit all, he will show urgency
He will support during a contingency

A poet is always child-like
No one he will dislike
His words will never spike
He and God are almost alike

A poet will never ridicule
Love is his one and only rule
He will misuse not poetic tool
Positive forces he will pool

Anger is to him totally strange
Peace only he will exchange
Happiness he will surely arrange
Equal to Divine is his holy range

A poet is a lovely master
Who will save from disaster
He can easily tame a monster
His poem is a true-booster

A poet is never a power-monger
To him will never come anger
He will make the World stronger
Let his glory linger longer.

Myself being a poet, Many ideas I get, Many I have met, I have no fame yet, Still poem is an outlet, Eyes that are wet, With deep regret, Are made happy by me I bet, As  I believe dawn is an offset to  sunset.
Mar 2010 · 1.0k
I Am A Poem Written By Him
mvvenkataraman Mar 2010
I am hard-working
I am honestly speaking
God's love, I am seeking
Towards God I am trekking
None I am mocking
And at none I am barking
Only truth with me I am taking
I am never at all wrongly joking
But I am seriously thinking
God and my soul I am linking
And often God I am thanking
Hope and faith I am drinking
When worries come I am blinking    
Upon God's blessings I am banking
Only God I am always first ranking
With His help, problems I am sinking
While I am talking and walking
Only deep prayers I am making
With faith, at all, I am looking
Via love, a place in heart, I am booking

I am placed safe in this World-nest
I am to live trying my level best
No doubt I am showing great interest
And I am never tempted to be dishonest
Some wealth I am having to invest
I am getting also some reasonable interest
I am participating in the living-contest
Every day I am facing fate's acid test
I am also attacked by worry-pest
Also eager I am to take rest
To this World I am a guest
By being robust, I am toiling with zest
Often I am tackling the worst
For Justice I am having a deep thirst
I am having a kind heart inside my chest
I am afraid by idleness I may rust
My mind I am trying to properly dust
I am placing God always first
I am hoping God may help in my conquest
I am planning to face end with no protest.

An analysis of my personality, I am created by the Divinity, Surely there is a reason for the Almighty, He will monitor my activity, And supply me enough creativity, And also a calm mentality.
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