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mvvenkataraman Nov 2018
Lord Indira was afraid of a Saint's deep prayers

He was the Lord of the Sky and was worried

As deep prayers would make that Saint go above Him

Normally He used to send a beautiful woman to distract

This time he followed a different tactics to disturb

He took the role of a great warrior to reach the Saint

And requested him to take care of a sharp sword

Until He arrived and the Saint gladly agreed for that

He never returned and the Saint started to sharpen it

As it must be properly returned and he started using it also

He cut vegetables and fruits with that to keep it in use

His mind was engrossed with its maintenance only ever

He even started to threaten animals with that sword

And he stopped praying to God and when he died

He was taken to Hell as he misused the sword

To hurt innocent souls on this Earth in a cruel way

What a technique by Lord of Indira to spoil a Saint

From overtaking him in praying to get more power !

If some one distracts your attention deliberately

Keep this story in mind and be always cautious !

mvvenkataraman May 2016
Time goes slowly in the office
At home, it runs in top-speed
Why it is like that? tell me please
Can't it reverse its act to give peace?
Such a drastic change, I badly need

None wants to love, all love to order
I need a soul who will listen kindly
And pat me when I work **** harder
And not treat me wrongly or blindly
With a heart that is noble and broader

None loved me and I tried with hope
All left me by viewing me as a fool
I could not teach anyone loving rule
As they felt it had absolutely no scope
So my heart became a blunted tool

Tears did wet my bed and hit my head
Sorrow was my only income in life
I was by prayer led to help go ahead
And I also got a kind soul as a wife
But, my brain had a depressive strife

Now, I am okay due to constant prayer
As God without hatred supplies solace
Whenever I ask, peace, prayers deliver
My own soul, I love and ever embrace
Thank you Divinity, I have no shiver.

Life Love Relation Kindness Peace
mvvenkataraman Jul 2015
Life goes on with a daily dawn
No time to make a single yawn
Many decades have sadly gone
Still, no leisure time is born
Head despite pillows has thorn
To be calm, my soul, I warn
Due to losses, heart is torn
For past debacles, fate, I scorn
I hope during night and morn
But, life is to fear a meek pawn
Rarely, mind, peace does adorn
As, my heart, it tries to ****
Heart tirelessly tries to wisely horn.

Sadly time gets wasted, Joy is yet to be tasted, Day and night soon go out of sight, A vacuum prevails and soul sorrowfully ails, I hope, God will help, By beating agonies to a pulp.
mvvenkataraman Feb 2015
Don't lose your confidence
Never distrust Providence
Remove your ignorance
Accumulate tolerance

Patience is a must
Your mind, you dust
Body mustn't rust
Always be honest

Hopefully you live
In God, ever believe
The best, you give
Better to forgive

Choose the right path
To toil, take an oath
God and hope, trust both
Don't die like a brittle moth

God-faith helps thrive
As He makes us survive
Our belief, He does revive
He helps peace to be alive

Take efforts and await
After showing your might
Being happy is right
As joy, you can sight

True efforts never die
They appeal to the Sky
God keeps His eye
Upon those who try

Good luck my dear
Pursue without fear
If hard-work is here
No place for tear

We must hope and live, The best to all, we must give, When we live with joy and mirth, We make Heaven out of this Earth.
mvvenkataraman Oct 2014
Happiness is in our mind
That gem, we can easily find
But, if we are mentally blind
How can we be toward us kind?

We must forget the past totally
If fate had attacked us brutally
Let mind and happiness tally
Tame fate that is a bad bully

Always hope and try to be jolly
Approach life ever cheerfully
Keep your heart with love fully
Never behave sadly or dully

If the problem is tough severely
Never think or act fearfully
Think newly and confidently
A sure way will arrive nicely

Allow not happiness to go away
Keep it with you in a strong way
For you and the World, kindly pray
Definitely you can happily stay

Plant good acts for happiness to grow
Pray to the Lord when mood is low
Try to soothe those having sorrow
Then to give you bliss, Angels know

Good luck for happiness my dear
Happiness kills tear and also fear
Happiness makes peace come near
So, every have continued cheer.

I read poems about being happy, So, I gave to my mind a poetic therapy, They only made me write, As, they only did excite, They gave me inspiration, So, I have made a preparation, Please read my poem, It is inspired by all of them.
mvvenkataraman Jul 2014
Never decide all of a sudden
Take time and act shrewdly
In case you take a rash step
The repercussion will be bad

Consult many in the trade
Talk to those whom you trust
Very carefully analyze points
Finally a solution will emerge

Acting based on just instinct
Will take in the wrong direction
It may spoil all your initiative
Animals are only **** rash

Crude decisions end shabbily
Producing lots of confusions
The position may turn terrible
As a result of blind approach

Use brain and also your heart
Here only shrewdness mingles
With your heart's natural mercy
Use this combination to achieve.

Purely I advice my injured soul to bring it under fully control to play a wise role making vigilance do a shrewd patrol.
mvvenkataraman Mar 2014
Never get upset very soon
Be like that cool round moon
It wanes, but grows again
A lesson, so, we then gain

Anger is a wrong thing
Only gloom, it will bring
Replace anger by patience
That will teach joy's essence

When someone is foolish
Be not toward him devilish
If, to you, he is important
Teach him to be prudent

In case that man is unfriendly
Never correct him very kindly
Leave him to learn a lesson
Defeat will teach him my son

Hatred stores in heart displeasure
The loss, even God can't measure
Hatred will make the worst effect
Hating soul is never at all perfect

Doubt will block the solution
And will also cause confusion
Derive a way to arrive at the truth
Getting clarified will always soothe

Cry not, but try ever hopefully
Take all possible efforts fully
Tears will aggravate sadness
Sadness leads only to madness

Pray and do it with true trust
God alone will do the best
God never cheats or hates
But, he finely compensates

Aim high and just go ahead
Let pessimism leave your head
Achieve progress by working hard
A true worker is loved by the Lord

Make attempts in full swing
Success, God mayn't bring
But, he will shape your mind
Then, peace you can find.

Everyday we mourn, But, from that if we learn, A great lesson we earn, Let us accept every turn, And with confidence return, Like the Sun, let our energy usefully burn.
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