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MultiBami-mix Dec 2019
As tragic as loneliness can be,
I return to bygone times to see,
To the tiny image that put me at ease and relive the days of peace,
Where I imprison myself to describe when she is awake.

When winter comes her cheeks are like blossoms in a day of spring,
that beautifies her face as a feeling of the summer’s embrace,
And when the leaves fall then autumn would not be to blame.
If my world breaks in half, that all would mend is to see her last smile.

Forever I will be,
Cursed to open my eyes once more,
Though I am fine where you are,
On earth it began and where heaven it ends.
I wrote this poem, because I have been helping an old man recently who has altzheimer in my neighbourhood. When you look at him, he looks like he's "confused", but when he starts to talk about his deceased wife, you know, as if he returns being himself and he litherally remembers everything; the street where they met, their childhood, the first kiss, their marriage
like.. this guy loved his wife so much even after death
I got a little bit inspired by his unbreakable devotion.
MultiBami-mix Jun 2019
When light shines upon my body in a warm day

I close my eyes and let the wind sway

Guided by the gentle breeze following the sound of flowers and leaves.

When I go out of my shade, my worries and fears begin to fade

Above the sun’s nurture I co-exist in peace

As I realise this feeling will cease, I await for another moment in summer to repeat.
This is what I felt writing about when I was outside. I hope you like it!
MultiBami-mix Jun 2019
When days are naught, the cycle repeats

I stare in the sky, into the deep blue sea

As I drown in memories of joy and pain, never do I regret in disgrace

I all alone stand in my outcast state

Awaiting for my next time to awake

And look upon myself and curse my fate
I have a tough time right now so I felt writing this.
MultiBami-mix Jun 2019
Oh heaven's sky, where you are?

Under the night's bane watch, I wait for it to begone.

For you who did nothing wrong, nor in time.

Your beauty keeps me awake, as darkness puts you at bay.

Patiently, I must be.

Waiting over dawn till my sunshine come.
I wrote this poem when I was thinking about someone I know.
MultiBami-mix Jun 2015
On the ground,
I keep an eye on the world,
the world of flowers,
I've seen succes like the Amaryllis,
the sweet sense of the Apple Blossom,
the desire of Camellia's passion,
and the forgiveness of the daffodil,
So many flowers in this world,
SO many possibilities
feels like a garden,
but something bothers me,
deep inside of me
something I always wonder,
watashi no hana wa doko desuka?
Where is my flower?
After I made the second one.. I wanted to try a serious one. I wasn't sure to post this, because of my poor grammars.

Let me hear what your thought is about my poem. I want to improve my poems in the future with the feedback I know! ^^
MultiBami-mix Jun 2015
Behind the screen,
I see you in my fantasy,
Dribble drible, dribble dribble,
with your ghostly blue hair,
and your rough red haired partner,
you want me to make some good story ****,
the bond and love between you two,
makes me want to see more,
until the match ends,
dribble dribble, dribble dribble
My second poem. I made this for a friend who likes ****, was just joking around!
MultiBami-mix Jun 2015
I am an Otaku,
when I saw you,
I thought you will be my waifu,
on screen, pillow or games,
You still stole my heart with eroge,
you have different colors from **** to ******,
but I prefer ***** in your anima,
I spend my days,
yearning for a new episode,
until that day comes, I still wait for you.
Well this is one of my first poems.

— The End —