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Miss Fit Jul 2023
Dear Musician play me a song
Play for me a song so long
Though the words may not be new
All I want is a tune so true

Play for me the mbira
And take me back to Africa
As your hands hit those metal notes
Let from your mouth come musical tones

Pluck the strings of a Spanish guitar and send my mind to a land afar
Create a song I want to hear it
Create a melody and make me complete

Play the African drums in contrast
Create a melody and make it last
I want to dance the way my forefathers did
To dancing the African way I myself bid

Rub gently the strings of violin
On your shoulder let it lean
With the bow make music
Make music and make me meek
Let it heal me, I'm no longer sick

Hit the notes of the marimba
I want to hear their deep sound
By the melody I'm spellbound
Deep satisfaction I have found

Dear Musician play any instrument for me
Play me any song, whatever tempo, whatever genre, whatever melody
All I want is the sensational harmony
Of your voice making music for me

Miss Fit ⚓
We ambled the streets of Harare
Meandering aimlessly
Fleeting past wide-eyes scanning us enviously
Hand in hand we walked into the restaurant
Leisurely on Second Street
Our hunger awakened
Our appetites heightened
At almost closing time
With no one in overtime mode
A signal that here we could only dine on another day

Joina City was our next stop
Up the lift right to the top
'Closed' it read at the coffee shop
Into the nearest chair I went flop!
Though hungry, we gabbed non-stop
By and by we regarded the clock
It chimed 8 o'clock
And sadly, it was time to go home

Busy and noisy
Were the streets of Harare
Jabbering crowds, kombis hooting
Hawkers, vendors or is it hustlers now -
Calling for buyers or just huddled to pass time
No chill in Harare
Picturesque like a dream
Hand in hand we dawdled
In despair for a hot meal

In the shimmering distance
Like a mirage in the desert
The neon lights read
'Creamy Inn'
Something to calm our rambling bellies
At last…
Nippy evening air hit our souls
'Ice-cream tastes better at night'
I said
'I can't believe I'm having ice-cream'
He said
We frolicked
Hand in hand we danced past faces painted with adoration
'What a handsome lover!'
They probably thought:
My delectable younger brother
Wrote this after one of my visits to Harare, Zimbabwe in 2017.

— The End —