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 Sep 2015 Mila Berlioz
you never left the warm feelings that floated into the veins under my skin, the ink that stained permanent marks a lot like your name did my mind, I remember how your eyes looked in the sun, on Sunday mornings you preferred pancakes for breakfast - ones with white chocolate chips - and you left on a windy winter afternoon for an acting gig you 'couldn't pass up', I guess you weren't that good if i could almost smell the seconds that you'd close the door shut; your scent once owned the whole place. I always knew mountains came with valleys but I didn't know that we were at the edge of the country where the city begins and another time in my life unfolds.
 Sep 2015 Mila Berlioz
Through the eyes of a child we can see,
this whole big world as a single tree.

Without the wish for heaven,
and away from the hands of Satan.

Away from caste, creed or religion,
and no one left with the feeling of negligence.

Hearts filled with hope and innocence,
away from any inference.

Through those small eyes we can see,
this whole big world as one single trees.
The beauty in a child's eyes
 Sep 2015 Mila Berlioz
The Elephant* went out for a trot
but instead retreated to its home.

The signs existed everywhere
but the paint tainted dark black.

The Elephant was told to be itself
however gullibility was on the prowl.

The mind powered through a no--
forbidden nature prevailed.

the elephant fell silence to its hope
the fire roared anyway.

**Weakness bites at our knees.
 Sep 2015 Mila Berlioz
Let me rest in the arms of slumber,
For my palanquin has arrived.

Decorated with white lilies,
Let it be carried by its bearers.

Today I'm the bride and my groom is Patiently waiting,
I can see him smile.

In his mysterious smile, I know
I've lived a beautiful life.
This is how I see death..  The most beautiful truth

— The End —