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I watch her parting lips
form around tongue-tied mouth
waiting for the words to come
waiting to hear what she has done

I brace myself for what I am about to hear
astonished that somehow she can see through the cascading tears
a haunting silence fills the room
She says her time is ending soon
 Nov 2015 Michael Loggins
If I were to sit you down and admit to all the times I wished you were him

Would you admit to feeling the same?

Would you say that you wished that I was her?

If only this life had brought us together in a different way

Then maybe we'd be together

I'd save you from yourself

You'd save me from becoming somebody else

If I truly wanted you to rescue me from my mistakes

Could you?

Would you leave her to come help me?

The answer is one we already know

You would.

I know this with all that I am

Some hearts our drawn together

Even when they shouldn't be

Unable to resist the tug of the rope that holds their souls together

Combining them as one

Like a any tragedy where love is conquered by the reality of everyday life

We'll never be able to prove our love to each other

Too many road blocks stand in our way

Walls that we are incapable of tearing down

But if you could whisper the three words  before you disappear

At least I'd know

That if things were different our love would rise above
I used to have to take sleeping pills to help me fall asleep at night
Now all I have to do is lie in your arms and I get the best sleep of my life every night
I love you
Thank you for choosing to end your days with me
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: September. 28, 2015 Monday 1:09 AM
I'm Fine
I'm riding on cloud nine She says,
As Shes about to fall off the edge
Sunshine in her beautiful brown eyes,
but darkness in her head

Im fine she says,
As Shes on her death bed
******* it!
I said I'm fine,
as She calls the suicide hotline
Trying to chain her bad thoughts
For they will overtake the things in life She got's

Once again,
She says I'm fine,
10 stories high hoping to die
Once more "I'm fine"
Depression in her eyes
she says her last goodbye
"I'm fine."

I have seen these dark clouds before
Thick blankets that cover your sky
Oh world, you've been missing the light
Those clouds were powerful enough to cover the sun
And their power is increasing as time goes by
That they have reached even the corner of man's mind

They just didn't create the rain but storms
Storms that attack even the small veins of one's fist
They made hearts of stone
And minds as black as night

Tell me, oh world
How much love we need to fold these thick blankets that cover us?

We are waiting for the sun to shine upon our souls,
for the love to melt the hearts of stone,
for the minds to welcome the day

Paint thy sky with love
A shimmering rainbow
That will melt the dark sky over us.

Inspired by the photo I've taken this morning.
I have never been good with words,
so forgive me for my jumbled thoughts.
I’ve been sorting through them
and tossing out the infected ones,
but my lack of immunity has taken its toll.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever get better,
but, for you,
I will try.

I don’t want to hurt you when I shy away,
so I’ll take the time to scrub out
the fingerprints they’ve left behind.
it may be tedious,
but my body is not their crime scene,
and I don’t need to keep the evidence.
I have never been comfortable with intimacy,
but, for you,
I will try.

I have never been good with coping,
but my hands have forgotten how to tie a knot,
my legs suddenly unable to jump,
my lungs insistent on allowing air in.
I have never been good at dying,
but, for you,
I won’t try
thank you for being here.
dirt underneath my nails
i filed it out while inside your car
the cemetery falling with distance
from behind rain scattered windshields
wipers smearing mud
fog light hazes

i had freshly escaped my grave
my fingers clawed through until they were raw
peeling 6 layers of soil away
peeling small scabs from my chest
peeling insects from my flesh
like your clothing -

funeral makeup and dirt
beveled on frozen cheeks
smeared from pouring rain
smeared by,
isn't that our secret?

my mind was not there
yet I couldn't rid of you
crawling around like the maggots in my brain
you had me while I was dead
who would have known
there's such passion in necrophilia


death rattles

unwilling to return.
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