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Nov 2015
If I were to sit you down and admit to all the times I wished you were him

Would you admit to feeling the same?

Would you say that you wished that I was her?

If only this life had brought us together in a different way

Then maybe we'd be together

I'd save you from yourself

You'd save me from becoming somebody else

If I truly wanted you to rescue me from my mistakes

Could you?

Would you leave her to come help me?

The answer is one we already know

You would.

I know this with all that I am

Some hearts our drawn together

Even when they shouldn't be

Unable to resist the tug of the rope that holds their souls together

Combining them as one

Like a any tragedy where love is conquered by the reality of everyday life

We'll never be able to prove our love to each other

Too many road blocks stand in our way

Walls that we are incapable of tearing down

But if you could whisper the three words  before you disappear

At least I'd know

That if things were different our love would rise above
Written by
SJ  Arizona
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