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Michael Loggins Nov 2015
Once hot, now only warm, energy slipping away
If only a breeze could come
To energize them, to rekindle their art
Deep amber is their color, see their beauty
They are few, but still powerful
Energy wanes as they wait patiently, dying
The remains of a raging fire ... abandoned.
Michael Loggins Nov 2015
We are born with a song in our heart.
One unique song, the world needs to hear.
No one else knows the lyrics, only YOU.
Fear begins to silence our song.
Ignore fear, do not be shy, do not ask why ...
... *Just fly!
Michael Loggins Nov 2015
Lying* in my bed
--reading ...

It is November, I am in NYC
--25 pages later ...

I am standing on a street corner in Istanbul
Outside the Kybele Cafe, near Sultanahmet tram station
Two British men, Ethan and Dylan, are talking ...

Senses engaged.
Drinking in sights, sounds, smells of Istanbul.
As I can feel the excitement of this city.
Anticipating the story that is unfolding before me.
I am immersed, no longer in NYC.

Just then, a door slams, I am jolted back from Istanbul.
Back to my bedroom in NYC ...

How long have I been lost in this book?
Michael Loggins Nov 2015
Oh my sweet misery,
No point in fighting you,
You will start again
I'm human indeed
Still feeling her skin on my fingertips
She is only in the wind
Scent of punk rock, grunge and cigarettes remain
I wander alone on the subway, to forget her
Trying to forget her intoxicating scent
I want to get away, everything to start again,
Oh my sweet misery

I tasted a bit of love ... with her,
Like a drop of honey, thick and sweet.
Do not ask me to dance again,
Never without her.
In this vast city, I'm invisible
And then ... here you come again, sweet misery!
Michael Loggins Nov 2015
Cold concrete, isolation, barbed wire and stories of crime echo among these walls.
Trust not the cellmate, do your time, lonliness is in these halls.
A good soul waits, degrades, rejects the best of days that are offered in this place.
Dream of days outside, amidst the real world,  if only I can finish this race.
Michael Loggins Nov 2015
Feeling sluggish as I go
Not enough energy for the day, you know?
Winter months pass by so slow
Lack of sunshine takes its toll
If I want to survive, I must take control

On doctors orders, I pack my bag and head to the beach
Hours later the cure for my mood is within reach
Where I will sink my feet in the sand
And fill my lungs with warm salt air, you understand?

The sun begins to bake my skin
Happiness rises within
What better drug to boost my energy
Than a healthy dose of vitamin SEA.

— The End —