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Maurice Jul 23
This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I am able to express myself
articulately and with ease

This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I know what to say
and how to say it

This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I can relax
from the fear of imperfection

This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I explain myself,
feelings, and emotions all in my head

This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one loved and adored by all
remembered not forgotten

This is the poem I don't know how to write.
Jul 23 · 20
where do we go
Maurice Jul 23
where do we go when we are alone?
when we are lost without a place to call home
except for a cheap imitation
that looks so familiar to home
with the same outside
with the changed interior
it's like two personalities
trapped in a closet
jingling the handle
to a locked door
fighting to get out
but nobody hears you
nobody sees you
you are alone
so, where do we go?
May 28 · 1.3k
Maurice May 28
We walk on the roads paved by Others,
dance to the music created by Others,
read the stories made by Others,
laugh at the jokes told by Others,
and try to copy the culture established by Others,
so why do We work so hard to discount and call them Others?

down the street, around the corner
hardship and poverty is more than a slap in the face
this is the real iron curtain that separates us,
it keeps us isolated from each other.
they're called monsters, thugs, and fools,
characterized by the caricature
drawn from the ignorance and prejudice
of the pigs who hunted and enslaved Others

but We have no idea.
the bigotry reflecting off our quartz skin blinds us
and as We look down from our ivory towers
built on the backs of Others
to the fruitful ebony earth
We just see bugs,
a nuisance and inconvenience,
and they're treated as such.

is this a reflection of reality?
or just the truth?
We say no
but Others
say yes
May 12 · 250
Maurice May 12
your absence has been revealing
the reach of your arms; exposed
my thoughts,
feelings and actions
forever altered from our encounter

I have learned from our departure
you were not the flaw
I was flawed before we met
and now understand that you were my voice
but I haven't spoken since
Part 2 of 3
May 12 · 80
Love & Belonging
Maurice May 12
its been two years
without you in my life
since I abruptly left
years full of pain and confusion
of being lost
the pain you brought me
was nothing compared to the pain without you
the soundtrack of my life
Part 1 of 3
Apr 11 · 160
middle ground
Maurice Apr 11
i am
the fork in the road
while others choose
i stay

left AND right
good AND bad
happy AND sad
love AND hate

the forgotten third wheel
unable to decide
destined to remain
stuck in the middle ground
Apr 5 · 870
one of those days
Maurice Apr 5
it's one of those days
where nothing seems to be going right
and everything is out to get you
woken up on the wrong side of the bed
and your whole day is off
you feel uncomfortable
but for no particular reason
trapped inside with nothing to do
desperate to socialize
but your mood is contradicting your thoughts
and you get annoyed at the littlest things
but you don't know why
and no matter what you do to fix it
nothing will change
because it's one of those days
Apr 5 · 176
Maurice Apr 5
You're like the villain in my own story
as soon as it seems good you reappear,
what was once so close is no longer near.

When I take one step forward, you take two steps back
two steps forward, four steps back
no matter where I go, I'm always trapped.

I stand on these crutches but others stand higher,
while they're looking ahead, I'm looking tired
I guess it's just how we're wired.

We've convinced ourself this is normal
"I'm just stuck in a rut!" but in actuality,
maybe I'm just a nut?
Apr 4 · 134
Maurice Apr 4
When you're flushed with sadness and have no other,
blue is your only color
With a blue heart and a blue soul, a new person begins to unfold

Drowning in a sea of sadness,
Burning in the fires of hate,
Blinded by the deceit of lies,
Only one color awaits

Inside of you, there is nothing new,
meat, bones, a whole skeleton too,

Aside from that only you can see,
That inside of you is the blue I see.
Apr 4 · 56
Maurice Apr 4
I’ve finally opened my eyes and seen,
That encased by the blanket of this cave, I am free,
Still, I look around and see the world laid out in front of me.

To have woken from the long drawn out dream,
I’ve yet to recognize those surrounding me,
For they’re blinded by its light, my eyes have been opened and seen.

Cushioned by the falsehoods of its warmth,
Deceived by the lies in its message,
Whenever I look out, I don’t recognize this world in front of me.

submerged by the intensity from above, the curtain has fallen over,
Omnipresent, its beady eyes wait to deliver with intensity,
For the facade of the forever omnipresent has opened its eyes and seen,

The cataract of its illusion has lost its control of me.
Comfort in the cave has provided its solace, now
As I peer through the cracks to this wonderful world laid out in front of me,

I see the canvas of an artist, eager to begin,
Waiting for the soon-to-be sprouting daffodils,
Beneath the blanket of the sky, I’ve finally opened my eyes to now see
The beauty and innocence of the world laid out in front of me.
Apr 4 · 76
rodent on a wheel
Maurice Apr 4
My head is racing like a rodent on a wheel, endlessly running unable to escape, expecting a different outcome than before

I can't stop running no matter how hard I try to break free, every step forward feels like an attempt to escape quicksand before I finally sink

I don't know where I'm going or what I'm running from but ahead I see the light at the end of my tunnel vision

Every step taken, the light gets dimmer and the quicksand gets thicker
As time passes I become encased in the darkness around me
Nevertheless, the light which guides me remains

With each passing day, my fear grows for when I can no longer see the light
Is this the valley of the shadow of death?
If the lord is my Shepard why have they led me here?

I pray to Gabriel but my ears are empty
I am surrounded by the deafening silence of this endless void

It is here I realize I am cast out, without a Shepard
I am a black sheep, trying to claw my way out of this dark abyss so that one day I may feel the righteous glory of the guiding light again

For now, I am nothing but the rodent on a wheel, expecting a different outcome than before.

— The End —