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10.6k · Jan 2015
Thankful Thanking
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
Late night still awake
dont know what to make
in sense of nothingness i feel
much more for me to be doing

its getting dark now
still not knowing how
to make this feeling flow
that we never know

i would never be the same
until i remeber to mention my name
never thought to be same
when this feeling came

still thinking about it
never knwo how to make it
i know, i can feel it
that it the right thing to fit

i wish i may do it right
i know i have the might
to make this feeling right
and make it my site

like i never know how say it
would you like to mention it?
its simple say but hard to understand
these words to say at night

i kneel down and say
thank him for this day
and tomorrow is another way
to thank him anyway
6.4k · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
everything you said is true
everything you say we believe
everything you do is right
but none the less you are wrong

you dont even know what is right
not even listening to what is happening
all you think is that you are right
but no! again you are wrong

its not what you say they tey believe
since you are a mockery of truth
a disguise of a eccentric liar
yes that maybe right for now

you never see whats on the other side
you only want your side to be listened
never hear what other say but boast that you are right
too bad since all you do is wrong

you are nothing but a fox
lying trying to be right when you are wrong
its not envy its insecurity
you are not even sure yet you say perfect

you think everbody hates you
but you only hate yourself
you want to be heard thats why you shout
but never the less more will stil say Insecure

you dont want to be wrong since its not you
but to think what you say to others reflects to what you are
it shows what danger you are to them
what kind of a person you are. Insecure

dont have to be deaf not to hear the words
since insecurity be gets envy
when you envy you are insecure
not know which is right and which is wrong

dont be a fool when insulting others
you might be insulting your self
not knowing the words you say
what is a person is in words of what he says
4.9k · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
i have no satisfaction on earthly needs
i want more than what i have
i want whats yours and whats theres
everything is mine not yours

i shall have more riches
more wealth more power
everything that everyone has is mine
i shall get what i want when i want it

i shall take it by force if i have to
its mine not yours all mine
everyone has something but i must have everything
mine everything is mine

i am the one they call greed
you cant satisfy my thirst for everything
i want everything even your life i shall obtain
no one is above me greed is still hungry
3.5k · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
Taste is my desire
what i eat doesnt matter
what i can offer to eat doesnt concern
i may be charge for millions but will taste it

i dont care who cant eat as long as i eat
no money can satify my hunger
no chef can verify my taste for food
i shall eat anything you serve

i dont care of the taste not the smell
as my stomach grumble i shall eat it
im always hungry always being stuffed
nor i can be full of what i eat

no one is hungrier but me
eat and drink i what i live
food is my first love
and wealth i shall spend for it

i am gluttony the undying hunger
i shall eat to satisfy but never full
i shall have everything edible
for my stomach needs more
3.1k · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
a mirror never lies
the way you look at it in any way
you can never be wise
never could you look away and have different say

what you see ist waht may one get
but never lie the way you look at it
even happy it sees you sad
no matter how good it can show the worse of it

a mirror never lies
what it sees is not the reflection
but the deeper desperation
somthing worse that addiction

it cannot say what you are
but lets you see who you are
say whatever you say but it will show you the way
nomatter how you look at it its you it will show

a mirror never lies that is true
dreams are something you see
dont lie for it will show you the truth
don't argue and it give you answers

amirror never lies to you
for its you who is lying to it
what you see you might notlike
but thats the truth and it hard to fight

never fight what you see in the mirror
for it will just comeback to hunt you
a mirror never lie even if you try
for you are the one lying and not the mirror you face

face the truth no matter what you see
you may be ugly but happy
you may be filthy but clean
its not the reflection who is talking
but its the reflection showing
what you are of it knowing
954 · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
its not what it seems
not what your eyes seen
senses are way to useless
you have to use something else

its something within you
that i know to deny it is true
its not that complicated in fact its simple
yet a lot doesn't care oh the people

we wonder what we made wrong
but we deny when its coming strong
in guilt we just close our eyes
and sleep with our lies

you can never have the courage
to have confronted its rage
you always run if you can away
but you still end up on its way

there is no way that it will not show
no other way but its the one should follow
for you will be in its mouth shall be swallowed
like a falcon running would not be allowed

the truth may hurt the most
for more its pain is the worse
rather than living in guilt and shame
that we of all the people have already tamed
841 · Jan 2015
Sins in Poetry
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
i am the start of wrath
because of me we hate
i am who push you to hate
because of me you won't agree

i am the profession of envy
people will want what fortune you have
but will have the misfurtone they had
we envy because of me

beause of me sloth was born
for i know i have rights that i dont work
not because you toled me
but because i told myself

lust is committed through me
being told about my hunger for flesh
being doubt of what passion i can give
lust will live by flesh and ******

i am the outcome of greed
because i compete with my riches
i hunger for more riches in the world
because of what power i can posess through it

i am the out put of gluttony
because of me you are envy, and hate
because of them you eat
food is wasted but hunger is not satisfied

i am the start of all as you may know
i am pride the person dignity
step on me and war shall begun
war will begin because i envy you
i envy you because i am greedy
i greed not just for money, power, but also lust
lust shall provide me the flesh
gluttony shall provide my undying hunger
after everything i shall rest like the sloth
796 · Jan 2015
Love is Blind
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
why is love blind
why when inlove we always bind
to the play this game of heart and mind
on which there are no ways to you find

we dont see but we follow our feelings
we trust without hesitating
if what we do is contradicting
or just being inlove is addicting

so why are we loving if we could get blinded
on things we do for love were not guided
we suffer of being a slave of love
But still we smile even when we are treated like a grub

i guess that love is blind if following the heart
better you think of it before you start
because it will be too late once you begin
you'll get blinded within
by the love that opens your heart
blinds your sight apart
611 · Feb 2016
A Mistake
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Forgive me im just human
i did things, made you mad
but why with the words you curse me
its just one thing i did and you hate me?
you judge me on one bad thing
and remove all the good in me
like a white being stained with black
that there is no way i could go back
you tell me you are right but no you are not
hurting me with one thing i regret
is something i wont forget
so remember this i say to you
just remember the good things i did for you
for in case you are in my place
you would think i should have talk to and not shout at your face.
519 · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
Im so tired today
finding the right way
as much as anyone can say
im glad its the end of the day

now going home feeling down
trying to forget not to frown
as i approach the door
smiles approach to me y the lawn

its my wife and my kid
nothing more to be said
i came up to them and gave me a kiss
nothing more i could please

we went in and they were asking
asking if what ive been doing
i told them everything
like having a great story telling

we had supper and we ate
still talking until late
my kid now is not awake
as i could see his dreams cant wait

as i lay him down his bed
still see him smile he's being layed
for tomorrow is a day ahead
of his thought being said

now i need to rest body
as i approach our room tiredly
see my only beautiful lady
waiting in our bed calmly

as i approach our bed
my lady smiled to me and said
you did well today my man
and happily kissed my cheek

i close my eyes to rest
i know today is always the best
tomorrow another new challenge
and with my family i sleep to rest
495 · Feb 2016
Write and Feel
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
write with your heart and feel the words
see how you can go beyond the voids
of what you can see feel and write
since you you know what you are writing is right
write to express and not to impress
since if you heart in words and your mind
never doubt on what you feel
even the words for you might ****
its doesn't need to be a genius to have something good
but it take a poet to know how to do it
so write with your heart shouting
I'm a poet in words and a poet in heart
490 · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
darkness is what i am for
in your heart i shall live
shroud the life your having
and poison the dreams you have

you will die slowly and painfully
like a venom i shall **** you
not in pain but in vain
of what you could do when i start corrupting you

they say i am the devil but im not
i am the shadow inside of you
i am the dark side of your spirit
and the chaos waiting to burst out

no one depprive me of what i want
it is vengance that i grant
revenge is what i seek
and happiness is what i deprive

through pain i am living
through vain i become stronger
i am every mans weakness
and their weakness i feed on

i am the one most evil inside of you
i am the one who would ****
i am hatred and you know of my name
and your weakness shall be my power
451 · Feb 2016
Love Letter
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
its not about my words that keep you reading
its the feeling i brought in my words of writing
leaving you heart free and beating
and keep you life breathing

its not the word that kept you awake
its the sensation that you take
no wonder its send chills and makes you body shake
and the movement you make

now its time to show what you see may not be true
its just a words might make you happy or blue
nothing wrong if you don't have a clue
if the words doesn't mean anything to you

since its not the words you are reading
it the words to you  I'm saying
i wonder if this poem I'm making
would make that sad face of yours smiling
427 · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
unsatisfied pleasure i plead
nothing moe than skinship
always looking for this sickness
you are under my possession

love is not part of me
passion is not in my degree
a selfless love of flesh i seek
not to love but to satisfy

i am for everybody
but i can be anybody
your body is what i plead
but my satifisfaction never will be please

i only love what we call ***
i never love the one i had ***
its not passion i possess
for me its its not the best

i am lust the maniac
no body can satisfy me
not one not more but i want more
i am your lifes *****
426 · Jan 2015
smart way
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
its much easier to say you are intelligent
if you keep looking for answers

but far more idiotic of a person
who fights for what is wrong
411 · Jan 2015
Love and Hate
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
we have love and end up hate,
we have accepted and denied,
may be simple to see but hard to understand
we may cherish but also forget

these are things we remember
every time we love,
but these are things we forget when in hate,
love is early and hate is late

nothing more than less,
not even equal for the best,
there is always win and lose,
same as friends and foes,

it couldn't be more stylish,
nor just being Amish,
its not the likes and dislikes,
this is what love and hate makes,

you may be first or last,
you may be truth or the lies,
it does not concern or being understood,
that's just the way it is love and hate,

upon writing this one i may be love or hate,
just making my life complete,
for saying that of all these years,
why do we always love and hate.
392 · Jan 2015
The True You
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
life is not what it seems
rather would say its not what its seen
you don't own anything you see
but you take charge in everything as if for free

what you heard is a one sided story
but believe without hearing the other side
you believe on what you said is true
but false is what everyone sees in you

you are not the one in the center
so stop dragging too much attention
you'll just end up being an aggression
and having your self in discretion

you are not the one in motion
nor having the right emotion
its not hard to know somebody you know
with knowing your self a bit too slow

don't think just say its true
but don't think everybody believes you
everyone thinks you are too self centered
believing that everyone you can cater

you are someone who is a useless
not even worth a penny to the rest
yet you boast all your stupidity
and let everyone on you have pity

cater your self and look at the mirror
and face your true identity and believe
since you are a mock among the fools
yet you believe you have the tool

see what you believe in you is true
but yet you are just denying what is true
you are a wolf in a sheep's clothing
better yet a fool dress up as a king

no matter what you say i wont believe
twisted tongue is what in me intrigues
how do you sleep well at night
knowing that your lies shines so bright
comments are open
355 · Jan 2015
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
in the dark days i was the demon
in the old ways i was the reaper
i never though i could change
never though of it in my life's page

i was the well thief from where i was
the murderer of hopes i wasn't the last
never been clean in my whole life's past
but never though that i could have pass

some would be impossible since its addicting
other say you wont change since to that you are relying
while most say my self I'm just lying
but to hell with them they are not justifying

i can manage to change if i want to
change my self and not just disguising
i want to have what is well enough for me
not just to be someone good for anyone to see

yes i agree with you its hard to do
but can you see the changes i have to do
if i can do this would it have anything to you
or just saying i cant do it and drag me down with you

i have change but its not easy
since most people criticize me
its a a shame that i did my best
but it was not good enough for the rest

I'm tired of this game i play
seems like there is no other way
i have to sacrifice on what i have
for the changes i want to grab

i have change you didnt see
well i never though anyone would agree
but deep in e i did change a lot
since i do have someone who means a lot
comments would be appreciated
353 · Jan 2015
Words of Confession
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
i have something to tell,
deep inside i want to yell,
these words i know i felt,
in my mind i smelt,

trying to speak but not spoken,
to let you know in my heart i'm holding
these feeling like water gushing,
out of my heart into your eyes,

i want to tell you something,
something that you need knowing,
but how do i say this something,
and know that you're listening,

i want to tell you something,
now my heart is bursting,
if i cant say this something,
how would i know your believing,

now i can say this something,
now i'm ready and willing,
my heart is pounding fast,
as i approach you smiling,

as my mouth started speaking,
smiles and tears are falling,
for the words that you are hearing,
are the word my heart is saying,

"my love you are the one,
my only one in my heart and soul,
my love till death may we part,
would you come to my kingdom be my loved one?"

"i wanted to say this to you,
so that you will knew,
that there would be no one but you,
in my heart that is true,"

" so come with me and be mine,
for everyday ill give you sunshine,
no gloom nor rain would come,
cause you are my only one
348 · Mar 2016
mark deo biongan Mar 2016
I was always there with you till you needed the space.
Now I'm thinking that it was wrong to give that space to you because now I'm alone again and miss you.
336 · Mar 2016
To End
mark deo biongan Mar 2016
its much easier with a knife to end ones life,
a broken glass to be sure that you wont last,
a poison for me just to be gone
since im alone and with no one
312 · Jan 2015
Unknown Heroes
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
life so strong so abundant
taken away by rain and flood
nothing but life is important
even worth risking for blood

we are heroes of war
we have cheated death
and survive the horror
even if tears had already set

for we know that its not just for a moment
that we had struggle for life that is darkened
we shall see a new life ahead
and rebuild everything for the dead

we are not strong when alone
but we are when in a nation
lead the flags of life to be risen
to guide those who have fallen

stick and stones may the start
as long as we take our part
a strong castle shall be build
with strong arms we shall wield

we can surpass this as we know it
just keep walking the road of hate
until we see the arms of faith
that we will be embrace for love and faith

wind may howl like a wolf
rain will be thief that stills life
earth shall be the juggernaut of death
but no, we shall not fear but continue
for life is what we pursue

we are strong we have strength
rebuild the nation even we spent
the blood of those who died
shall the new nation will strive

do not fumble, do not fear
for with our love shall be near
don't forget but repent
for this is the time to be mend

we are strong as we may be
that what other nation would see
that in these bruising arms and feet
we shall meet them and greet
306 · Jan 2015
Unbreakable Empire
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
slumber into darkness,
fear of death,
these are our weakness,
but brought us faith,

even we are shook,
even we are drowned,
nor the earth or sea,
shall stumble upon our feet,

it may win us our lives,
but not splinter our soul,
it may shroud ourselves,
but not darken our spirits,

we may be weak outside,
but we are castles inside,
may we breakdown and fall,
but shall rebuild our empire,

don't be a fool and see,
don't cover your ears and hear,
its not the end but beginning,
of what reality is happening,

we may say we are punish,
but we open our eyes,
we may say we are doomed,
but listen to what it says

let this be a message,
to struggle into darkness,
but to look for the light,
even how dark is the night,

we are strong yet weak,
cause we never seek,
the right path to begin with,
but the block to end,

we are strong as we think,
we can do what we want,
rebuild what is destroyed,
and continue on living for the dead.
304 · Jan 2015
Power of Love
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
nothing can describe how i feel to thee
thy heart shall pound only for thee
let it be the gods envy me
for you are the only one my heart see

i don't fear death nor the fear of being killed
i would die for my love and only for her i shall give my life
thy heart shall be for her and no one else
let those who bother be curse as i mutter

if thy love shall be taken it'll be a war that would awaken
not shall the god of war can stop me to take her back
i shall strike those who opposed me for loving her
like lightning by the hands of zeus shall strike thy foe

let it be heard through the walls of heaven
let hell hear the love that i would declare for her
let none shall pass no one has the power
not you not them not everyone for i love her
299 · Feb 2016
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Deny the truth.
Then you deny to learn in life.
296 · Jan 2015
Silent Love
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
no words are needed
just my eyes you read
it will say to you
what i feel about you

you don't need to see
what i am is meant to be
you can see it clearly
that you for me is dearly

i don't have to say to let you know
just a look in my eyes it will show
my love for you is pure that's my vow
even if i wont speak it will show

i can say without speaking
it can be seen without showing
when i hold your hand i love you
when i touch you hair i need you

i want you when i hold you tight
i don't want to loose you when you say goodbye
i will miss you when i kiss you goodnight
this is all truth of my love for you and not lie

i wont speak i love you
for i will show it to you
every day and every night
wont get tired of loving you even we fight

so now you know why I'm not speaking
so you will hear what my heart is saying
that i have shown you everything
that my love is what your seeing.
252 · Feb 2016
Worth [10W]
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Life is worth something..
you are getting it for nothing
247 · Feb 2016
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
do you believe that you can get something from nothing
no i dont you have to have something in exchange for everything
its not saying that its everything but anything for something
all things are being sold the living or the dead

something that has life has value
and even something with no life still is sold
this the life as we know by now
you don't know but even you might have been sold

your dreams, your ambitions,and even your life
its has a tag on for someone to buy
nothing has no value but everything
so its not about the purchase its always the value

you cant deny it you have bought something thats not yours
or might have but someone who not yours
thats what it is in life now
you can never run away from your price

you would not want to be sold yet you sell
you dont want to steal but you were stolen
what value do you have to live
what value do you have to be something

not everything is for sale but being sold
not even you can stop it
not even me can deny it
but it is happening, it is real so dont bother to neglect

since you might not have notice it
but yo might be the one buying it
you you are the one selling it
but the biggest question is. Is it worth it?
219 · Jan 2015
Heart in words
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
my heart is in my words
for what i feel i write
its not a passion or hatred
but its what i want to express

if i write without feeling
word mean nothing
its just simple and plain
nothing special just sane

i tried to work with my heart
and everything was full of warmth
not a single words has no meaning
but everything you put in

its not just my way of expressing
but my way of saying
that everything that you see and read
is what my heart had said

i may not be perfect
that my words get affected
but it doesn't matter anymore
even if it makes you bore

i write because i like the feeling
what my words are bringing
to those who are reading
that happiness or sadness it may bring

i never thought i could write these words
no more than saying a prayer to my lord
it takes my heart and soul
to write a simple poem

i didn't study this to be worthy
i didn't know the rules
its just that i want to write
what i feel is right

now everything has been put to place
everything but a single lace
like gift being wrap
or a composition of rap

hope that everyone would see
everything that i want to be
that my words would keep me free
on what i feel and see

now i end my writing
this is just a simple thing
i write because i fight
for the feeling of my heart is right

— The End —