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mark deo biongan Feb 2016
do you believe that you can get something from nothing
no i dont you have to have something in exchange for everything
its not saying that its everything but anything for something
all things are being sold the living or the dead

something that has life has value
and even something with no life still is sold
this the life as we know by now
you don't know but even you might have been sold

your dreams, your ambitions,and even your life
its has a tag on for someone to buy
nothing has no value but everything
so its not about the purchase its always the value

you cant deny it you have bought something thats not yours
or might have but someone who not yours
thats what it is in life now
you can never run away from your price

you would not want to be sold yet you sell
you dont want to steal but you were stolen
what value do you have to live
what value do you have to be something

not everything is for sale but being sold
not even you can stop it
not even me can deny it
but it is happening, it is real so dont bother to neglect

since you might not have notice it
but yo might be the one buying it
you you are the one selling it
but the biggest question is. Is it worth it?
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
its much easier to say you are intelligent
if you keep looking for answers

but far more idiotic of a person
who fights for what is wrong
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
its not what it seems
not what your eyes seen
senses are way to useless
you have to use something else

its something within you
that i know to deny it is true
its not that complicated in fact its simple
yet a lot doesn't care oh the people

we wonder what we made wrong
but we deny when its coming strong
in guilt we just close our eyes
and sleep with our lies

you can never have the courage
to have confronted its rage
you always run if you can away
but you still end up on its way

there is no way that it will not show
no other way but its the one should follow
for you will be in its mouth shall be swallowed
like a falcon running would not be allowed

the truth may hurt the most
for more its pain is the worse
rather than living in guilt and shame
that we of all the people have already tamed
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
in the dark days i was the demon
in the old ways i was the reaper
i never though i could change
never though of it in my life's page

i was the well thief from where i was
the murderer of hopes i wasn't the last
never been clean in my whole life's past
but never though that i could have pass

some would be impossible since its addicting
other say you wont change since to that you are relying
while most say my self I'm just lying
but to hell with them they are not justifying

i can manage to change if i want to
change my self and not just disguising
i want to have what is well enough for me
not just to be someone good for anyone to see

yes i agree with you its hard to do
but can you see the changes i have to do
if i can do this would it have anything to you
or just saying i cant do it and drag me down with you

i have change but its not easy
since most people criticize me
its a a shame that i did my best
but it was not good enough for the rest

I'm tired of this game i play
seems like there is no other way
i have to sacrifice on what i have
for the changes i want to grab

i have change you didnt see
well i never though anyone would agree
but deep in e i did change a lot
since i do have someone who means a lot
comments would be appreciated
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
life is not what it seems
rather would say its not what its seen
you don't own anything you see
but you take charge in everything as if for free

what you heard is a one sided story
but believe without hearing the other side
you believe on what you said is true
but false is what everyone sees in you

you are not the one in the center
so stop dragging too much attention
you'll just end up being an aggression
and having your self in discretion

you are not the one in motion
nor having the right emotion
its not hard to know somebody you know
with knowing your self a bit too slow

don't think just say its true
but don't think everybody believes you
everyone thinks you are too self centered
believing that everyone you can cater

you are someone who is a useless
not even worth a penny to the rest
yet you boast all your stupidity
and let everyone on you have pity

cater your self and look at the mirror
and face your true identity and believe
since you are a mock among the fools
yet you believe you have the tool

see what you believe in you is true
but yet you are just denying what is true
you are a wolf in a sheep's clothing
better yet a fool dress up as a king

no matter what you say i wont believe
twisted tongue is what in me intrigues
how do you sleep well at night
knowing that your lies shines so bright
comments are open
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
Taste is my desire
what i eat doesnt matter
what i can offer to eat doesnt concern
i may be charge for millions but will taste it

i dont care who cant eat as long as i eat
no money can satify my hunger
no chef can verify my taste for food
i shall eat anything you serve

i dont care of the taste not the smell
as my stomach grumble i shall eat it
im always hungry always being stuffed
nor i can be full of what i eat

no one is hungrier but me
eat and drink i what i live
food is my first love
and wealth i shall spend for it

i am gluttony the undying hunger
i shall eat to satisfy but never full
i shall have everything edible
for my stomach needs more
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
i have no satisfaction on earthly needs
i want more than what i have
i want whats yours and whats theres
everything is mine not yours

i shall have more riches
more wealth more power
everything that everyone has is mine
i shall get what i want when i want it

i shall take it by force if i have to
its mine not yours all mine
everyone has something but i must have everything
mine everything is mine

i am the one they call greed
you cant satisfy my thirst for everything
i want everything even your life i shall obtain
no one is above me greed is still hungry
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