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Lourdes Luna Nov 2017
You cross my mind
Toon often
We’re both looking into
A new set of eyes
With each other’s still
In the back of our minds
Our truth settling in
That maybe we can never be again

I’m trying to remember our reality
Of what we were
An obsession
A drug
Our heart break still creeps in
Though I️ hope to be stronger
Stand against hurt
Knowing your heart still feels mine
Falling weak
Where are you in the world
Sweet man
What do does my soul need to do
To see yours in my dreams again?

Wanting you to hate me
Make it easier to stay away
Be with your lover
But I️ know she doesn’t look at you
The same way
I️ am the one who wanted to stay
Stick around forever
You’ll always make me wonder
What would’ve happened
If we fought through the thunder

I’ll always keep you in my heart
Imagine your smile,
Like an old work of art
You don’t want to hear from me
Allow your life to grow
It breaks my heart to say
But I️ know
I️ need to let you go
Lourdes Luna Aug 2017
the day that i've been dreading
has come
you've moved on
you're really gone

i've had time to heal
I've never been sure about how i'd feel
to see you tell someone else
you love them

maybe it'd sting less if
two weeks ago you
didn't tell me too
how you do still
and always will

now I know i'm free
i don't have to feel bad anymore
but i'll always know, in my core
i wanted it to be us
Lourdes Luna Jul 2017
i saw you
and pretended like i didn't
went on as if I forgot about you
i haven't
you said that's what you wanted
so you could move on
we don't know each other from hereon
it hurts this is what we've come to
deep down,
we both know we'll always remember
knowing we could have gone further
the same feelings of our goodbye
every time i get another glimpse
of your eyes
Lourdes Luna Jun 2017
What have we done to each other
By continuing to hold on.
She told me not to be so ******* myself
"Been there, done that"
One day I'll heal the same way she has.

Mom had a hard loss
With the love of her life
She described her feelings for him
The same way I do for you
That big love
Feeling like the winner
A hurt so deep
She could die

She said she never loved like that again
Not even with Dad
Her mistakes made her strong
The walls grew too tall
Someday soon, I'll let you go
Just like Mom
Lourdes Luna May 2017
I find myself feeling lost
too often
I think I've spent too much of my life
trying to discover myself in
another set of eyes
Waiting for uplifting words from
someone else's voice
to lift my fallen ego

When do you begin to realize
that affirmations from the outside
only bring temporary bliss?
The work needs to be done within
for your heart to feel pleased as is

For that smile you see in the mirror
to feel real
Lourdes Luna May 2017
Hi Everyone,

I've slowly been trying to make my writings and poetry more public. I've decided to begin posting some of my writings on a tumblr page :

It'd be much appreciated if you'd take a look/share. I love receiving any kind of feedback.

Thank you <3
Lourdes Luna Apr 2017
The sad thing is
I know you'll stay away
you wont come
unless I call
you let me lead you around circles
hoping that one of these times
i'll agree to stay
i never do
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