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Lisa Pike Feb 2017
Jumping. Sweating. Feeling.
As I place my hand on my chest it reverberates. Drum and base in me.
Dreadzone in da house.
Energy pumping through our veins endorphins are at full power.
All of us connected with tendrils from each member of this band.
Like umbilicals, connect us.
Jumping..sweating and still feeling.
The colours and images that flicker through my brain. Synapses firing like fireworks.
Smiling..Happy, so happy.  
Thank you guys.
Music festivals live.
Lisa Pike Dec 2016
Once there was only dark.. no way out
Tunnel closed
Not hope but despair

These days it's kinda cool
Bright and dancing.
All fixed up and rounded
Mind alive, sparkling.
Lisa Pike Oct 2016
Only the good die young , they say.
I say, whatever!
It worms its way in and multiplies
From one cell it grows, more and more.
This one time hero now weak, wasting
Voice gone. I should have seen you.
Wanted to hear you.
Needed , I love you, and am proud just once more.
Couldn't but should have.

Encompassing all the spaces.
Pain,extreme, destroys the mind.
Sometimes death is quick or drawn out
******* out your life
Bit by bit, crumbling, decaying

Pharma with the cure. Nature has the cure  money wins
Think positive, be in every moment.

Say 'I love you'  Say ' I love you.
Look forward. Accept what is.
Family, friends love..
Lisa Pike Oct 2016
She sits unassuming
Not contemplating her world
She has beauty
She has prowess and potency to boot
She carries the world on her fragile shoulders
Without malice
If only she believed,,,,,
The world would sit gracefully in the palm of her hand.
Lisa Pike Oct 2016
Sitting here feels like I am home. Cold and hard beneath me,tossed for eons . Colours a plenty and of different sizes, meters deep are the pebbles.
        The aroma of salt,and the tang of it on my lips and fingers. As nature intended our behemoth briny seas to be much greatness and potency. Always respect the insurmountable greatness she has.. Never underestimate..

      Moonlight now dripping , reflections changing. Fusion of sounds from my iPod...influence from the music and nostalgia,I deliberate the power of free thought. So much to 'get' realise and ponder.
Thank you for your warmth, your  gentle breezes and immense winds. So many seas, streams with life a plenty swimming and splashing.
  Tall ones,short ones, trees are just the best.. As we breath out they they inhale our toxin.. As they breath out, we breath in their exhale..
Some of us humans feel sad that greed and ingnorance are slowly choking and ******* you up..
Lisa Pike Sep 2016
Defeated, elated, incredible feeling
Up and down emotionally
Bawling streaming tears
No effort

Empty vessel.
Flask , no tea
Cold outside inside hot
Defiant, rebellious
******* all

Anger rising, high way up
Sadness so low
Nothing in the middle
Laughing not
Moody miserable empty mental health
Lisa Pike Sep 2016
Evoke me
Provoke me
But don't ever poke me

Thumping, repetitive

Ticker tape parade
No quiet but no silence

Acid house rock
Acid house tabs
Thumping repetitive

I see things, I hear things
Real or not real

I plead you, I need you to bring me back from the brink
Have to drink from the fountain of reality
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