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K Feb 2018
Doing things that make us feel alive
When the season of new adventures arrives
Both from different seasons
Bonded by the sun for reasons

Alone sometimes,
Together most times,
Just making it through some other seasons
But we always have coffee in whichever season

We may not find each other on Spring, Autumn and Winter
But remember, we'll always have Summer.
Wrote this for my cousin/sister on the night before her birthday
K Oct 2017
Am I just too sensitive?
Am I just making everything my problem?
Am I just too weak?
But maybe it is really just too much?
Either way I have to keep waking up every morning.
Force myself to look okay.
Force myself to feel okay.
Wanting to learn despite everything that has happened,
Despite everything on my mind.
So, maybe I am strong.
Maybe I am a survivor.
Maybe I can keep going.
I was bored sooooo
K Oct 2017
I tried everything so they could see me
I silenced myself so they could hear me
Don’t want to beg for help
Now I’m trying to help myself

Trapped in a balloon of random ****
Not one ever tried to pop me out of it
Not even myself
So, I let myself fly so far away

Until I saw my sun
Melting everything away
I was bored soooo
K Oct 2017
Soft wind was blowing through the dark night
Making everyone fall into a slumber
The ocean, calm as if it was also sleeping
Then a rush came in the midst of the calm sea
Longing to find the lighthouse
Creating a wave that no one felt or heard
And so the rush begins to calm
Never reaching the lighthouse
Not even close to its reflection
I was bored soooo
  Aug 2015 K
"One more round
will never be an option"
I regret uttering my reckless words

I'm choosing to love you in the shadows
Here, I'll be the only one hurt

As the leaves continue to fall,
As the Earth continues to spin,
Each day passing,
I'm longing...
Longing for your affection
  Aug 2015 K
Andrew Switzer
I can't remember what time feels like,
Or how to form a genuine smile.
I've forgotten the sound of my heart hammering in my ears,
And the sensation of touch is a beautiful memory.
Gutted. Numb. Hollow. Lost.
K Aug 2015
How could an angel be on Earth?
Maybe he is God's gift to some people of the Earth
The first time I laid my eyes on him,
I immediately fell head over heels for him.

The sound of his voice is like the waves of the ocean
Every time he sings you'll feel his emotions
Every Time I see him playing those keys,
It always weakens both of my knees.

He's like an angel in human form
That gives sunshine instead of a storm
Every time I'll look at his serious face,
Thats the time when my heart beat raise.

I never plan to fall this hard,
Not meeting him is more than hard.
I always dream of that someday
He'll be my angel sent from the Milky Way.
Every night before I go to sleep,
I ask God if I could have the angel  in my sleep.
To the super talented guy that I like since last year, who doesn't even notice my existence.

— The End —