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Sep 2014 · 370
Haiku #2
Kristen Ordonez Sep 2014
The noise of cold fills
Valleys of snow dust and flakes
A new symphony
Sep 2014 · 424
Haiku #1
Kristen Ordonez Sep 2014
Green veins wither down
Life escapes with autumn's breath
Taste before the bite
Sep 2014 · 514
Kings Isn't For Royalty
Kristen Ordonez Sep 2014
I want it again, another great night
Wine-soaked cards stuck to a plastic table
Where we can't use names and accents aren't right
And sitting on the ground feels more stable

It's been my favorite by far, you were there
Your smiles was stained with jokes and flat beer
But that didn't make your hand leave my care
Or when happiness spiraled and left tears

Will there be a night when you're not around?
When shadows gather but don't look like yours
It's the only one that helps keep me bound
The buoy that saves me from hitting shore

These nights are what life created for us
When liquid courage pushes me to trust
Sep 2014 · 311
Never Say Always
Kristen Ordonez Sep 2014
Nothing actually savors on the tongue
     Everything is temporary
Glimpses of Memories Past might be saved
     along the creases in your mind,
But they dissipate with the particles in time
     Wheels may turn and gears might crank
All will not really be there
     Bruises that once covered the ridges of your breastbone
Fade into the skin, the marrow, the blood
     Pushing and pulsing that had felt right
Will only be dreamt of as wrong
     Home is never a sturdy thing,
No matter how deep the foundation goes
     Time likes to play us like a fish testing bait
The fun of it makes us unaware
     That we've lost the hook on what we're looking for.
Aug 2014 · 493
Through Their Looking Glass
Kristen Ordonez Aug 2014
I could write the lives of those behind the glass-
For the young couple that smiles quietly over a full table of food;
For the graying dog whose head perks up every time a bicycle passes;
About the television that plays for an empty living room;
For the children's faces that are lit up by the screen of smart phones
rather than a parent's bad jokes;
About the impurities that rip through the air over a curfew argument.
But I wouldn't want to intrude.
Others lives are meant to be seen through fuzzy goggles,
Not binoculars
Aug 2014 · 14.1k
Different Kind of Kinky
Kristen Ordonez Aug 2014
I've never been a huge fan of hands
But to have yours, any place and every place
Would satisfy the surge coursing through me
Aug 2014 · 176
Kristen Ordonez Aug 2014
When I shun from your grasp, it not because your touch hurts me
My fingers have just been frozen for too long
When your gaze and mine do not meet, it is not your eyes that frighten me
It is the kindness in them that is too difficult to swallow
When your laughter flutters happily between us and I don't speak,
My words tend to struggle--flee---escape
When I tell you a future together terrifies me,
It isn't because there isn't enough love between us
There is not enough love between Me and Me
love fear relationship him kindness
May 2014 · 364
Teach Me Something
Kristen Ordonez May 2014
I need a tutor, I think you'd be perfect
What am I failing in? A few subjects
(I'm kind of a mess...)
Geography and art, mostly
But seeing you here, in front of me,
I know you're perfect

We'd be great at geography
I want to map out your landscapes
Out of the air
The slopes of your shoulders, the dips from bone to bone
The hills of your arms that can cradle me easily
Wrapping me in the warmth that belongs to this world of yours
The ridges in your spine are stones across a soft sea
My fingers can jump from bump to bump-
Traveling shore to shore-
Without losing a breath

You'd help me out a lot in art,
All I want to do is photograph
These new marvels I see
The deep creases near your eyes that grow with laughter
Your eyes themselves,
Beads of pure light that flow into me
I can't escape their gaze, nor would I want to

Mapping out this world that lies within my grasp
Would be the greatest adventure
Feeling everything-
From the sole to the soul,
Engulfing myself in this new culture
called Love
It sounds familiar, but I've never experienced it
Only heard of or seen
You seem fluent in it, though, willing to try
Want to show me around?
I'm a faster learner, and I think
You'd be a great teacher
May 2014 · 262
Thank God for Apple
Kristen Ordonez May 2014
I'd rather listen to the echoes of lyrics than the broken beats of my heart.
Limitless nights spent listening to harmonies are sweeter than thinking about a left-heavy mattress. My ear-buds fit comfortably, filling my head with sound, better replacements than a hand that no longer fits.
The chords carry me places where memories carve out pieces of me and hang them on the wall. The jagged edges drip with the feelings I couldn't express, and showed the tattoos of those that I did. They weren't understood, just ignored. But the lyrics, the sound, the energy, they take out the nails from the shredded parts of me, they sew up the wounds he gave me till the rushing stream stops and I can move, the pain lessens, with every song

— The End —