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  Jan 2016 kevin vazquez
James M Vines
My 8 track tape is now a museum piece, **** carpet is a health hazard now. No one knows what disco is, and bell bottoms are back in style. Life revolves in a circle. Some things that were old are new. Once I could read the album print, not I need glasses to see the news. I have slowed down as of late, a trampoline is an enemy of the state. If I am not 30 minutes early, then I consider myself to be late. Everyone is driving too fast, and music is now too loud. I'm not sure what blue tooth is, I think I will ask my doctor the next time my yearly check up comes around. I hear about mp3 but I am not sure what movie rating that is. Jokes I still think are funny, just annoy and embarrass  my grand kids. Loafers are fashionable and I don't have to bend over and tie my shoes. Elastic in my pants is welcome when ever I want to breathe. I seldom have time to watch t.v. since I spend all day watching what I  eat. I have come to a fore drawn conclusion that I must admit, I am old I think.
  Jan 2016 kevin vazquez
Kelley A Vinal
Light and dark
The place they meet
Alive with color
Yet hard to see
The words between
The words you speak
Come forth and scorch
The pain beneath
The reaction of your hand on mine
The Sun could never beat
Through every day
And every night
You are within my dreams
Like Jupiter's storms
Or Saturn's rings
You make me feel
Many things
  Jan 2016 kevin vazquez
Can I borrow a kiss?
I promise i'll give it right back.*
I'll kiss every scar
that's been planeted on your heart
and love you for who you are...
I want to love all of you,
your body, your heart,
your soul and your flaws.
If *imperfections make things beautiful,

then you're a masterpiece.
.......*Can I borrow your love? I promise i'll give it right back.
  Jan 2016 kevin vazquez
Loving you is easy,
I can do it in my sleep;
I dream of you so often,
its like you never leave.
I will always care for you,
even if we're not together
or far away from each other.
I love you just like the sun,
You are both masterpieces.

.....And even though it dark all around you,
you still manage to shine
and light up the whole world.
I know that the sun will rise soon
and it won't be dark...Its the same way with life,
**when you have a dark moment
you have to still try because
eventually everything will be fine.
You say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...
  Jan 2016 kevin vazquez
I want to be all that you're seeing
when your broken heart stops beating
as the living leaves your being
I want to be there to see you bleeding

this dream is never fleeing
I can't seem to ease this seething
as your earthly being is leaving
I want to see you cease from breathing

— The End —