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 Jan 2015 Kevin Eli
Ashley Kay
I forgot how you smile as you speak
the words are soft, gentle
with a familiar hint of sweet

It's great to watch you shine
as you achieve those once distant dreams
like the stars are alive in your green eyes

The light must be contagious
because I feel a strange sensation swelling
in between my heart and ribcage

Manifesting from a place I lost  touch with
two years ago, my thoughts tonight will engage
memories from a place located on the road behind.
 Jan 2015 Kevin Eli
Ashley Kay
 Jan 2015 Kevin Eli
Ashley Kay
He drew a flower
it was the way she walked
the color of her lips
how she smiled at trees,

He fell in love with
the gap in her teeth
the serenity in
her personality,

The flower could
never measure up
to her fragrant beauty.
 Jan 2015 Kevin Eli
The time we spend here
passes in the blink of an eye,
And before you know it
it’s time to say goodbye.

We suffer so much
in our given season,
But the pain we feel
happens for a reason.

So you can learn to appreciate
the good things when they come,
Like the memories of dear friends
or the rays from the rising sun.

I know it’s hard now
and I won’t pretend it’ll be easy,
But we’ll heal and carry on
despite the wounds that’ve cut so deeply.

Goodbye isn’t really goodbye
we’ll meet again someday,
So hold your head a little higher
and just take things day by day.
Time and again
We kneel down
Before time
Illusionary bind
Within its span
We give excuse
And swear
On past, present and future
Won’t let us grow
For now
We accept, time
Maybe sometime
We will defy it
 Dec 2014 Kevin Eli
Dhaye Margaux
I won't forget the day you said
That you will love me forever
And with that glow in my finger
I entrusted my life to you
My past
My present
My future
All of me
Is yours.

I don't know why you left me
Sailing alone
You started smiling
While I'm here
Waiting for your help.

You waved your hand
Like boasting
The absence of your ring
While curving a confident grin
From that face I longed to touch
But slowly fading from my eyes.

Into the sea
You left me
From the misery
Of your retreat
But, no!
I struggled
To swim
And live
For you
Because I was still hoping
That one day
You'll come back
To rescue me

But you never did.

Now I have learned
To swim against the waves
Reached the shore
And can play with the sea-

   I don't need you anymore.
For her...

*A new version of an old piece. I altered the last verse then added another , then the final line.

A FREE verse.  LOL
 Dec 2014 Kevin Eli
I crack that ****** spine
with the deftness of a pro.
The scent of her potential wafts
into the deepest recesses of my brain.

It's enough for only a moment,
a cursory glance at the supine sides
already becoming supple beneath
my nimble fingers as I push the edges wide.

The anticipation is beyond containment
as I lie back on soft pillows and take
a sip of wine. There is no point of return
the weight of my deed is filled with guilty pleasure.

And I sigh...

I gently remove the cover and peer
hungrily upon her bold delicious title
and we begin our journey together,
I turn the pages, and she, tells me her story.
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