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Tiffany Aug 2017
love is balance
push and pull
give and take
like a scale
it cannot exist
when one side
outweighs the other
Tiffany Aug 2017
Close my eyes
Lay still like the dead
Stare into the darkness
Thoughts running through my head

Close my eyes
Feel anxiety closing in
Lose myself online
Escape my mental sin

Close my eyes
Wait for sleep to come
Realize it's hopeless
Wait to see the sun
Tiffany Aug 2017
she speaks of how
he saved her
but little does she know
that while he lifted
her head above water
she saved him
from drowning too
Tiffany Aug 2017
the silence
between them
was deafening
        - *what words could never say
Tiffany Aug 2017
there's magic in the moonlight
like the magic in her eyes
it bathes the world in silver light
casting shadows as passions arise

there's heat in the night
like the fire in his eyes
it burns and rages between them
cries rising like smoke to the skies

there's chaos in the darkness
like the chaos in their eyes
it envelops their logical minds
their bodies slave to the prize

there's peace in the shadows
like the peace that enters their eyes
it settles in the bones and souls
with whispers that bring forth the sunrise
Tiffany Aug 2017
beauty once vivid and bright
will soon begin to fade
it withers, crumbles, and dries
it loses its brilliant shade
             - *the toll of time
Tiffany Aug 2017
it wasn’t until
i met you
that i believed
in something more
for how could there be
anything less
when someone
like you exists?

there must be something
in the works
beyond the laws
we’ve come to know
like past lives,
the afterlife,
a force beyond
our comprehension

of all these questions
there’s one thing
i know
to be true
a single lifetime
on this earth
is not enough
with you
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