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Mar 2020
You know your life is full
You know what it is like to shake hands when you leave the house
you know what its is like to say your first greeting
You know what it is like to watch the sun shine in your eyes at dawn
You know what it is like to sit in the bus seat and watch people walk in their own tune?
You know what it's like to be a part of a crowd and then get lost in it
You know there is a way to get ahead in the race
You know you want to stop. You're tired
You know the echo of the train from the road above
You know that the first greetings of the morning  is your beginning
Do you know what to do with careless walking?
Do you know when the rain looks good?
You know  when the rain is bring your heart to life
You find that every drop of it makes you happy
You know the sounds of those laughs is coming from the next two streets
You know those kids playing in the park in front of you, and the next moment they were fighting  together.
You know you're laughing at your heartΒ 
You know, today you all messed up things  but then you gave up it to  tomorrow
you know that you have a sky full of stars to forget about the night?
You know someone was looking for me by my name. Then they called my name and said we will meet again tomorrow
You know how easy it is to say goodbye to someone
you know  you are thinking like there is no break in your life?
You know what it means to live life
You think life is what you are given
You know life is hollow today
You know the sun was watching you today with anger
You know there are few   left to hear your first greeting
You know the silence echoing on the upper street
You know, people now stopping somewhere along the way
You know you want this race to come into existence again
You know, you know, crowds are a solution you can lose yourself in
You know hope is like that
You know you have a lot of trouble today for tomorrow's mistake
You know there are no kids crying  in the park in front of you
You know the next two lanes are door bands
You know that drop of rain was like ***** mud
Do you know when the rain looks bad?
You know what the distances from fear are
you know what it is like to loose the authorities
You know what life is all about
You know what the fear of death is
You know in some days they won't remember our name
You know, their memories will blur our faces
You know what I'm thinking
about today :))
kainat rasheed
Written by
kainat rasheed  19/F/pakistan
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