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Feb 2022
life is a flower, an echo of laughter.
a scene of blooming  colors.
then there is a  gentle breeze near it.
then there is a ripple of fragrance.
then there is a shelter of desires around.
then that will hug you tight and encircle your eyes.
then In its will you will pluck it again.
then Below it there is a thorn like a spike.
then in the middle of blood flow there is a sharp pain.
then there is a scream from empty ground.
that no one listens to.
that's where your deficit is waiting for you.
life is a trial.
after the trial there is a beginning when a Flower withers.
there it Become petal one by one.
this is how the time of each flower is decided and fixed.
that how long it smiled in it's bloom.
then will you throw it away?
then You will save it by picking up it's petals.
then You will hold yourself up again.
then you will put it in the middle of book.
where your story begin to flow .
you  will write it up. How did you pass from flower to petal?
a paper that is Drenched in your tears, ink will  spread on it.
every word of it will be in  remembrance of your laughter.
then you will say, What a life like a fragile flower it was.
but dont left  this book in tears.
write on it   that how you will Encourage  to gather yourself again.
keep the book of the past with you, never throw it .
all the bad and worst have made you.
this book is asking you to feed this flower again.
it want to save a scene, where an innocent child to laugh heartily when he sees it blooming in its own color.
Writer : Kainat Rasheed
kainat rasheed
Written by
kainat rasheed  19/F/pakistan
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