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I fell in love with a dream,
and then I woke up.
It felt like a gut punch.
I wanted so badly for
the dream to be real,
but it wasn't.

The antonym for
dream is
And the reality
that she could
never love me
like I loved her.
to be perfect
sound thinking!
 Mar 2020 kainat rasheed
Star BG
I turn on the lamp of love in my mind
moving as its glow shines. As it
spreads out eyes into day.

Energies spiral as voice aligns with breath
and song resonates outward shines. As moments of sand pile so memories begun.

I turn on the lamp of love in mind
that never burns out. That is
light particles magnetized
by heart pulsate.

Engirds spiral to enter cells
with breath as every ***** feels
energized and human form becomes crystalline.

I turn on the lamp of mind for my soul
and send it to the world to know
everything is grand and alright.
Everything is alright
 Mar 2020 kainat rasheed
Keep washing your hands, don't touch your face.
Keep praying for protection from corona-virus too.
You are too Valuable to loss to this evil sickness.
Keep praying and I shall keep praying for you too.
You are Loved by God as well as loved by me also.
So keep praying and distancing your-self People.
Your Life purpose and writes are too valuable to lose.
 Mar 2020 kainat rasheed
no matter what's going on,
Just find a little place in you
To stay warm &
Escape the darkness
That sometimes
Is this world.
no matter what's going on,
Find a little place in you
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