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 Jul 2020 jules
 Jul 2020 jules
I admire women
who could've turned
cold after everything
they've been through
but still choose love anyway

there's strength in that
 Jul 2020 jules
 Jul 2020 jules
I envy the sun —
for it always rises
 Jul 2020 jules
 Jul 2020 jules
at any stage —
a rose strikes beauty
 May 2020 jules
 May 2020 jules
I lay here
In bed
Bathed in soft orange light
Thinking of you
And your phantom
And the tears that sting
My eyes when I think
Of you
And your soft, golden skin
And the pale amber that bathes my walls
And my face
And spills into the night
At 2 A.M. when I’m cold
And pulling
The rich velvet
Blanket of your laugh
Up to my chin
In the dark.
 May 2020 jules
the cycling of emotions
the ebs and flow of the consciousness
the paralysis of thought
the dreaming of creations
the planning out and doing
the repeat
 May 2020 jules
lena k
 May 2020 jules
lena k
you stole my light
when i told you to stop
and you ignored my red light
and kept going
like my body was undiscovered land
and you were a colonizer.
perhaps my asking you to stop
turned you on
made you hungry.
you looked at me with your hungry eyes
like i was fresh meat
for you to take and have for yourself
ignoring my stop signs
because i am nothing more
than an object to you
made for your manipulation and pleasures.
consent is key
 May 2020 jules
i am not ashamed of the parts
you saw of me
you should be ashamed
of what you did with them
they always take pieces of my soul and release them to the world. they were meant just for you.
 May 2020 jules
Poetic T
An avalanche of empathy
covering me in suffocating

That I wasn't the mountain,
       more the snow.
               Soft and delicate,
   sentiment never compacted enough.
 May 2020 jules
Ammar Younas
 May 2020 jules
Ammar Younas
Night sits on my chest
Squeezes poems out of me
And grinds my poor soul
 May 2020 jules
Corra Hayre
 May 2020 jules
Corra Hayre
You were moon-drunk, speaking words
only uttered under the stars
because even you yourself feared
what left your swollen tongue.
You feared yourself more than I did
and that scared you.
But it scared me more knowing
that it would happen again, knowing
that your shadow would grow darker
every night until your star-sipped liquor
turned your fear into another monster
in the night; one that this time,
I couldn't run away from.
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