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 Mar 2017 Josy
Drinking Buddy
 Mar 2017 Josy
Shiny flask full of fun,
Shall I fill it with whiskey or ***
Wanting only to refresh my day,
Maybe with coconut from Parrot Bay?

After all, it's my best drinking buddy
That always makes me witty and funny
With never a shout, cry or pout,
That is, until the whiskey has run out!
Doh... Can't drink all day, if you don't start in the morning. It a ****** Mary morning.
 Mar 2017 Josy
Katie Ann
 Mar 2017 Josy
Katie Ann
your love letters used to make me feel
and then hate
but now
they are just words on paper
and all they make me feel is
 Dec 2016 Josy
Joseph Floreta
This isn't poetry,
Only words you've said to me,
This isn't poetry,
But things that hurt me,
This isn't poetry,
But pain that rhymes to my piece,
This isn't poetry,
Only your sweet goodbye kiss...
 Nov 2016 Josy
Joseph Floreta
I come to you
in your own dream world,
dressed only in my darkest desire.
 Sep 2016 Josy
Joseph Floreta
Please don't get me wrong.
I don't really love you,
Not even like you at the very least, I usually hate you very much.
I hate the way you tease me,
The way you smile when I get super irritated,
The way you laugh at everything I say and do,
I hate it when you don't appear at times when I expect you to., and when I look for you.
I hate it when you're effortlessly so good at everything,
When you set anything into motion with your little words,
I hate it when you suddenly move so close to me. When you make my heartbeat so fast.
I hate everything about you,
I hate it when you become serious.,
When you look at me with your soulful eyes,
And so easily takes my breath away.
I hate it when you say "please, don't go." when I say I really, really have to go.
I hate it when you don't look at me the entire day.
I hate it even more when you're away.
I hate to admit the fact that I feel lonely without you.
It's as if I'm not complete.
I know I'm dumb,
But I didn't expect my dumbness to go this far.
I can't believe, I fell inlove with the person I hate the most.
 Mar 2016 Josy
Elizabeth Burns
Will they even remember...
My heart
Will they even rememb...
My soul
Will they even rem...
My smile
Will they even...
My glance
Will they...
My words.
 Mar 2015 Josy
Unrequited Love
 Mar 2015 Josy
Unrequited Love
The most **** thing about a guy has nothing to do with his clothes, hair or eye colour.

It's in the way he looks at you with longing, when you finally find out he wants you just as badly as you want him.

When he pulls you so close to him that there is literally no space between you, because he can't stand the thought of there being any.      

When he kisses you, so that it feels as if he is stealing the air from your lungs, and for those few seconds you forget what air even is.
When all thoughts go out the window and its just him, with you,in the most simple way possible.

Now that is the definition of ****.
Pure passion is ecstacy...
 Mar 2015 Josy
DC raw love
 Mar 2015 Josy
DC raw love
What would you do
If no one loved you

Would you cry
Would you sigh


Do you care
Do you swear

Do you look for love
Do you hide from love

Do you want it
Do you need it

Do you know what love means
Real love
Never ending love

are you a hopeless romantic
romantically wanting love

What are the feeling of no love

are they silent
are they loud

are they sharing thoughts
are they lonely thoughts

do you have thoughts of joy
do you have thoughts of nothing

do you smile
do you cringe

do you want it

It's actually not that hard to find

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