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Josy Nov 2023
I plan to look the best I’ve ever looked,
make more money than I’ve ever made,
Love myself more than I ever did.
Josy Oct 2019
I am happy to be with you.
But I wish you would let me go.
Im not right for you.
You are and always will be my forever.
Im sorry.
Josy Sep 2019
I start to think about things sometimes.
Whether we’re right for each other or not,
Whether this will be a forever thing.
At the end of the day it’t not our decision it’s what our hearts tell us.
Josy May 2017
I am not in love.
I'm just hopelessly
falling for someone that doesn't
even know I exist.
Josy May 2017
Yeah..... I myself admit that I am easy to play with and not in a good way. I'm so disappointed and depressed I just don't say anything cause I don't like showing it I don't like the attention. I don't seek attention. I just want to be happy I might smile, laugh and **** but do you really believe that's how I feel. That's just my other face. No one seems to understand why I am the way I am. I just want to start all over again I want a second chance. Change who I am because honestly not even I know myself. I'm alone and afraid. Deep down I'm crying for help I want someone to care like ** *** ** did once or played with me and made me believe that he did love me with all his heart.
Josy Mar 2017
you whisper
I love you
what you mean is
I want *******
Josy Mar 2017
he only whispers i love you
when he slips his hand down my pants.
i know i don't need him
but i want him...
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