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Josy Sep 2019
I start to think about things sometimes.
Whether we’re right for each other or not,
Whether this will be a forever thing.
At the end of the day it’t not our decision it’s what our hearts tell us.
Josy May 2017
Yeah..... I myself admit that I am easy to play with and not in a good way. I'm so disappointed and depressed I just don't say anything cause I don't like showing it I don't like the attention. I don't seek attention. I just want to be happy I might smile, laugh and **** but do you really believe that's how I feel. That's just my other face. No one seems to understand why I am the way I am. I just want to start all over again I want a second chance. Change who I am because honestly not even I know myself. I'm alone and afraid. Deep down I'm crying for help I want someone to care like ** *** ** did once or played with me and made me believe that he did love me with all his heart.
Josy Oct 2016
I'm happy and you don't seem to understand that.
Josy Mar 2016
Every guy in my life has disappointed me
to the point where i don't trust anyone no more
include my dad, sad to say but it's true.
Josy Jun 2016
while everyone else was playing hidden-and-seek outside,
you would hide me in the room and you would seek my body.
Josy May 2017
I am not in love.
I'm just hopelessly
falling for someone that doesn't
even know I exist.
Josy Nov 2016
I'm the type of person that gets easily hurt.
Because I trust everyone.
Josy Mar 2016
i knew you were that type of person to just walk away,
when you felt like it.
just like everyone else did,
you thought it was going to hurt me.
but the only thing you did was give me hope,
of what could of been an us.
Josy Nov 2023
I plan to look the best I’ve ever looked,
make more money than I’ve ever made,
Love myself more than I ever did.
Josy Oct 2019
I am happy to be with you.
But I wish you would let me go.
Im not right for you.
You are and always will be my forever.
Im sorry.
Josy Sep 2016
The only thing that's killing me right now,
is the thought of you being 3000 miles away.
Josy Sep 2016
your hands between my thighs.
i'm a little shy, but you don't seem to mind.
you think it's cute when i get shy.
i grab your hands as a sign letting you know it's ok
you stopped and looked at me.
smiled and said i love you.
you kiss me and said "it's going to be alright".
Josy Aug 2015
You can see me anywhere with a smile, but when I'm alone that's when all those tears come streaming down my face.
Josy Sep 2016
when i meet you i thought to myself that you were the most amazing guy ever. you made me laugh you from the start. stood out from the rest of the guys. i didn't know you but when you hold my hand i got this feeling that i never felt before. i got so nervous i didn't know what to say i just smiled. my hand began to sweat i was so embarrassed but you liked how shy i was.
Josy May 2016
remember when we would just stare at the sunset for hours
and you would always say something cheesy like "the view looks amazing".
i would nod my head giving you a sign that i agreed with you.
but then you explained yourself that you weren't talking about the sunset.
i'd smile and the push you away.
you then smile and told me you were serious,
then pulled me and kissed me.
Josy May 2016
you were never good at stop signs.
sometimes you wouldn't even care to stop,
that is what you did when you walked out on me.
i was never that person you loved or cared about,
i was just another stop sign to you.
you saw me but never cared to stop.
Josy Apr 2016
I felt like time would stop when I was with you,
but not for you your time kept on going.
Josy Mar 2016
I knew it was to good to be true
someone else came along and you took it.
Josy Sep 2016
i told you that i was fine and that i was better off alone.
but really i was just so hurt and couldn't stop thinking about you.
i got used to be held in the night cuddling with you,
how our future was going to turn out.
i miss having that one person that would tell me "i love you" and make everything better.
to be told that you cared about me.
i guess you can say you're the one that got away and took everything.
Josy Mar 2017
you whisper
I love you
what you mean is
I want *******
Josy Mar 2017
he only whispers i love you
when he slips his hand down my pants.
i know i don't need him
but i want him...
Josy Mar 2017
I know we agreed not to fall for each other but you confused me when you said "I love you" the other night.
Josy Mar 2016
You told me you loved me.
you told me you were sorry.
you told me i was the only one.
you told me you were never going to hurt me.
you told me that they were lies.
you told me that you were going to make me happy.
you told me you were always going to be there for me
but where are you now...
Josy Mar 2015
When he kissed me I was breathless,
you asked me what I felt I was speechless.
I smiled then looked down you picked my chin up
then kissed me again.

— The End —