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they're pushin plastic
tellin me it'll be fantastic
but my brain goes static
thought my soul was bombastic
but they want me elastic
I swear that it's drastic
but they keep pushin plastic
and they pull out the mastic
it's a quick fix
to nix
my organic mix
bring on the gmo tricks
I've wished and I've wailed
but the words impale
I wanted
so dearly
to be proven wrong
told to be strong
but the throng
raising their prongs
keep pushin plastic
Growing tired of my tongue, I pulled it through my lips
Planted it in my garden right next to my red tulips
It blended in so well, and I wanted it to sprout
I was curious to see what kind of flower would pop out

I ran all out of water, and couldn't find a hose
My tongue was drying up next to every thriving rose
So I used my stomach bile to foam a waterfall
Hoping for success, but that didn't help at all

So I cut myself open, bleeding out my every drop
My tongue began to sprout, but then hit a sudden stop
I wondered what it needed, it said "I need to drink your fears"
So I gouged out both my eyes and fed my tongue all my tears

It grew so quickly at that time, and spread a million seeds
But all that grew out of those bulbs were ugly, horrid weeds
There are those ugly burdens of life and                                                                We are greatly overburdened with those                                                                Absurd,ugly,and sad pressures of life ...                                                                 We try to overcome those ugly pressures                                                              Of life ,but all in vain and hopelessly ....                                                                Unless we are standing on a hard ground,                                                            Then all we do is useless and absurd anytime ...                                                    Life pressures us to fight back its atrocities,but                                                     All comes uselessly and all in vain anytime ...                                                        ___________________­
Your eyes, they always cut me
With the daggers that they stare
And your hands always tell me
that they don't want me there

Your words, they are so jagged
They slice like broken glass
And they leave me feeling shredded
Like a sand storm has just passed

My lies, they sting like venom
Quickly coursing through your veins
And you say you've had enough
But we all deserve some pain

My lips, they can't keep quiet
They're full of anecdotes
They're always such a riot
Telling all the greatest jokes

Your eyes, they're saying something
They try to speak to me
But they never saw this coming
When it was clear as it could be
I sleep very little
And instead I just write
My thumbs often twiddle
And my nails I bite

My brain's running backwards
I think it always has
Taking in other factors
To see where my thought lands

I know I'm just nonsense
And my mind has no course
But I don't want a fence
Around my mind like yours

My words are so insipid
And repeatedly reused
If you knew the things my mind did
You'd be entirely confused

But this pen is all I have now
It's the therapy I crave
All else has let me down
So this is how I've been saved

I don't believe in most things
Or most people that I've known
I keep my heart on tight strings
Forever remaining alone

I don't believe in Jesus
And I don't believe in God
If you're missing any pieces
Maybe I will seem quite odd

But this is who I live as
I just do the best I can
And you can kiss my sweet ***
If you don't like who I am
 Mar 2015 Johnny Overseas
You envelope me in your big, strong arms,
Coax me into staying in bed just one more day.
"You don't need to go to class," you tell me. So I don't.
I know that I should go,
That I should want to go,
But your grip is so tight that I can barely breathe.
You are the dominant one in this relationship.
I think I tried to fight it at first,
But this has been going on for so long that
Somewhere along the way I stopped trying.
I stopped fighting
And let you take me over.
Sometimes I don't know where you end and where I begin.
You and I are so intertwined.
I would love to experience life without you,
But I don't think I would know how to.
Unlike everyone else who has come and gone like the tide,
You've stuck around.
You're the only constant I've ever known.
I guess I should thank you for that.
i often times get distracted from myself
by the person i like to think that i am

she's a ******* catch
     a cash-in-hand
     done-deal find
worth every dime

i'm tangled up line
     woven into the creek-bed
that couldn't even catch the sunlight

but it's alright

     i got a few coats of gold krylon
hiding my rust from the mirror
 Mar 2015 Johnny Overseas
Say you love me
But only if you mean it
I dont take empty words
For nothing
I am a writer
I take all your words to heart-
Its hard to tell if what Im feeling from him is real. Or if its all just in my head. Im just not enough for him, I think. Who knows. Not me.
flawed to near insanity
but long as you could hold down a job then its alright
isn't that a wise policy she asked
i'm not so sure
watching the clowns strut their stuff
in the midnight sun
they are reckless to be certain but self aware to a fault
just makes it all the more bizarre
watch em go at it with each other over the simplest thing
its no way to live
you can vouch for the living as long as you haven't died
and this madness is just shy of being in a pine box
so darling lets get outa this crazy place
get away from the thinking
that you gotta be like everybody else
get away from the plastic hippie rat-race
roll down the easy highway
find us some sweet sunshine to breath in
find us a better life to be
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