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Johnny Overseas Apr 2015
I feel you when I'm with you,
Like time moves slow,
I know more than you know I know.

Your touch is filled with anxiety
That's why I don't want it
Your kiss, puts us exactly where our eyes meet
And it leaves me haunted
You touch me with urgency but never take it anywhere
What are you afraid of?
My words could never lead you to believe
that this was love, but you don't care,
This isn't love, that's what you're afraid of.

I feel you when I'm with you,
Like time moves slow,
I know more than you know I know.
I hate it when it's not love but it still has to be.
Johnny Overseas Mar 2015
I want the people I owe to know I'm working really hard to pay them back
I want my soul to know it's alright that pain when you cling to my back bones

New unknown unknowns
The frame re and re froze
Don't forget to strike a pose
Don't forget that no one knows
where you're gonna make your light go
Johnny Overseas Mar 2015
Do you ever have dreams where you're running as fast as you can.....

But it still isn't fast enough?
Johnny Overseas Mar 2015
Love, what a joke when you're alive like me,
But you like to laugh along until you tell me what you want, tell me why it can't be
You got guns and guns, you make sure to load the clips for it
You get me nice and close you know kissing distance, and let your pistol whisper it.

Go ahead and buy those things to make yourself feel like you've found it.
Being lost I've found 'finding' funds flagrancy; and just goes to compound it.
Gimme this gimme that, does this lifestyle you know, make me look fat?
Get your own body (stop watching mine) what do you think you should look more at?

Love, what a joke when you're alive like me,
Try to stay awake to observe your nature and I fell asleep up in the tree,
Buy yourself a ticket take our time and have it tossed
You lit a fire in me, I got lost in you, now I'm on fire and lost.

It was wrong.
Now your gone.
I'm lost.

Do you have any idea how sick I am of myself?
Or what that's like?
(Chances are you don't)
Burn yourself with an iron, get really good at it, do it all the time then you might.

I'm to that point where I can't brag about my fears, not anymore
They just make me scared. (That's what they want)
Driving backwards to go forwards in a car without the rears,
Still feeling more comfortable impared.

Light the fuse and wait for no explosion, being blunt: I can't find a point.
My mom told me every day I was special, I was chosen,
Then she marked a made up friend who's easier to anoint.

Through all of this, nothing is constant.
Not mother, nor brother, nor pa
Mother gave me to a father who lost me
Now I expect everything to go wrong.
To be gone.
To be lost.

Feeling for affinity in streets all filled with enemies
I've had my fill of friends who tease then climb on me to meet their means
Got enough **** problems of my own, stuck in a government that wants my bones
Home of the brave, land of the free, host to double down hypocrisy (the parasites are profiting!)

I guess I'm ****** to be ******, collar free slavery
For every shambled man or ma'am who wants to sign into democracy
Get em trapped up in the schism boys! Get em boys get em!

We're lost.

We've lost our way.
Or maybe it's just me.
If you're out there please say, please stay.
We are this lands new beginning.
Johnny Overseas Dec 2014
How is it I feel the way I do?
Living in this generation often leaves me quite confused, broken, bruised.

Let it be not that which you may believe.
Step aside the actions and reset what you perceive.
Grieve not about that which you verily have grieved.
Take a hit, be SURE to dodge the next. Duck and weave. Duck and weave.
Johnny Overseas Sep 2014
The wind whips wistfully once again,
I wander in the willows.
Where were you while I wander in the willows?
Prob'ly picked a pal and put your head upon their pillow.
Until it finds my will, oh I'll be counting to until, oh.

And until it 'comes until, oh, I'll be wand'rin' in the willows.

Wand'rin' in the willows wants me walkin' in the weeds.
Willful killful is the till-full that would plant what please the needs:
A wrapping of our hands before you leave on leaves, the breeze.
'Fore walk with me until oh,
Since we can't stay here in the willows.

And until it comes until oh, we'll be wand'rin' in the willows.

See, what I want won't willow with me if it's wand'rin' in the willows.
Neither will it reach until, oh till it kills, oh this until, oh.
It should me wander back the weeds,
Forget this please, unbreath this breeze,
But you leave, to me alone, this willow feels until oh, see?

And until you come again, until, oh, I'll be wand'rin' in the willows.

The wonderful the willows,
This tragic love until oh.
It may
In may
It may willow.
May be,
Until, oh......
Hm. I only seem to be able to write like this in autumn.
Johnny Overseas Jul 2014
I'll catch butterflies
and bring them back to you.
Release them in your garden,
like a lovey dovey fool.
And all these winged insects,
mantis, butterflies and crickets
flap along on the electric light that pulses from your world.

Keep those butterflies alive, I'll be bringing more.
Is this how you love someone?
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