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Chelsey Jun 2015
I want you to  l e a v e
But need you to  s t a y.
You make me so *******  a n g r y  sometimes.
I just want for us to be  h a p p y  again.
I guess I don't know if we  c a n.


I  c a n' t  do this anymore.
I  l o v e  you, baby,
But I  h a t e  myself when I'm with you.
This isn't  w o r k i n g.
I think we're  b r o k e n  beyond repair.
Let me tell you something that ain't real.
Chelsey Jun 2015
Slashing my wrists
Would be more fun than this.
Chelsey Jun 2015
you looked at me and i forgot how to
breathe me in like you're suffocating and i am made of
air just doesn't seem necessary without
you were the best thing that ever happened to

me without you is completely
meaningless was my life before you walked
in came the love and with it came
pain is inevitable but i thought we were

too much pain, too much fighting, too much
stress does not a healthy relationship
make me remember why i fell in
love me like there's no

tomorrow i'm afraid i'll wake up and you won't be
there is never a right time to say
goodbyes are hard and i refuse to let you
leave now and i swear you will never see me


i love you but i swear to god you will never see me
again i let you in my
doors never stay shut for
long periods without you make my skin

crawl away but you'll always come back to
me without you is completely
meaningless is this stop-and-go cycle of back and
fourth time's the charm, right?


i need you but i know you're bad for
me without you is becoming a
possibilities are endless and i think i will be
okay is nice but passion is

better without you and better for
it will be okay, i
promise me forever and proceed to walk
away with with you, away with the

memories hurt me more than you ever
did you really love me or was it just a
games are fun but i need something
serious relationships are hard and neither of us are to

blame me and i'll blame
you will always be the one who got
away with you, away with
missing you hurts me more than you ever did.

so. much.

goodbyes are hard but i'm forcing you to
leave now and maybe it will hurt
less is more when it comes to you and
me without you is exactly what we

goodbye, my love.
take care.
Chelsey May 2015
They say we leave fingerprints on the lives we touch.
I have been scrubbing at my skin for the past
eight months
trying to erase yours,
but now matter how hard I scrub,
I can still feel you as if
you were still here.
Chelsey May 2015
You told me once that you worried more
about other people than yourself.
You worried so much it made you sick.
It kept you up at night
wondering, but mostly hoping, that those you loved
would be okay.

It took me a while to understand this, but now,
now I think I do.
You loved people with everything you had,
and that is harder for me than it ever was for you.
But I found someone that I worry about
more than I worry about myself.

And, god, it makes me sick.
It keeps me up at night
wondering, but mostly hoping,
that he will be okay.

I just really need him to be okay.
As long as you're alright, I'll be fine.
Chelsey Apr 2015
You're a solid nine.
But seven ate nine.
I guess that makes you a ten, then.
Chelsey Mar 2015
You envelope me in your big, strong arms,
Coax me into staying in bed just one more day.
"You don't need to go to class," you tell me. So I don't.
I know that I should go,
That I should want to go,
But your grip is so tight that I can barely breathe.
You are the dominant one in this relationship.
I think I tried to fight it at first,
But this has been going on for so long that
Somewhere along the way I stopped trying.
I stopped fighting
And let you take me over.
Sometimes I don't know where you end and where I begin.
You and I are so intertwined.
I would love to experience life without you,
But I don't think I would know how to.
Unlike everyone else who has come and gone like the tide,
You've stuck around.
You're the only constant I've ever known.
I guess I should thank you for that.
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