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Jane Jun 2016
There laid my body
I was found
There went my mind
I was lost
Though my body was in the present
My mind was no where to be found
  Feb 2015 Jane
This is a poem......
you don't have to read.
You're busy at home
watching Cable TV.
On Twitter or Facebook,
reading all the minuta
that comes down the feed.
My words may be little,
my words may be small.
But, each and every one
of them, I own them all.
Some will take time,
and others will pass by.
These words will be mine,
till the day that I die.....JMF 2/19/15
I think my inspiration for this was Dr. Seuss, if you think about it he is the Foundation of a lot of Poets by exposing them to it at an early age

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
Jane Feb 2015
No ocean can out blue your eyes
For the sun isn't as bright as your smile
No hand has the right spaces for mine
A bubble compaired to you is low
For the sun will rise
For the sun will set
The one thing that will never change
You're noticeable beauty.
  Feb 2015 Jane
You used to be
Someone I loved,
someone I cared about,
Someone I cherished,
and someone I held.

Forced myself into thinking,
that I will always love you
Even if the idea of the perfect person
I thought you were,
was gone forever.

I loved you,
But never had you again.
I held on to you,
But you pushed me away.

How was I going to live?
when my perfect dream became a nightmare?

I'll go forth.
To the happiness
That sought my worth.

Then, I will no longer regret,
No longer be lonely.

And have the courage to say that,
**"You're no longer my Robin."
  Feb 2015 Jane
Love for everything there is to live.
Live for everything there is to love.
Haven't written in a while.
Jane Feb 2015
In the mist of the darkest days
My love for you is as pure
As a blooming spring flower
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