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Victor Jan 2015
Love for everything there is to live.
Live for everything there is to love.
Haven't written in a while.
Victor Nov 2014
I felt punch drunk.
Then i hit the floor.
However, i was too numb.
To feel the pain.
To feel the sting.
So it never hurt,
but the scars remained.
Victor Nov 2014
Dear sir or madame ,
PLEASE, stop spamming the website that means a significant amount to every individual involved in this community.
It would be greatly appreciated.
You are causing a nuisance to many of us whom simply want to enact in the enjoyment of either reading or writing poetry.

Sincerely ,
Most of us?
I know im not the only one tired of this savagery.
Victor Nov 2014
My two best friends,
if only they loved like i love them.
Victor Nov 2014
You're eyes , they sparkled that night.
Made me forget of the horrors we constantly live through.
It's as if you knew.
But how?
Victor Jul 2014
Just grab her by the hand and run away,
Far off into the distant light.
Don't even look back,
Merely hold each other tight.
Just hope when it catches up,
It's not looking for a fight.

*Because it can and will consume you.
"If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Victor Jul 2014
Remember when I would bring you sunflowers with the roots still grasping dirt?
*It was all I could do. Especially with roses past overdue.
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