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every love makes you
forget the word* pain.
every pain makes you
forget the word love

don't lose yourself in
the process of loving, darling.
love can be magical, powerful and wonderful
but it can be destructive.
the greatest tragedy of life
is not to experience
love and the worsest part
is to live
just only to breath*

there was once a tree
who refused to let go of its leaves.

there was once a tree
who tried to hold its leaves.

but when the time comes,
when the leaves wither.

there is nothing the tree can do but

to see its leaves
slowly falling down
from its branches.*

i was once a piece
of beautiful paper,
cut into a heart-shape,
colored with red and
neatly placed at the left
side of my chest.

and then you came
with your heart on fire,
i am enchanted by your warmth
that i let you embrace me.
but i never thought that your fire,
would burn me down.

i was once a piece
of beautiful paper.
but now,
i am no more than
a piece of small gray particles,
forgotten ashes
scattered by the wind

never to be found

if revenge breeds revenge,
will there ever be an end?

if killing breeds killing,
will there ever be a change?

if war breeds war,
will there ever be a peace?
in this chaotic world
the "law of the jungle"
remain unchange
this was inspired by the book i've read
the first sentence was not written by me
we have
different perspective
in looking at

We are guided by our own point of view.
We judge according to our perception, philosophy and beliefs.
So don't talk if it is not necessary.
It may harm other people.

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in the darkness,
there are different kinds of light
there are lights that;
too bright for you to see the truth,
too dim for you to distinguish the reality from fantasy.
there are also lights that may burn you down.

but the best of all is the light that comes from him---
Our Father.

Our God

lesson #4 from moth

To be able to distinguish the different kind of lights is to open the eyes of your heart.

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