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Viona Lauren Sep 25
the hot tears from
your blurry eyes,
roll down
your cheeks,
as you muffle your sobs
into the pillow at night
so no one can
hear you or your heart
shatter again and again.
your favourite velvet pillow
will not remember
your tears
from that dark night,
but let me tell you,
those black sheets of paper
beside your laptop,
that you try to keep hidden?
the ones filled with words
and words of sorrow
that flowed out of you?
they’ll never forget
those thoughts, those doubts,
the sound behind every heartbreak,  
the emotion behind every sob,
and behind that,
every twinge of pain.
- a poet’s emotions are never lost

©️Written by Viona Lauren 2019
writing has helped me so much to get past my emotions & come out stronger out of every situation.
Viona Lauren Sep 21
i miss running around
the park
with the strong winds
blowing through the strands
of my jet black hair,
my smile so bright,
it could make anyone
smile instantly.
i miss dancing
without a care for the world
be it in a mall
or in a busy restaurant.
i miss reading books,
giving all my attention,
to every word,
every page,
until i reached the epilogue.
i miss visiting new places,
my eyes peering
through the window,
breathing in
all the sights & glories
now i think,
i just miss
being happy.

©️ Written by Viona Lauren 2019
Viona Lauren Sep 17
if you make me believe,
every word that dripped off
like pure honey
off your lips,
had the littlest white truth hidden in it,
i would have thrown away the books in my hands,
almost slipping over the papers on the floor, running to you,
like a girl in a sunflower field,
running to meet her lover.
unfortunately (atleast for you),
it’s not the same anymore.
the words coming out of your mouth
are poisonous, vicious
lies, basic lies.
i know you’ll watch me walk away nonchalantly from you,
knowing i was your going to be your biggest loss,
and maybe,
i’ll throw a grin away at you,
a little something
for you to remember
me by.

©️ Written by Viona Lauren 2019

— The End —