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Sep 17
if you make me believe,
every word that dripped off
like pure honey
off your lips,
had the littlest white truth hidden in it,
i would have thrown away the books in my hands,
almost slipping over the papers on the floor, running to you,
like a girl in a sunflower field,
running to meet her lover.
unfortunately (atleast for you),
it’s not the same anymore.
the words coming out of your mouth
are poisonous, vicious
lies, basic lies.
i know you’ll watch me walk away nonchalantly from you,
knowing i was your going to be your biggest loss,
and maybe,
i’ll throw a grin away at you,
a little something
for you to remember
me by.

©️ Written by Viona Lauren 2019
Written by
Viona Lauren  18/F
     -, jules and Christine Ely
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