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1.3k · Jun 2021
Elastic Heart
marc rios Jun 2021
I have thick skin
And an elastic heart

But your blades it might be too sharp

Im like a rubber band
Until you pulled too hard

Well i may snap, but i move fast
You wont see me fall apart

- Sia
What a great lyricist she is
890 · May 2021
marc rios May 2021
She opened her eyes
Staring in the ceilling of solitude
No jobs, No bills
Waiting for the time to come
But will it ever?

She does her bath
And attended her gyms
Eats in the cafeteria
Of the misdemeanors

She has the hand of Hermes
Good for pickpocketing and handicrafts
In her other time she has
A shadow she becomes doing tricks and trades
Pro you can say in cards, she had a lot of time to practice

Just like that her youth wasted
An act of atrocity
Leading to an ended road

She sure has a lot of time
But yet running out of
Only what she can do now is remorse

She has freedom
But yet leashed
Only what she can do now is behave

A freedom inside is not a freedom outside
Only then you realize what value freedom has
When you dont possess it
847 · Nov 2018
marc rios Nov 2018
somewhere over the rainbow
where i can meet the sky
leading below to where
you and i found eachother
781 · Oct 2021
marc rios Oct 2021
On my way
Find you
Lost Myself
632 · Feb 2022
Fool me twice, shame on you
marc rios Feb 2022
Well Sometimes
You just have to be blind
In order to see what the
Truth has to offer you
558 · Nov 2021
marc rios Nov 2021
Crying is good for you
I can't keep telling
That myself Everyday
534 · Jul 2021
First Flower
marc rios Jul 2021
Will recieve
His first Flower
He dies

When i saw this my jaw dropped....
It's simple yet so deep
Ive never thought of this before...****
493 · Apr 2022
A line of silver
marc rios Apr 2022
I wish i could take this pain out of my chest
Because i know for sure
That tonight i will be weeping in my sleep
I know for sure
That when i wake up tomorrow
The ache will only continue
The next day will be the same

But i am hoping for a night
Where i will sleep loved
And wake up tomorrow
457 · Jan 2022
True Form
marc rios Jan 2022
I can only be
Perfectly myself
Nothing less
Nothing more
398 · Oct 2018
Life and Pain
marc rios Oct 2018
Life is full of surprises
It may shook you
It may anger you
Or it may give you happiness

But sometimes it may also give you pain
Pain that gives you pressure
Pain that gives you ache
Pain that will physically hurt you
And Pain that gives pleasure to somebody

But the pain that hurts the most is the pain that comes from the people you love
Destiny is a very tricky and a very playful thing, sometimes Destiny will be our friend and sometimes it will be our enemy

Now to the pain that comes from our love ones
A pain that comes from it is a very hurtful and a very offensive attack that can cause your world shaky and devastating

It will bring tears unstoppably impossible to pull back
It will make you feel like being tortured
and it will sometimes drive you crazy

Especially, when you gained that pain from a  backstabber that makes up different stories and excuses just to get you down

That pain, if you felt that kind of pain it's the pain that you feel from the inner part of the heart, the pain that connects and destroys your whole body

The kind of pain where you feel lost
The kind of pain where you feel alone
The kind of pain that don't heal quickly and easily

But you can either fall back or fight back, it's your choice but the best is to stand still and fight back

There is also a special way that will make you feel better
It's the kiss and love from someone that loves and understands you

Every body has its weakness
Everybody has imperfections
But everybody is not born to be wild,bold, and strong to cover those weakness

Everybody don't get the chance to  shine
There is always somebody that's always in the bottom no matter how hard they tried

Life really is full of surprises
It may be good or bad
It may be lucky or unfortunate
But always remember

We are the captain of our fate
We control our future
We control our self
We control our choices
348 · May 2021
Untitled Feeling
marc rios May 2021
I wonder what would it be like
If i told you my truth
If i shared you my story
If i offered you a door to my heart

I would have never ever wear a mask again
But i just dont think i have it in me
I don't have the guts
To open the pandora's box inside me
336 · Dec 2018
my very core
marc rios Dec 2018
I make people laugh
jokes to tell
happiness i spread
the joy i give in


deep inside me
i feel miserable
this melancholy i feel
the negative aura i ranged

this grammar is wrong just like me

i make people laugh
but i feel miserable
,they dont even care
321 · Feb 2022
Nightmare worth dreaming
marc rios Feb 2022
All i can see is red
In a nightmare about you
Myself advised me to love you
Myself warned me to hate you
And all i did was watch me
Fall deeper for you

All i see is regret
For not loving you enough
And for loving you too much

I caused myself pain
And love not like anyone else's
It was worth remembering and forgetting
It was a nightmare worth dreaming
313 · Feb 2022
marc rios Feb 2022
Sometimes you just have to listen
Where the heart beats tries to lead you
And follow it
306 · Nov 2018
Follow me!
marc rios Nov 2018
Follow me!
my world
That is
******>not full
i wrote
my feelings
and honest opinions
but i need
me to
deliver my
are somehow
i say
i am
only writing
this to
get some
305 · Dec 2021
marc rios Dec 2021
In the hand of the right person
A rock can be as valuable as diamonds
295 · Dec 2021
Climate Change
marc rios Dec 2021
Not the
We are
293 · Apr 2019
Memory Lane
marc rios Apr 2019
A big burden i've felt
with great pain and suffering
as i walk down into the path
down my memory lane
286 · Aug 2022
Only if its a sleep away
marc rios Aug 2022
You have no fault nor i can blame you for my misery
If this pain will fade a sleep away
I'd fall faster than how my heart did
When our path crossed way
285 · Jul 2022
marc rios Jul 2022
As you grow and blossom
Some leaves will stay
Some falls and some sprouts
But you just have to keep standing
Because as they all come and go
No one but only yourself
Is always going to be there
To water you with strenght
Fertilized you with dreams
And give you your own sunlight
When you are about to succumb and falter
267 · Nov 2021
marc rios Nov 2021
Nothing beats
The sharp notes
From the sound of music
Where agony stabs you repeatedly
With each lyrics putting you back to misery
1.6 "Catastrophe"
256 · Nov 2021
marc rios Nov 2021
I got so drunk to you
It made me lose sight to what mattered
My family went blurry
My friends went away
And i stayed drunk
I stayed thirsty for love

I stayed addicted
To your poison paradise
In remorse
marc rios Jan 2019
I know in fact this is never wrong
im not confused nor confounded
because i know in my very core
this is whats right
i cannot be wrong and i should not say its wrong
i need to fight this
to prove that its worthy of conflictions

You dare to beat without understanding,
for what lies beyond is'nt something reassuring
you dare to speak for you could negligent,
cause what may come after needs solving with intelligent
you tick for the forbidden
but yet you soar like it ain't burden

But i need to feel love for thats what we need
                                       We all need love but that aint the one kind
I want to be caressed by an angel
                                        You aint getting one lets cut it loose
Beautiful future to attend for me
                                         Attend my lessons you dont need attentions
Hope is faded for i am conquered
                                          Atlast! Atlast! fly free now like a bird
         From now on these sights will not be blinded by the light
                                         Cloud 9 has fallen
                                         Hope is fading
                      But maybe atleast judgment isn't rising?
239 · Apr 2019
Hiding is maybe not bad
marc rios Apr 2019
Hiding, for i'm building power
Power, in order to be a winner
Winner, to be an achiever
Achiever, to be a believer
And believer, to to inspire people forever
236 · Jun 2022
- Marc
marc rios Jun 2022
All villain are just
Broken heroes
235 · Feb 2022
One full moment
marc rios Feb 2022
I dont need you to promise me
Your everlasting love
One timeline can be timeless
One happy ending can feel endless
One lifetime could easily feel lifeless
But im holding your hand
Walking in the rain
Warming each other seamingless
229 · Aug 2022
marc rios Aug 2022
What is Life but a Fraud
If not with Torment
226 · Nov 2018
thy thee!
marc rios Nov 2018
Stated on the 6th commandment
that killing must
not prevail
blood scatters within our brothers and sisters
humanity is slowly degrading
religion and culture
thy thee
make change for humanity
thee will be a spirit of inspiration
225 · May 2022
World on Fire
marc rios May 2022
It only takes one eye to see
What monster the people have become
Yet even with two
Many still chose to get blindly
Selfish and arrogant
221 · Mar 2019
Hopelessly Devoted To You
marc rios Mar 2019
Im a fool, crazy, and to whatever you decide

I love you and I want you

Can you do the same for me?

I think im breaking, broke, and broken

You teared me, devide me and destroyed me

Would you dare to come and stitch for me?

I can't believe im destined to like you

But believe it or not my heart beats for you

Im f*cked up and messed up for i am

                  hopelessly devoted to you.
216 · Jul 2021
Gleefully Triumphant
marc rios Jul 2021
Keep Shining
But I Hope Your Smiling Too
210 · Jun 2021
Night Therapy
marc rios Jun 2021
The gleaming stars shine
Into the surface of my skin
Sitting by the roof
Millions of thoughts i could think
And one only surfaced
It's face and it's beauty
It's the galaxy that i see
207 · Jun 2019
To be honest
marc rios Jun 2019
I am tired
Im exhausted and i want to give up
I dont want to feel like im masked by layers and layers of insecurities
I dont want to pretend that im always ok
Im tired

I feel like i just want to cry but i cant
I think this is what happens when you pretend too much
You wont be able to feel normal things that you're  supposed to feel
Why does it has to come this way

Im scared to soar
Im too frightened to fly
I dont even talk to my friends very closely anymore
I dont even want to walk around the neighbour
I just dont have the confidence anymore

Everynight i think about my self
It kills me inside knowing how things have change
And knowing im not the same person anymore
It just gives me anxiety and depression

I want real friends
I want a bestfriend
I want a friend that i can share with
A friend that i can be honest with
And a friend who can accept me for who i am

I need a friend who i can confidently show the real me without layers of mask and pretentions
Here's my first time sharing this feeling
199 · Apr 2022
Temporary satisfaction
marc rios Apr 2022
I kept everything hidden
Stacked behind the thickest wall i built
It made me felt safe
It gave me all the hapiness in the world
Until one day the wall leaked
Suddenly im sitting somewhere alone
Pathetic and sad

The spaces behind it is no longer empty
All these painful memories rushing are making me weary
There is no running now
There is no escaping now
As a single tear drops from my eye
I realized the price i paid for that wall
Was myself
193 · Mar 2019
marc rios Mar 2019
Vague, a word used for uncertainity
Vague, a word used for unclarity
Vague, a word used for your sincerity

You know why your sincerity?
Because your love for me is uncertain
Even a telescope cant see it clearly
For it possess so much unclarity

You should accept me
Not because i accept you
Accept me
Because you accept me

Love me
Not because i love you
Love me
Because you love me
185 · Feb 2022
Painful Cut
marc rios Feb 2022
The day i lost you
Was the day i lost a piece of me
You were the reason
I raised above
But now the reason
Why im drowning

The day i lost you
Was the beginning of a new chapter
Pages of blanks
Ghost written by sorrow and pain

The day i found you
Was bittersweet
Because it led to a yesterday of love
Left to a present with our memories only
183 · Jul 2022
marc rios Jul 2022
Thank you
For being part of my life
And sorry
For being part of yours
marc rios Oct 2018
I am me
I can freely choose to my decision
I can feel cry and be happy based on my reactions

Life and Death are both ferocious
They cause bad and good things without any precautious
You may be lucky and happy without a frown
But a moment will come that makes your world upside down

The thing about life is that it goes and it ends
But the thing about death is that the end is the end
A tragic moment that you may never forget
But filled with love it will not make you regret

Love and Birth are a special thing to praise
A new born child with all the love to embrace
A mother gives light for a life to become bright
And a father guides you to become someone who you might

Together they stand still
And supports you with/without ill
They are my superheroes that gives you flight
To a whole new world and a direction which is right

Peace and War are both impossible to resist
It depends on the people to wherever they want to exist
But peace and war comes to an end
To start over again and refill those moment to become an end

Life and Death and Love and Birth and Peace and War on the planet EARTH, is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth
178 · Oct 2021
marc rios Oct 2021
I was drifting away in the sea
But the waves sent me back
I was supposed to be free
Now it's pain and suffering
All over again
1.4 "Catastrophe"
175 · Apr 2019
Rain or Shine
marc rios Apr 2019
Rain or Shine
Ill shower love with mine
To bloom you like rose
And dancing petals will rose
Rose(flower)  rose(rise)
172 · Nov 2021
marc rios Nov 2021
Your incandescent light
Is burning up my eyes
172 · Jul 2022
marc rios Jul 2022
Did i drank too much medicine
To make me sick?

Did i took your poison in disguise
In thoughts it could heal me?

Did i pushed the antidote away
So you wouldn't go?

Do i just love to self sabotage
And think someone would
Come and rescue?

Or am i just too damaged
To think i don't
deserve any better
168 · Sep 2019
marc rios Sep 2019
All the stars that i see brightly
Outshine me almost everday
Giving me shades
Turning me to gray
I only shine the brightest
When im in my shamest
Anger filled my bottles
Locking my wings away
Shadow my old friend
Here i go again
167 · Nov 2018
A Tower of Mistake
marc rios Nov 2018
I Tried this
I Tried that
I Tried anything
I Tried Everything!
I'm soo tired
Trying something
I'm so tired
Trying the best
When all I get is
A whole lot of mess
And mistakes
Well that's how you see it
A colossal junk of mistakes
You don't even appreciate
Say something thankful
Because all you see in me
Is a person
A tower of mistake
156 · Sep 2022
Sept. 6
marc rios Sep 2022
My heart has become
A town for ghosts
153 · Mar 2019
Thunder Rage
marc rios Mar 2019
Can anybody...... help me?
Is there anybody out there?
Please..... im begging
Im lost....again, like i always used to

Out here in the dark
The rage glows and sparks
I cant bare to handle this no more
Im scared

My pride? Its gone loose
My strength? Its gone rouge
And my mind? Its lost

The rage builds up
Like particles with attractions
Its forming and it formed,
A thunder raging with violations

Help me... im tired
Volt me, shock me, and electrocute me
As long as you wake me
And stop me from completely turning
Into a thunder raging with violations.
marc rios Sep 2019
I have written you something
Except its not finish yet
There's this thing in the tip of my tounge
I can't spit it out and paint it for you
The words are easy to be said
Only if you dont mean it
My heart speaks for the truth
And the words are the I LOVE YOU
The reason why i cant write it for you
Is because you dont want me to
145 · Nov 2018
Mother Nature's Wound
marc rios Nov 2018
Ice Age, Cold Days, Winter Time
there's this thing that dont change
we devour naure as we live for our benefits
we keep living and believing as if there's no consequences
where did love go?
when it is needed the most
where did inspiration go?
to our natures thomb?
many battles are celebrated and mourned
many pecies are filling the earths grave
many glasses are opened and made
but why cant we all take time to heal
our mother nature's wound
141 · Nov 2018
marc rios Nov 2018
Your lucky numbers are

You skip
the numbers
thats why you did not notice
there's actually
a letter in it
i bet you read back
and check it again
but theres really none
you're reading this
idk why
but still here you are
as you keep
reading this
your just wasting
your time
you can now go
and leave
like seriously
your still here
have a
nice day
and i kinda
hope it work
i mean
it did right?
that would be really
a shame if
it didnt
okay bye
imma stop talking
140 · Apr 2019
Are we really alone?
marc rios Apr 2019
With all the hundreds
of celestial objects in our galaxy
  billions of other galaxies in the universe,
do you still think
were alone in space?
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