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marc rios Sep 2022
Some things never change
But you certainly did
marc rios Mar 2020
Three dots
Corresponding to what im about to say
I actually have nothing to say
marc rios Apr 2020
a dark deadly poison
created by desperation
fooled by the minds illusions
caused by the greatest delusions
anger once peace
filled with blood
and catastrophic events
a brute, once a man
paid the debt of a life time
the heart once whole
now buried together with it's pieces
those pieces were seeds
of a man's becoming
watered by every teardrops
caused by his one and only sadness
a decision who he thought could repair
an action out of despair
in the end it was a mistake of an unforgiving consequences
once a blind, now wide awake
and all he can see are regrets of tommorow
marc rios Apr 2019
A little piece of advice
Dont pull the trigger
Before you shot someone
and its too late
marc rios Apr 2022
I wish i could take this pain out of my chest
Because i know for sure
That tonight i will be weeping in my sleep
I know for sure
That when i wake up tomorrow
The ache will only continue
The next day will be the same

But i am hoping for a night
Where i will sleep loved
And wake up tomorrow
marc rios Feb 2020
As i lay in the solid ground
The black angel whispered
The words are murmured
My tear drops waiting it's last

I've seen beauty in the light
Healed the pain i have longed suffer
That was the lightest
My soul has ever felt

My breath was running
And i was catching it's presence
I was getting tired of drinking
These winds of life

Then i have reminisced these frames
Decorated with such joy and moments
So i whispered to the angel
Bring me back to where my destiny's rooted
I just got back writing 😊
marc rios Apr 2019
With all the hundreds
of celestial objects in our galaxy
  billions of other galaxies in the universe,
do you still think
were alone in space?
marc rios Nov 2018
I Tried this
I Tried that
I Tried anything
I Tried Everything!
I'm soo tired
Trying something
I'm so tired
Trying the best
When all I get is
A whole lot of mess
And mistakes
Well that's how you see it
A colossal junk of mistakes
You don't even appreciate
Say something thankful
Because all you see in me
Is a person
A tower of mistake
marc rios Apr 2019
Is like a pearl
Precious yet can be dark and beauty
Filled with depth and mystery
marc rios Jun 2021
I like how my cheek still smiles
How my eyes stop rains
And how i act like i have the bravest heart

Just like the lil riding hood
Smiling stupidly
Failing faithfuly
Unkowingly walking to the slowest death
Caused by a poisoned mentality

Searching for
What i can be
Who i can become
And where i can fit
Is easier said than done

But until then
Ill just keep filling
Myself like a bag
Dumped with unresolved resolutions
marc rios Apr 2020
I had a dream
It could have been a nightmare
To anyone who might care
marc rios May 2020
Drip drip drip
Falling into the glass's space
Filling up bodies with it's very strong taste
Washing everyone's physical state

Perhaps not only it

Could drain one's mental state
Forgetting problems all of a sudden
Is it's very fine effect

Feeling like all of things float
Numbing all the aches we loath
What a water like this exist

A kind that I'm forbidden to drink
marc rios May 2020
All red
All vengeance

All hatred
All misery

It keeps the flame
In color and character

But you stared
With your ocean eyes

Calming the beast inside me
Now's a new chapter

A red from blue
An anger from love
A blue flame, born from with-in
marc rios Jun 2021
like the butterfly effect
It's so easy to regret
I will never change
The way we left

Though I wish you never broke my heart
I don’t want a brand new start
I'm not me without my scars

- A band called "Before You Exit"
Please take time to visit this band, you will never regret it. Their kinds of music are high quality yet so underrated.......
marc rios Sep 2019
I have written you something
Except its not finish yet
There's this thing in the tip of my tounge
I can't spit it out and paint it for you
The words are easy to be said
Only if you dont mean it
My heart speaks for the truth
And the words are the I LOVE YOU
The reason why i cant write it for you
Is because you dont want me to
marc rios Oct 2021
On my way
Find you
Lost Myself
marc rios Sep 2020
I'd fly to the highest sky
Dive to the deepest sea
Just to stray away from cages

But no matter how high or how deep i would go

Chains will always hold me

The chain of anxiety will always drain every ounce of my confidence

The chain of sadness kills what's happy inside me

The chain of depression whispers darkness around me

The chain of confusion doubts the real person within me

And the chain that will forever hold me, the chain of existential crisis

These chains that hold me will drag me to my cage.
The prison i created for me, locks a small voice deep inside me.

And it will never be free unless i have the courage to weld the key
marc rios Sep 2020
Would you say I'd be happy if i pick my own choices?
Would you say I'd be happy if i walk my own road?
You would, wouldnt You?
Then why is it that the lane i travel feels alone?
marc rios Jun 2022
Fall if you are bound to fell
You cant always win
That's just life has always been
marc rios Dec 2021
Not the
We are
marc rios Oct 2021
The Only Time
Someone Will Truly Hold Me
Is When Im On The Edge Of Death
But Then Again, My Expectation
1.2 "Catastrophe"
marc rios Jun 2019
Some Are Born To Break
Some Are Born To Build
Some Are Born To Challenge
And Some Are Born To Support
But I Am Different
Because I Was
Born For
marc rios Apr 2020
i saw it and i watched it
the stars did it, the stars wrote it

the stars above wrote out destiny
the destiny of not having each other
marc rios Dec 2021
What price did you have to pay
For your happiness?
marc rios Aug 2022
When our eyes meet
The world spoke in silence
marc rios Jun 2021
I have thick skin
And an elastic heart

But your blades it might be too sharp

Im like a rubber band
Until you pulled too hard

Well i may snap, but i move fast
You wont see me fall apart

- Sia
What a great lyricist she is
marc rios May 2020
What is this enchantment
An enchanted Love

Try to break free
Of that undying Love

Horses and ruins
Im with my whole life

What is the potion
To stop those felt lies

Im no one
But still
Im the one who you loved

Ill try to save you
Even it'll cost my whole life

Princess Consuela
Just wait i will come

Here is Julio Garret,
Will free you
From that odd, brute man
marc rios May 2020
Free! Free! Free!
Free me from this sorcery!

A voice inside me
Is now all i can be

I was once free
Like a bird in a tree

Now i am caged
I can never go flee

Oh my Julio love
Someone got me

A beast in heart
Twice a beast from outside

I know in my heart we bind
Find me cause
I am trap in my own mind
marc rios May 2020
I mix, i brew all potions there is
All kinds of death, and misery not bliss

I solve all complex
With drops, i flex

But all for you
A love potion can fix

The consuelas will pay
All of them will pay!

My vengeance will come
The time is nigh
-Thorax Lints
marc rios May 2020
And so i searched
Through jungles and cave

I've traveled with creatures
Found treasure i dont need

Im scorching these lands
With madness im filled

Be threats or be dreadful
Im sure to do it all

With all these clues
Im close to you

I've heard all stories about that brute
A witch like him
Will face beheading
-Julio Garret
marc rios Oct 2021
I was drifting away in the sea
But the waves sent me back
I was supposed to be free
Now it's pain and suffering
All over again
1.4 "Catastrophe"
marc rios Nov 2021
Sometimes you just can't help but feel
Like you've lost the will to live
marc rios Jul 2021
Will recieve
His first Flower
He dies

When i saw this my jaw dropped....
It's simple yet so deep
Ive never thought of this before...****
marc rios Apr 2019
An infant, you flew
Around years it bloomed
It dont seek to you
But with shred of water it falls

The sand who bloomed
Was turn into pieces
When its thoughts explore
The forbidden door it adventures

And now it understands
You flew to a nest
So little did it know
Some other crew exists
I made it deep because its very personal
marc rios Nov 2018
Follow me!
my world
That is
******>not full
i wrote
my feelings
and honest opinions
but i need
me to
deliver my
are somehow
i say
i am
only writing
this to
get some
marc rios Feb 2022
Well Sometimes
You just have to be blind
In order to see what the
Truth has to offer you
marc rios May 2021
She opened her eyes
Staring in the ceilling of solitude
No jobs, No bills
Waiting for the time to come
But will it ever?

She does her bath
And attended her gyms
Eats in the cafeteria
Of the misdemeanors

She has the hand of Hermes
Good for pickpocketing and handicrafts
In her other time she has
A shadow she becomes doing tricks and trades
Pro you can say in cards, she had a lot of time to practice

Just like that her youth wasted
An act of atrocity
Leading to an ended road

She sure has a lot of time
But yet running out of
Only what she can do now is remorse

She has freedom
But yet leashed
Only what she can do now is behave

A freedom inside is not a freedom outside
Only then you realize what value freedom has
When you dont possess it
marc rios Jul 2021
Keep Shining
But I Hope Your Smiling Too
marc rios Nov 2021
Your incandescent light
Is burning up my eyes
marc rios Apr 2019
Hiding, for i'm building power
Power, in order to be a winner
Winner, to be an achiever
Achiever, to be a believer
And believer, to to inspire people forever
marc rios Apr 2020
Passed through creeks
Journeyed the mountains
Conguered the heights
Found me a star
Where ever the destination
Will always be homeward bound
marc rios Mar 2019
Im a fool, crazy, and to whatever you decide

I love you and I want you

Can you do the same for me?

I think im breaking, broke, and broken

You teared me, devide me and destroyed me

Would you dare to come and stitch for me?

I can't believe im destined to like you

But believe it or not my heart beats for you

Im f*cked up and messed up for i am

                  hopelessly devoted to you.
marc rios Oct 2021
My silence comes with a thousand words
marc rios Apr 2020
I hate you! For holding my hands!
I hate you! For the tender kisses!
I hate you! For whispering me promises
I hate you! For reaching my core
For stealing my heart!
For convincing me with sweet lies!
For gazing through my innocent eyes!

I've never been hurt this way,
This much
This time
Of all my entire life

I hate you!
I loved you!
I..... still love you.....
marc rios Apr 2020
I have fallen for you
I have...
I have fallen for a lie
marc rios May 2020
....I could hold your hands
Hug you
Have conversations with you

....I could go out with you
Kiss you
Have amazing moments with you

....Those are the things we can do and
....I can thank the stars for it
marc rios Nov 2018
Your lucky numbers are

You skip
the numbers
thats why you did not notice
there's actually
a letter in it
i bet you read back
and check it again
but theres really none
you're reading this
idk why
but still here you are
as you keep
reading this
your just wasting
your time
you can now go
and leave
like seriously
your still here
have a
nice day
and i kinda
hope it work
i mean
it did right?
that would be really
a shame if
it didnt
okay bye
imma stop talking
marc rios Jul 2022
Did i drank too much medicine
To make me sick?

Did i took your poison in disguise
In thoughts it could heal me?

Did i pushed the antidote away
So you wouldn't go?

Do i just love to self sabotage
And think someone would
Come and rescue?

Or am i just too damaged
To think i don't
deserve any better
marc rios Jun 2020
There are things that i really want
That is out of reach
I've felt it too many times
Times where i got desperate
Many times that i learned
To be excited to those people who got what i wanted
Cause watching them experiencing it, just somewhat feels good
marc rios Aug 2022
What is Life but a Fraud
If not with Torment
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