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Feb 12 · 25
The Last Meeting Place
marc rios Feb 12
One day,
When dust and ashes becomes us
And all there's left is a house made of memories
I hope i'd see you
In a life after the end.
Sep 2022 · 138
marc rios Sep 2022
When you thought the problem would be as shallow as it can get
Only to find yourself
Gasping for breath later

Not knowing if you'll drown
Or get over it
Sep 2022 · 116
marc rios Sep 2022
Some things never change
But you certainly did
Sep 2022 · 156
Sept. 6
marc rios Sep 2022
My heart has become
A town for ghosts
Aug 2022 · 286
Only if its a sleep away
marc rios Aug 2022
You have no fault nor i can blame you for my misery
If this pain will fade a sleep away
I'd fall faster than how my heart did
When our path crossed way
Aug 2022 · 116
Love Potion
marc rios Aug 2022
If my hand were to hold a love potion
I'd drink it myself
Aug 2022 · 229
marc rios Aug 2022
What is Life but a Fraud
If not with Torment
Aug 2022 · 109
Early Phase
marc rios Aug 2022
When our eyes meet
The world spoke in silence
Jul 2022 · 84
marc rios Jul 2022
Hurting is what makes me human
Loving is what makes it worth it
Jul 2022 · 183
marc rios Jul 2022
Thank you
For being part of my life
And sorry
For being part of yours
Jul 2022 · 172
marc rios Jul 2022
Did i drank too much medicine
To make me sick?

Did i took your poison in disguise
In thoughts it could heal me?

Did i pushed the antidote away
So you wouldn't go?

Do i just love to self sabotage
And think someone would
Come and rescue?

Or am i just too damaged
To think i don't
deserve any better
Jul 2022 · 285
marc rios Jul 2022
As you grow and blossom
Some leaves will stay
Some falls and some sprouts
But you just have to keep standing
Because as they all come and go
No one but only yourself
Is always going to be there
To water you with strenght
Fertilized you with dreams
And give you your own sunlight
When you are about to succumb and falter
Jun 2022 · 236
- Marc
marc rios Jun 2022
All villain are just
Broken heroes
Jun 2022 · 72
Loosing Battles
marc rios Jun 2022
Kept my pride at bay
To win your trust.
Im loosing dignity for you

Withdrawn my right
And questioning my worth.
Im loosing sanity for you

Attempted to reach for the stars
And thought outside of hundreds of boxes.
Im loosing quality time for my self because of you

I tried to gave you everything
And i recieved nothing but misery
Im loosing a lot of battles for you
But i am not further allowing myself to lose me

I am finally choosing to lose you.
Jun 2022 · 67
Choosing Battles
marc rios Jun 2022
Fall if you are bound to fell
You cant always win
That's just life has always been
May 2022 · 76
marc rios May 2022
I was your rose and you were mine
But we have grown thorns
Left with no other choice
But to free one another
From endless pain
And sorrow
May 2022 · 225
World on Fire
marc rios May 2022
It only takes one eye to see
What monster the people have become
Yet even with two
Many still chose to get blindly
Selfish and arrogant
Apr 2022 · 493
A line of silver
marc rios Apr 2022
I wish i could take this pain out of my chest
Because i know for sure
That tonight i will be weeping in my sleep
I know for sure
That when i wake up tomorrow
The ache will only continue
The next day will be the same

But i am hoping for a night
Where i will sleep loved
And wake up tomorrow
Apr 2022 · 199
Temporary satisfaction
marc rios Apr 2022
I kept everything hidden
Stacked behind the thickest wall i built
It made me felt safe
It gave me all the hapiness in the world
Until one day the wall leaked
Suddenly im sitting somewhere alone
Pathetic and sad

The spaces behind it is no longer empty
All these painful memories rushing are making me weary
There is no running now
There is no escaping now
As a single tear drops from my eye
I realized the price i paid for that wall
Was myself
marc rios Mar 2022
I can feel it
This pain
This sorrow
This color of grey
Is tainting my innocence

This feeling is new
Perhaps it's what they all call
Heart Break?
Feb 2022 · 321
Nightmare worth dreaming
marc rios Feb 2022
All i can see is red
In a nightmare about you
Myself advised me to love you
Myself warned me to hate you
And all i did was watch me
Fall deeper for you

All i see is regret
For not loving you enough
And for loving you too much

I caused myself pain
And love not like anyone else's
It was worth remembering and forgetting
It was a nightmare worth dreaming
Feb 2022 · 632
Fool me twice, shame on you
marc rios Feb 2022
Well Sometimes
You just have to be blind
In order to see what the
Truth has to offer you
Feb 2022 · 185
Painful Cut
marc rios Feb 2022
The day i lost you
Was the day i lost a piece of me
You were the reason
I raised above
But now the reason
Why im drowning

The day i lost you
Was the beginning of a new chapter
Pages of blanks
Ghost written by sorrow and pain

The day i found you
Was bittersweet
Because it led to a yesterday of love
Left to a present with our memories only
Feb 2022 · 313
marc rios Feb 2022
Sometimes you just have to listen
Where the heart beats tries to lead you
And follow it
Feb 2022 · 235
One full moment
marc rios Feb 2022
I dont need you to promise me
Your everlasting love
One timeline can be timeless
One happy ending can feel endless
One lifetime could easily feel lifeless
But im holding your hand
Walking in the rain
Warming each other seamingless
Jan 2022 · 72
Silhouetted world
marc rios Jan 2022
They said my blood is tainted
With the color of disgrace
They said my blood is magenta painted
I should never show my face

They say it with their mouth
Im poisoned
They show it with their faces
Im not accepted

They frown upon me
And i doubt myself everyday
What is this misery?
A question i hope answered someday
Jan 2022 · 457
True Form
marc rios Jan 2022
I can only be
Perfectly myself
Nothing less
Nothing more
Dec 2021 · 305
marc rios Dec 2021
In the hand of the right person
A rock can be as valuable as diamonds
Dec 2021 · 111
Detaching strings
marc rios Dec 2021
What price did you have to pay
For your happiness?
Dec 2021 · 295
Climate Change
marc rios Dec 2021
Not the
We are
Nov 2021 · 172
marc rios Nov 2021
Your incandescent light
Is burning up my eyes
Nov 2021 · 256
marc rios Nov 2021
I got so drunk to you
It made me lose sight to what mattered
My family went blurry
My friends went away
And i stayed drunk
I stayed thirsty for love

I stayed addicted
To your poison paradise
In remorse
Nov 2021 · 82
Fiery Fade
marc rios Nov 2021
Sometimes you just can't help but feel
Like you've lost the will to live
Nov 2021 · 558
marc rios Nov 2021
Crying is good for you
I can't keep telling
That myself Everyday
Nov 2021 · 267
marc rios Nov 2021
Nothing beats
The sharp notes
From the sound of music
Where agony stabs you repeatedly
With each lyrics putting you back to misery
1.6 "Catastrophe"
Nov 2021 · 61
Your Halloween Burden
marc rios Nov 2021
Trick or Treat!
I never had to choose
You just offered them both
Who am i to refuse?
When i needed you most

A trickster at midnight
A treater in daylight
Im just a dog
Loyal to a termite
1.5 "Catastrophe"
Oct 2021 · 178
marc rios Oct 2021
I was drifting away in the sea
But the waves sent me back
I was supposed to be free
Now it's pain and suffering
All over again
1.4 "Catastrophe"
Oct 2021 · 88
Undying Pain?
marc rios Oct 2021
My heart has been dead
For quite some time
Im surprised, really
Because you still manage
To break and hurt me
My heart once wasn't beating
Now in pieces, scattering
1.3 "catastrophe"
Oct 2021 · 72
Death's Fingertips
marc rios Oct 2021
The Only Time
Someone Will Truly Hold Me
Is When Im On The Edge Of Death
But Then Again, My Expectation
1.2 "Catastrophe"
Oct 2021 · 781
marc rios Oct 2021
On my way
Find you
Lost Myself
Oct 2021 · 107
marc rios Oct 2021
My silence comes with a thousand words
Jul 2021 · 534
First Flower
marc rios Jul 2021
Will recieve
His first Flower
He dies

When i saw this my jaw dropped....
It's simple yet so deep
Ive never thought of this before...****
Jul 2021 · 216
Gleefully Triumphant
marc rios Jul 2021
Keep Shining
But I Hope Your Smiling Too
Jun 2021 · 81
Bag of Emotion
marc rios Jun 2021
I like how my cheek still smiles
How my eyes stop rains
And how i act like i have the bravest heart

Just like the lil riding hood
Smiling stupidly
Failing faithfuly
Unkowingly walking to the slowest death
Caused by a poisoned mentality

Searching for
What i can be
Who i can become
And where i can fit
Is easier said than done

But until then
Ill just keep filling
Myself like a bag
Dumped with unresolved resolutions
Jun 2021 · 1.3k
Elastic Heart
marc rios Jun 2021
I have thick skin
And an elastic heart

But your blades it might be too sharp

Im like a rubber band
Until you pulled too hard

Well i may snap, but i move fast
You wont see me fall apart

- Sia
What a great lyricist she is
Jun 2021 · 210
Night Therapy
marc rios Jun 2021
The gleaming stars shine
Into the surface of my skin
Sitting by the roof
Millions of thoughts i could think
And one only surfaced
It's face and it's beauty
It's the galaxy that i see
Jun 2021 · 111
Butterfly Effect
marc rios Jun 2021
like the butterfly effect
It's so easy to regret
I will never change
The way we left

Though I wish you never broke my heart
I don’t want a brand new start
I'm not me without my scars

- A band called "Before You Exit"
Please take time to visit this band, you will never regret it. Their kinds of music are high quality yet so underrated.......
Jun 2021 · 82
Pending Hope
marc rios Jun 2021
For a moment, I thought I could be happy

For a moment, I thought I could be free

But the pain of my past lingers

So i sat in the dark
Alone and hopeful

That tommorow is the day
A beggining of something beautiful
Jun 2021 · 86
Living Legends
marc rios Jun 2021
If only trees can speak

It will gossip the untold

And unfold mysteries

For it sees the passing storm
And feels the calmest wind
It will become the greatest storyteller
That makes one wonder into the unlikely
Thoughts of the world
Folktales directly from the source
May 2021 · 348
Untitled Feeling
marc rios May 2021
I wonder what would it be like
If i told you my truth
If i shared you my story
If i offered you a door to my heart

I would have never ever wear a mask again
But i just dont think i have it in me
I don't have the guts
To open the pandora's box inside me
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