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Dec 2019 · 87
idunnome Dec 2019
I get it,
You don’t want to let me in
because i’ll break Your heart
but the reality of it?
You should be scared of my obsession with You.
idunnome Oct 2019
let me convince You
i don't have emotions
don't let me hurt You
don't miss my emotions
i will protect You
not fueled by emotions
please may i have You
.. are these my emotions?
Aug 2019 · 128
Rebuild me
idunnome Aug 2019
i didn't need to be fixed
when i was disassembled
i noticed a part was missing
that part was You,
no wonder why i wasn't working.
i don't need therapy, my poetry is HAPPY
Aug 2019 · 248
i'm okay with being a piece
idunnome Aug 2019
i want to solve Your problems but
my love can only change so much
my support can only validate so much
my humor can only ease so much
my pride can only deliver so much
and my insecurities interfere so much..
Aug 2019 · 165
idunnome Aug 2019
i can't expect You to be content with me
and i don't
i can make You smile
for a second
and that makes me happy
Jul 2019 · 135
idunnome Jul 2019
i felt so useless
but when i asked Her
if She was happy,
She said yes.
Jul 2019 · 155
idunnome Jul 2019
i know You're perfect
You disagree
i know i'm selfish
or else i'd leave
Jul 2019 · 406
my Long Desired Angel
idunnome Jul 2019
i tried to keep You safe
for so long
i kept my demons tame
but brick by brick
You broke apart Your wall
i stepped back
in a lame attempt
to protect You
but still, i watched from a distance.
Aware my demons consumed me
long ago, as You
removed the last brick
keeping me out
my devil eyed
the gap fit as an entrance
"I like you." You said.
calling my undomesticated darkness
inside, rewarding my patience,
allowing me to finally possess
my Long Desired Angel
May 2019 · 282
idunnome May 2019
feelings i've created
within myself, gated.
i lost my humanity
to regain my sanity
eagerly they open
release my emotion
sixth man made door
spilling, frees more
May 2019 · 218
idunnome May 2019
i want to keep going
but i don't want to hide my scars
May 2019 · 65
no thank You
idunnome May 2019
Against my wrist i pressed the blade
"you look pretty, by the way."
May 2019 · 51
Leave my Heart Cracked
idunnome May 2019
my blistering heart bleeds over Your glow
from Your septic attempts to get inside
i won't say goodbye before i go
a cheerful smile for the sorrow i hide
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Angelic Beauty
idunnome Apr 2019
yes, i want to be with You
Angelic Beauty, You're all i see
You know i'd stay loyal and true
i'll be Yours, have all of me
Your soul, so pure and new
i can't amount, unfortunately
Apr 2019 · 1.0k
i'm irrelevant now
idunnome Apr 2019
What's it like to feel wanted?
i could have told you before
but i can't recall anymore
Apr 2019 · 47
i handed Her Your heart
idunnome Apr 2019
i didn't choose to love You
i have others i'm hurting
because i focus on You
they see something more in me
kind of the way you see Her
i don't like obsessing over You
You want my company i know
i help You see into the mind of Your enemy
but i dream about You every night
while for Her You open up your heart
and i handed it right to Her
idunnome Apr 2019
You don't have to jump
when i jump
You have something more
to live for
i know i'm not enough
i'll unlock Your cuff
keeping You to me
it's okay because i see
the smile that She gives You
it makes you believe love is true
You said i'm not as good as Her
i know She'll hold Your heart better
Apr 2019 · 128
you're alone
idunnome Apr 2019
brush your hair Little Girl,
no one is going to brush it for you
Mar 2019 · 37
idunnome Mar 2019
i can guess how you expect me to react
i just don't understand how emotions feel
i can say sorry even if i don't feel sorry
because that's what you expect from me
i'm sorry
Mar 2019 · 223
Just Feel Better
idunnome Mar 2019
the line between anger and sadness is so fine

You'll feel boiling mad but
eventually your anger turns into tears
because being angry is so draining
You began to feel defeated
Mar 2019 · 67
Your Attention
idunnome Mar 2019
i love the way you look at me
eyes of hazel calm
like you've never seen anything more important
but i know not to get used to it
because you've always been so much more than i deserve
My Love
Mar 2019 · 940
i'm Just Here
idunnome Mar 2019
i'm not giving up
if i never had any hope at all

i'm worried about disappointing You
You care about me and that’s scary
i'm unpredictable
i'm unstable
i'm unreliable

You are so perfect to me
i can't stand to watch you worry your beautiful head over me
i will always be okay
i promise
Mar 2019 · 141
Don't Worry About me
Mar 2019 · 18
Save me Please
idunnome Mar 2019
i'm too stuck in my own insanity to fix myself
Mar 2019 · 79
i Don't Know her
idunnome Mar 2019
love Yourself.
Why don't you love Yourself?
Stop saying that about Yourself!
It hurts when you talk so badly about Yourself...
love Yourself


you idiot. don't be stupid, feel good about Yourself!

i can't
i don't know who you're talking to...

You! love Yourself!

TELL me who Yourself is.
i don't know who you're referring to.

love Yourself...
love Yourself.
love Yourself!

i CAN'T,
If i don't know who she is-

— The End —