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 Apr 2019 fallacies
Ciel Noir
I took          a trip
I took                a look
That tree could read me
Like                      a book
And                 open me
Like a             library
Cipher      in the
Still deeper
Inside the place
Where           secret
Knowledge         hides
The twin snakes ladder
Necklace              chain
Make life        by any
Other           name
 Feb 2019 fallacies
Fahad shah
A blink of words
That can't be said
Or even be written
She is poem of thousand words

She is fierce and gentle
All at once
She's a song
An unending song

She is a sparkle
She is a shine
She is the only thing
That i want to call mine

She is my everyday
And an everynight
She is every morning
And an every twilight

She is all i know
She is all i see
She is a sweet melody
She is an  unmatching rhythm
 Feb 2019 fallacies
she gave me her nudes
she was bare
and naked
and so out
and open
and i willingly
accepted it
because it wasnt the nudes
that showed her body
the physical aspects
that made her beautiful
it was the words
she didnt choose
and the spontaneity
that left her
either from her lips
or her fingers
or ink

she was as bare
as her nudes
and i accepted
her for her.
10:02 PM 5/1/2018
 Jan 2019 fallacies
Star BG
 Jan 2019 fallacies
Star BG
Oh please don't sell yourself short.
el great one’s who walks with poet inside
Oh please take breath and smell the grand roses
of your soul that calls.
That whispers for your story to be told.
Oh seeker of inner love on rainy night
stay strong in storm of tears
for the rainbow is close behind.
For all the poets that think they have nothing to say and have forgotten who they are. For there is a poet in everyone who indeed has a story to tell.
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