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fallacies Jun 2021
i have since then lost the ability to feel love
ever since i failed to make you feel that i did
fallacies Apr 2021
had i known that we'd be strangers again
i would have called you by your name
more often than i had when we were still together

and to compensate for what i haven't done for so long
i recite your name like they are words from my favorite song
fallacies Jan 2021
as the void in my soul
pulls me towards its center
with both hands tied together,
i can't seem to remember the last time i held yours
and it seems that forever has passed by
no— it's been an eternity
since mine last held grasp of your soul
and had conversations with the billions of pieces
that make it up—
tiny bits of your identity
i once all knew

i don't seem to know whether they're still part of you—
or has your soul been shattered too much
that more pieces have made their presence
making up the very essence of you
that mine lost the opportunity to touch

what i do know
every piece that make up your soul
is part of a perfectly-fitted-never-ending puzzle—
an ever-evolving beautiful masterpiece
no one could ever take apart
fallacies Jan 2021
almost three years since then
and a year since the other
yet, i still cannot forgive myself
and i still think about you
over and over
fallacies Jan 2021
if your eyes look at me
like i'm some stranger
would it be possible that we
start everything over?
fallacies Jan 2021
i thought the days will start to get warmer
despite the cold breeze and the cold frozen sugar
melting in the warmth of our tongues-

they just got colder as soon as we're done
fallacies Jan 2021
just when i thought that my wells have dried up- buckets fill as i pull them back up
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