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fallacies Sep 2019
i don't want to settle for less
and i know you don't want to, too
but i guess what you meant
by not settling for less
is that i was not more than
what you expected me to
fallacies May 2018
it's not regret that i feel
for the what ifs that
we could've  done
it's regret that i feel
for the whats that
had been done
fallacies Jul 2018
you were a beautifully constructed sentence
you were complete in thought and made sense

i wanted to be with you
i wanted to be a part of you

i thought i could be a period
and show you you how things end for us

then again, how about a comma
so we could pause and think of what's next

i also thought about being a question mark
so we'd both ask what we do not know

or an exclamation mark
to let your immense feelings show

an apostrophe maybe
to show the world that i belong to you

quotation marks, you see
i would enclose your brightest ideas

what about a colon
so we could begin a list of your dreams

maybe a semi colon
to join our common parts and themes

but i'll choose to be an ellipsis
so only i, can know and hide
some of your words and secrets
fallacies Jan 2020
if you are looking for a way for me to give up and hate you, i am sorry to disappoint you,
but i am already blinded by the many reasons to love you
fallacies Jan 2021
if your eyes look at me
like i'm some stranger
would it be possible that we
start everything over?
fallacies Jun 2020
sadness lurks on me in the shadows just like how a predator stalks its prey
waiting for an opportune moment- a momentary lapse of judgement
or the moment ignorance gives bliss, that everything is- and will be alright
but everything is not alright
it never was, it never is, and following that same logic- maybe it never will

because the moment a predator decides to stalk its prey
is the very same moment a gruesome fate has been decided on behalf of the latter-
and just like a helpless little prey,
when the predator comes- all i can do is run

but for how much longer can i run, before the sadness consumes me?
fallacies Apr 2018
tell me your darkest fears
show me your deepest scars
so when everything else falls apart
we'll have each other's broken hearts.
fallacies Apr 2018
i wanted to swim
in your thoughts
but i failed to notice
that you were
in them
fallacies Apr 2018
you held my hand
like it was your own;
and for once,
i never wanted
to let go
fallacies Apr 2018

maybe i was bound

          to break your heart

                  so i would know how it felt

                                     to have mine broken

                   because as it turns out

          breaking yours

broke mine too

fallacies Dec 2018
do we really move on?
or do we numb ourselves enough,
to not feel the pain of being
alone anymore?

fallacies Apr 2018
'loving you was not the mistake
letting me love you was
fallacies May 2019
is it because i hadn't hugged you enough
that i keep hugging my pillows, wishing they were you?

the same reason why i can't sleep without thinking,
what would it take to get another hug from you
fallacies Aug 2018
do you know that i always
think of you and the times we
were together.

it's what keeps me going
and wanting to wait on you
now, more than ever.

do you think of me too?
i may not know the answer.

but as long as i think of you
i can no longer falter.
fallacies Nov 2019
: i hope to be seen even when i'm not of use to anyone; more than when i am of use to them
fallacies Sep 2019
you were the certain uncertainty my heart needed-- to know that it was living

loving you was the most certain uncertainty it did-- that made it feel alive
fallacies Dec 2019
i will love you as if it is the only thing i know how to do best
fallacies Apr 2020
i keep dreading the night because i always wonder how long it will take me to shake off every thought of you- that's how long it usually takes before i can fall asleep
fallacies Jun 2021
i have since then lost the ability to feel love
ever since i failed to make you feel that i did
fallacies Nov 2018
maybe the reason why
he explains himself too much,
reiterating what he wants to do;
is not because he is guilty of something
but maybe because
he's been guilty all his life;

and now that he knows he's not,
maybe he wants someone
to believe in what he says

because he is having a hard time
believing it, himself
fallacies Jun 2018
the thing is,

we all have the time

to do anything we want

but the question is;

are we aware of the moment,

to  take it all in?
fallacies Feb 2019
as tiring as this day was,
it got better when you asked me how it was
fallacies Dec 2018
do we really get to know ourselves on our own? or do we love other people to get a sense of who we are?
fallacies Apr 2018
when i close my eyes
i see nothing
but the darkness
that i also feel
when i have them open
fallacies Jul 2018
before i go, could you please ask me to stay?
stay for the things we've been through
and the stuff we talked about;
the years we spent together
and the plans we laid out

before i go, could you stop me from walking away?
walking away from you, and the future
that we haven't even walked to yet;
and this, very beautiful picture
of goals and dreams we set

before i go, could you accompany with me?
accompany me through this road of life
that we'd walk with each other again;
and face every single day and strive
for our love, every now and then
fallacies Dec 2018
there are people and things worth giving up;
you're not one of them
fallacies Jan 2020
if loving you is a sin, then send me straight to hell
fallacies Apr 2021
had i known that we'd be strangers again
i would have called you by your name
more often than i had when we were still together

and to compensate for what i haven't done for so long
i recite your name like they are words from my favorite song
fallacies Nov 2018
"do you believe
in something you can't see?"

'well, i believe that you love me;
even if i can't see it, i feel it'
fallacies May 2018
if your love

was in the air

i wouldn't dare

to hold my breath

i'd breathe you in

to fill my lungs

i'd take you in

with no regret
fallacies Jan 2020
i have this urge to remove my glasses
when i walk around campus
just so that, if ever you were somewhere near
i would not see you
because even just the thought of you
is enough to make me cry,
what more if i saw you there, clear as day?
i think that's when my internal clouds would turn gray
and my eyes would rain their woes away
fallacies Jul 2018
i could've told you more,
that i love you
but we both know;
i should've shown it more,
than just telling you
fallacies Dec 2019
you saw every gesture of love i had in me as nothing more than friendly ones
fallacies Nov 2018
i wish i could talk to you
on how ironic it is to be me

where you are the reason
why sadness dawns upon my chest
yet, you are also the only solution
that can soothe this emotional distress
fallacies Oct 2019
i've exhausted all the words i know
yet i still have a lot of things
that i want to tell you

but it's been so hard
not having to talk to you-
like how we used to
fallacies May 2018
we were in cross fire
of words unsaid
words we kept
from one another
words we'd just slept
through the night

we were in cross fire
but we only hurt
for each word unspoken
each chance not taken
we just stopped trying
then we'd both lose sight

because we were in the cross fire
of keeping words within us
we forgot we were allies
who should protect
and save each other
in the end, we'd both
just lose the fight
fallacies Feb 2019
i was always behind you
and somehow it was enough;
loving you from afar
fallacies Oct 2019
everyday i am reminded of the many reasons why i love you

yet, everyday i am struggling to find an answer to the question- why did i even do you wrong?

still, i'd love you no matter what
fallacies Apr 2018
You were there for me, when I was alone,
with my thoughts that I can't bear to own.
When no one was there to listen to my words,
but still you gave me uneasiness, how absurd?

But you do know that you were always my biggest enemy,
when we're together others can feel you, more so- me.
Even if I do nothing, you're just as scary
as falling in darkness, falling endlessly.

Though you never left my side, even for a brief moment;
you never gave me air to breathe; i guess you never will.
And even then, I used to ask myself one question,
'Why am I still not used to your possession?'

Your obsession over me, made it harder for you to leave
or was it my obsession over you, that made you stay?
That even though I hated you, I hated the feelings you weave;
you loved hurting me, you loved seeing me break away.

Now that I have lost you, and I have found her
I want to say thank you for the times that you were there,
But now that she is the one, who holds my heart tightly
Doubt, I know you loved me, but it's now her- who I love dearly.
fallacies Sep 2019
why is it that you are my calm and my storm at the same time?
fallacies Jan 2019
every time i get a message from you
is like getting little drops of sanity
in an ocean of chaos inside of me
fallacies Jan 2021
almost three years since then
and a year since the other
yet, i still cannot forgive myself
and i still think about you
over and over
fallacies Apr 2018
i want to be the blanket
that keeps you warm at night
but it seems
i'm the cold air
that makes you cover up tight
fallacies Jun 2019
it's funny how,
even when i don't have the right questions
you always have the right answers

just like how funny it is that,
i don't even know what love is
yet, you always make me feel like i do
fallacies Dec 2018
i saw you once again today
after all the times i spent away from home

i saw your face once again today
after all the times i stared at it through my phone

i saw your eyes once again today
after all the times i looked at mine alone

i went out to spend time with you today
and it felt like going back home
fallacies May 2019
i went home twice today:
first i went back to where i grew up
second my heart went to see you
as it wanted to go back to
where it felt home
fallacies Nov 2019
i don't want to love anyone else anymore, but you
fallacies Dec 2018
sitting in silence
behind the darkness of the night

how long has it been since we talked?
4? 5? 6 days? i don't know anymore
because any amount of time spent
not talking to you feels like
an eternity of loneliness

sitting in silence
behind the darkness of the night

how long has it been?
since i last got a message from you?
4? 5? 6 da--


i know that sound
could it possibly be?

sitting in silence
behind the darkness of the night

i heard a familiar sound
that makes my heart pound
like how a child receives his first toy
filled with excitement and joy


there it is again
another one perhaps?
should i take a look and see
if it's you, then maybe
maybe it is--

sitting in silence
behind the darkness of the night

no, it wasn't your message
that set my phone off

and so i'm still here

sitting in silence
behind the darkness of the night
waiting for your message
that would play music
and turn on the light
fallacies Dec 2019
i know every inch and detail of your body
i know every single piece that makes up your soul
i know every thing that makes your heart beat fast or slow
i know every thought that keeps you awake at night
i know every start and every end to any of your stories
i know every joy, sadness, and pain hiding behind your sight

and you just know my name
fallacies May 2019
i wonder if your lips taste the same
even after they stopped saying my name
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